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Magix is a multimedia software making company that has been a prominent name in the market for over 20 years now. Its various solu... Read More

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Vegas Pro

From Designing Solutions

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Sequoia 15

From Audio Mixing Software


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  • Magix Fastcut Plus Edition
  • VEGAS Movie Studio 16
  • Magix Video Pro X
  • Magix ProDAD Defishr V1
  • Magix Memories Manager
  • Vegas Pro
  • Samplitude Pro X5


prosicon “Great experience with Techjockey. The representative spent time listening to our needs and asking really great questions. The recommendations were right on target and a great alternative to doing all the legwork of comparing the many options available.” Azeem Ahmad - May 29, 2018

prosicon “I utilized the first Fastcut to assemble some brisk recordings - this form is far prevalent, permitting simple format creation and providing a far more extensive assortment of preset automatic altering layouts (80+). I'm as of now utilizing this product both actually and expertly. Ideal for my requirements! All around very prescribed! Worth each penny spent. It's pretty dag nab' astonishing programming, sparing me long stretches of work!” Tushar - Mar 11, 2019


consicon “N/A” Azeem Ahmad - May 29, 2018


prosicon “Overall, great response time, would have just liked a bit more time before I got a call. The consultant reviewed suitable options over the phone and followed up with an e-mail as well, honestly suggesting which options were better than the others. This was a one-stop research method for me as I didn't even end up going to another consultation company!” Ashita Agrawal - Jun 7, 2018

prosicon “Basic interface Imaginative usage of certain apparatuses Simplified interface Can transfer straightforwardly to internet based life” Jayadrata Middey - Feb 6, 2019


consicon “N/A” Ashita Agrawal - Jun 7, 2018


prosicon “Very quick response from initial enquiry, good providers were recommended who likewise followed up very quickly.” Ashutosh Kumar - Jun 7, 2018

prosicon “This is easy to understand to newcomers in the expert video altering field. It has a fundamental mode you can empower in the event that you don't have propelled abilities yet at the same time need the propelled instruments and power required to make proficient evaluation recordings. In the event that you don't have any involvement with professional video altering programming, this may be the best application to learn on.” Nandkishor Sharma - Mar 19, 2019

prosicon “magix-video-star x Once you purchase the product, it's yours. You don't need to pay for a month to month or yearly membership. ” Dinesh Sharma - Jun 6, 2019


consicon “N/A” Ashutosh Kumar - Jun 7, 2018

consicon “But I was really upset after the latest software update! It became hard to export files and I frequently notice that the sound disappears. So I started to look for the alternative and found an article with a big amount of video editing software. I choose for myself Corel Video Studio and entirely satisfied by using it. It also has a big library of presets, customizable filters and a lot of other useful functions.” Mia - Jan 10, 2020


prosicon “We haven't purchased our software yet but it will be one of their recommendations.” Arif Shaikh - Jun 7, 2018

prosicon “Extremely fast and reliable service. The products worked perfectly and exactly as promised.” Devendra Yadav - Jun 14, 2018

prosicon “It made the Calibrator simpler to utilize, and to make DeFishr a module for the Adobe CS family. Yet, as it stands today, ProDAD DeFishr v1 is an extremely valuable instrument” Himanshu Jindal - Jan 22, 2019


consicon “N/A” Arif Shaikh - Jun 7, 2018

consicon “N/A” Devendra Yadav - Jun 14, 2018


prosicon “My search for a solution that would fit my particular company and use case scenario was significantly enhanced by the targeted information that I obtained from Steve at Techjockey. His recommendations allowed me to reduce the scope of my search, reducing the time to decision and I'm very happy with the results so far. I would highly recommend using Techjockey to anyone just beginning a solution search.” Iramchandran - Jun 8, 2018

prosicon “Techjockey listened to our needs, found companies that matched and got us connected. Eliminated hours of work for me.” Vicky Oberoi - Jun 15, 2018

prosicon “It's anything but easy to work and one can test all the usefulness inside a couple of minutes in the wake of working the product however for fledglings” Kishor More - Feb 6, 2019


consicon “N/A” Iramchandran - Jun 8, 2018

consicon “N/A” Vicky Oberoi - Jun 15, 2018


prosicon “A company to offer you helpful advice is incredible and then to do it for free? un-heard of. I am so glad i chanced upon this company they got me going in the rite direction.” Gautamrajpurohit - Aug 31, 2018

prosicon “Great company! Excellent customer service and just generally smooth sailing. Would highly recommend.” Abhishek Chauhan - Sep 7, 2018

prosicon “vegas-professional as of late included a few new, incredible assets like video adjustment and movement following. ” Ruchi - Feb 4, 2019


consicon “N/A” Gautamrajpurohit - Aug 31, 2018

consicon “N/A” Abhishek Chauhan - Sep 7, 2018


prosicon “I like the workflow. I like the fact it includes the master chain like fl studio, studio one to project panel it doesn't give a problem you will need someone from outside to fix it for you.” Jayvoice - Feb 5, 2024


consicon “The fact I don't like about the app is that you can't change the color I mean the theme to the color of your choice only the few color and style options given to you. it crashes sometimes well all software crash” Jayvoice - Feb 5, 2024

MAGIX Overview

Magix is a multimedia software making company that has been a prominent name in the market for over 20 years now. Its various solutions cater to a wide range of industries and all of the solutions are easy to use, intuitive and with an easy user interface (UI). From beginners to professionals, anyone can derive value from the solutions that the company offers.

MAGIX Details

  • . Location: Reno, Nevada, United States
  • . Found Year: 1993
  • . Industry: Digital Media, Software, Video
  • . Company Size: 101-500 Employees
  • . Founder: yk w0ng


What type of company is MAGIX ? alt

MAGIX is an IT solutions provider that caters to the process automation needs of millions of businesses in India with Video Editing Software, Designing Solutions, Photo Editing Software and Audio Mixing Software.

What does MAGIX do? alt

MAGIX provides customized and scalable Video Editing Software, Designing Solutions, Photo Editing Software and Audio Mixing Software, which is transforming business processes across industries. Its team of experts makes IT solutions implementation and usage quite simple.

Is MAGIX an Indian company? alt

MAGIX is headquartered in Reno, Nevada, United States and is playing a significant role in the digitization of Indian businesses with Video Editing Software, Designing Solutions, Photo Editing Software and Audio Mixing Software.

What is MAGIX ’s main product? alt

MAGIX primarily deals in Video Editing Software, Designing Solutions, Photo Editing Software and Audio Mixing Software and caters to personalized business needs with diverse modules.

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