15 Awesome Screenshot Chrome Extensions for Instant Screen Capture

| September 18, 2020
Screen capture chrome extension


Screenshot chrome extensions not only help you save crucial information appearing on your screen, they also allow editing of these captures in offline mode.

Screenshot chrome extension

The easiest way of taking a screenshot on windows desktop and laptop is to press the windows button and G together. On mac devices, you can do the same by pressing cmd, shift and 4 keyboard shortcuts together.

However screenshots captured in this manner do not provide options such as scrolling through the screenshot or secure backup to the cloud.

Therefore for this purpose, we make use of screen capture chrome extension.

15 Best Screenshot Chrome Extensions for Web & Social Platforms

  • Awesome Screenshot

Chrome full page screenshot

Awesome screenshot screen capture extension is not only useful for a chrome full page screenshot but also for annotating and editing the captures.

With Awesome screenshot, you can also record screencasts.

It offers efficient compatibility with third party applications such as trello where you can upload your screenshots.

Features of Awesome Screenshot Best Chrome Screenshot Extension

  1. Taking a recording of the screen as well as the front camera while presenting.
  2. Quickly sharing a screenshot by storing it over the cloud server or saving it on the local disk.
  3. Blurring of certain parts of your screenshot.
  4. Adding comments to screenshots captured by someone else.
  5. Easy to use especially for first time users.

Pricing: Awesome screenshot addon chrome offers a free version. The paid version starts from ₹294.37 per user per month and offers features such as saving files to dropbox and google drive and taking unlimited screenshots

  • LightShot Chrome

LightShot scrollable screenshot chrome extension lets you capture full or parts of your screen and then upload these files to the cloud.

This screenshot google chrome extension is compatible with both macOS and window devices. What's exciting is the fact that LightShot clubs similar screenshots together, making search for a particular photo quicker.

Features of LightShot Full Screenshot Chrome

  1. Simple to use and intuitive interface.
  2. Powerful editing tools- working both online and offline.
  3. Compatible with other browsers such as firefox and opera.
  4. Easy removal of erroneous screenshots.
  5. Support for .png, .jpg and .bmp image formats.

Pricing: LightShot screenshot plugin chrome can be downloaded free of cost for mac OS and window devices.

  • Nimbus Screenshots

Best chrome screenshot extension

Nimbus long screenshot chrome extension is used not only for capturing screenshots but also recording videos of content on your screen.

With Nimbus you can take a screenshot of your webcam feed and even add a watermark to your confidential photo.

In addition to chrome, this extension is also compatible with firefox web search engine.

Features of Nimbus Full Webpage Screenshot Extension

  1. Quick sharing of screenshots with friends and teammates.
  2. Taking screenshots of specific parts of the webpage.
  3. Annotating captured screenshots.
  4. Accessing screenshots and screen recordings on desktop, laptop and mobile phone.
  5. Suitable for windows, macOS, android and iOS.

Pricing: The price of Nimbus screen capture extension starts from ₹1469.07 per year.

  • Fireshot

This full webpage screenshot chrome extension helps you to quickly crop and annotate your screenshots.

Fireshot provides a cursor option with which you can highlight the area on screen and capture only that rather than the complete page.

The extension creates a local copy of your screenshots on your devices for easy access.

Features of Fireshot Screenshot Chrome Extension

  1. Works seamlessly in offline mode.
  2. Inbuilt image editor.
  3. Easy to use and intuitive interface.
  4. Taking a screenshot of all open tabs with one click.
  5. Storing captured photos in JPG, PDF, GIF and JPEG format.

Pricing: Fireshot screen capture chrome extension basic version is free to use. The one time price of the premium version is  ₹2935.93. It offers features such as multi browser compatibility and dedicated customer support.

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  • Full Page Screen Capture

Scrollable screenshot chrome

Also known as GoFullPage, this chrome full page screenshot extension allows

capturing of screenshots in a single click.

Full page screen capture supports storing screenshots in different formats such as jpg or pdf format. With this extension, you can annotate your screenshots and even add emojis to them.

Features of Full Page Screen Capture Chrome Extension

  1. Fast and safe installation.
  2. Assembling different scroll windows and showing them as a single image in the new tab.
  3. Easily crop and edit images and introduce page breaks.
  4. Intuitive interface which makes capturing screenshot simple for beginners.
  5. Calling the extension into use through keyboard shortcut- alt+shift+p.

Pricing: Regarded as one of the best chrome screenshot extensions, its basic version is free to use. Price of the premium version starts from ₹73.55 per month.

  • Droplr

Screenshot Google Chrome

Droplr scrollable screenshot chrome extension safely backs your created screenshots to cloud and then generates a shareable link.

In addition to chrome, Droplr is also available for use for windows and mac users.

You can also record critical information on your screen as a GIF or HD video.

Features of Droplr Screenshot Google Chrome Extension

  1. Taking a screenshot of a complete or specific part of a webpage.
  2. Annotating your captures by text or color.
  3. Powerful image editor for adding shapes, lines and boxes to screenshots.
  4. Download screenshots or screen recordings in MPEG-4, PNG or WebM format.
  5. Drag and drop interface for quick sharing of files upto 10 GB.

Pricing: Droplr full screenshot chrome extension is available for free usage. The price of the paid version starts from ₹294.19 and offers features such as blurring and URL shortening for easy sharing.

  • Marker

Marker screenshot addon chrome extension is most suitable for fast paced editing of a captured screenshot to your office group.

It offers robust integration with third party applications such as Slack. By using inbuilt annotation tools, developers can quickly highlight important elements in a screenshot.

You can attach labels with your captured photos and then share these with the right team.

Features of Marker Screenshot Plugin Chrome

  1. In addition to chrome, the extension works with Oracle, Internet explorer and Firefox.
  2. Efficient reporting of bugs visible on your screen without exiting the original site.
  3. Easy to use, interactive interface.
  4. Addition of technical environment details such as browser and OS in the screenshot.
  5. Suitable for new as well as experienced web developers.

Pricing: Marker long screenshot chrome extension offers a 15 day trail after which you can purchase a premium plan starting from ₹3603.89 per month.

  • YouTube Screenshots

Full screenshot chrome

YouTube screenshots extension adds a button on the YouTube application and allows you to take a frame by frame screenshot.

With this full webpage screenshot extension, you can automatically save the screenshots of your favorite videos without the play, forward and rewind buttons visible in the background.

Features of Youtube Screenshots Screen Capture Extension

  1. Works well for YouTube mobile and desktop versions.
  2. Simple and intuitive interface.
  3. Automatically saves a captured image to local storage.
  4. Suitable for taking a screenshot of a video while it is playing.
  5. The screenshot extension comes with no ads feature.

Pricing: YouTube Screenshots full webpage screenshot chrome extension is available for use free of cost.

  • Twitter Screenshots

Use Twitter screenshot chrome extension, you can embed a button on your twitter feed and instantaneously take screenshots of different tweets.

Twitter Screenshots is popular among writers to quote a person’s tweet within an article and with meme makers to clip funny tweets.

The screenshot capturing button gets automatically removed and the screenshot can be viewed in a new tab.

Features of Twitter Screen Capture Chrome Extension

  1. Useful for capturing high resolution twitter screenshots.
  2. Downloading screenshot as retina png format.
  3. No other data or information other than the screenshot is saved.
  4. Automatically fetching the permalink or tweet HTML.
  5. Removing distracting elements from your screenshots and rendering them with clean borders.

Pricing: Twitter full page screenshot extension can be used free of cost.

  • HTML Elements Screenshot

What makes this one of the best chrome screenshot extension is that you can capture important HTML5 elements without any hassles

HTML elements screenshot extension makes use of an open source JavaScript library called html2canvas.

Features of HTML Elements Screen Capture Extension

  1. Capturing complete or partial screenshots.
  2. Highlighting of elements to be captured in green color.
  3. Easy downloading of captured screenshots in your local drive.
  4. Option of capturing screenshot of cross domain images.
  5. Adjustable screenshot resolution.

Pricing: HTML elements chrome full page screenshot extension is available for use free of cost.

  • Gmail Screenshot

Screenshot addon chrome

Gmail scrollable screenshot chrome extension is used for creating screenshots with shareable links. This way, it becomes easier to share files with your team members.

Screenshots generated through this extension are securely backed to the cloud.

It also provides the option of creating a personal account where you can save all your captured shots in your Google Drive.

Features of Gmail Screenshot Google Chrome Extension

  1. Annotating your screenshots.
  2. Quick sharing of screenshots with Gmail.
  3. Blurring confidential information on screenshots wholly or partly.
  4. Adding boxes, lines and arrows to your screenshots.
  5. Easy editing of snippets with just a few clicks.

Pricing: This full screenshot chrome extension offers a free version. The premium version starts from ₹2883.11 per month per user and offers unlimited backup and syncing.

  • Blipshot

Screenshot plugin chrome

With this screenshot addon chrome extension, you can take complete or partial snips of websites. The extension uses drag and drop interface for quick capture and editing of screenshots.

In addition to chrome, Blipshot screenshot plugin chrome extension is available for windows, mac and linux.

Features of Blipshot Long Screenshot Chrome Extension

  1. Saving screenshot in PNG format.
  2. Page name, date and time mentioned along with the screenshot.
  3. Suitable for taking a screenshot of Flash content.
  4. Capturing and dismissing a screenshot with a single click.
  5. Simple and intuitive interface.

Pricing: Blipshot full webpage screenshot extension is available free of cost

  • qSnap Extension

Click snippets of important information on your screen and share it easily on twitter and facebook. qSnap extension also allows you to capture screenshots of multiple webpages at the same time.

With this screenshot chrome extension, you can preview your screenshots before storing them on your device and even edit them.

Features of qSnap Screen Capture Extension

  1. Annotating your screenshots with inbuilt annotation tools.
  2. Email link of your snapshots to your team members.
  3. Storing snapshots on qSnap’s hosting service.
  4. A single button for capturing complete or partial screenshots
  5. You can collect all your screenshots under the digital dialog option and access them later.

Pricing: qSnap full webpage screenshot chrome extension is available for use free of cost.

  • Webpage Screenshot

Long screenshot chrome

This screenshot chrome extension is useful for editing or blurring content on a captured snapshot.

You can include your webcam feed in an entire screenshot of the website. WebPage screenshot is often used by beginners due to its easy to use and interactive interface.

Features of WebPage Screen Capture Chrome Extension

  1. Fast paced sharing of snapshots with friends and office team.
  2. Capturing screenshots in horizontal and vertical positions.
  3. Direct download of captured screenshots to your local drive.
  4. The extension saves no additional data or private information.
  5. No third party access to your screenshots till you share the link.

Pricing: WebPage chrome full page screenshot extension can be used to capture snapshots free of cost.

  • Clipular

Full webpage screenshot chrome

Clipular chrome full page screenshot extension lets you capture and bookmark whole webpages or specific parts. Each of your clips is provided with a link using which you can trace them back to the source.

You have the added option to attach notes and comments with snippets.

Features of Clipular Best Chrome Screenshot Extension

  1. The scissor option clips the boundaries of snippets, giving them a clean look.
  2. Multiple auto saving options such as autosaving clip, permalink and URL.
  3. Addition of annotations and labels to screenshots.
  4. Grouping different snapshots under the same category.
  5. Sharing captured screenshots without leaving.

Pricing: Clipular chrome full page screenshot extension is available for use free of cost

Summing it Up

Screenshot chrome extensions are easy to use and efficient tools for capturing information present on your screens. Full webpage screenshot chrome extension also allows you to edit your snaps and share links with team members. In addition to chrome, Screen capture extensions are also compatible with firefox, oracle, internet explorers etc.


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