21 Free Gaming Apps for Android and IOS

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You are sitting in your home for days because novel coronavirus has sparked a pandemic outside. Staying at home with probably nothing to do except attending business calls, meeting project deadlines, eating and sleeping can get boring and mundane to the point where it gets on your nerves.

Here are some of the best handpicked free gaming apps available on iPhone and Google play games and have a fun time alone or with your family in real-time.

Best Android Games Free to Stay Entertained

  1. Will Hero
  2. Mortal Kombat
  3. Paper.io 2
  4. Jetpack Joyride
  5. Mario Kart Tour
  6. TwoDots
  7. Wordscapes
  8. Khan Academy for Kids
  9. Temple Run
  10. Carrom Pool
  11. Paytm First Games
  • Will Hero

Play Store games

Will Hero is one of the most interactive free gaming apps available at Google Play games where users have to drive the character toward one direction by consistently avoiding the troubles in the path. It has a very arcade-styled design with an action element to it.

This free gaming apps is quite addictive and engaging to play as it allows users to select and play through various skins and unlock new weapons. Will Free is also playable as an offline game is one of the best game apps for Android.

  • Mortal Kombat

Best Android games

One of the most popular video games of moderntime is now available on Google games as a free gaming app. It is one of the best Android games that has a solid fighting game mechanic with clear cut graphics for enjoyment. Mortal Combat is a pure joy to play for action game fanatics.

Players can access their old favourite characters like Ermac, Johnny Cage, Scorpion, Sub-Zero and many more. Plus, this Google game allows players to unlock different combos and fighting styles to upgrade their characters to new levels. The Android game offers new fortnightly challenges to unlock new characters and play.

  • Paper.io 2

Google Play free apps

Paper.io is a free to play open world android game where players compete with other players around the world online. The goal of this free gaming app is simple – “Conquer the largest territory.”

The Android game has a plain drag and move mechanic which makes it easy to control and keeps the players glued to their screens for hours. It is also available as a free offline game for Android which allows users to keep playing with the bots even in absence of the internet.

  • Jetpack Joyride

Google games

This free gaming app is developed by Halfbrick Studios, the same company that brought Fruit Ninja. Jetpack Joyride is a fun tap-based unidirectional play. The protagonist goes on an adventure with a jetpack flying high in this endless runner game.

Players have to avoid getting hit by various obstacles and catch the loot boxes to get stylish costumes and crazy rides. It’s a highly engaging Google Play free gaming apps with over 750 million players worldwide.

  • Mario Kart Tour

Google Play games

Nintendo brings the magic of Mario to Google Play games with a multi-player free gaming app – Mario Kart Tour. Players can compete in team of seven and play go-kart racing Google game.

This free earning money app for gaming provides alluring maps with a wide range of backgrounds and in-game powerups. Mart Kart Tour allows players to create customized teams with their friends or play in system arranged teams with players from around the world.

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  • Two Dots

Android games

Two Dots, at the first glance, seems like the usual run of the mill “connect the dots” type gaming app. But it is much more than that, the free gaming app offers unique powerups, creative designs, and a wide range of additional puzzles for players to keep engaged.

Two Dots also has one of the best sound and color designs, which gives it a very artistic and a visually impressive look.

  • Wordscapes

educational free gaming app

Wordscapes is a highly immersive educational free gaming app. It is a challenging Android game of anagram and crossword mixed for high brain activity.

Players have to search the correct words from the scramble provided and fix it in the crossword puzzle. This google game contains over 5000 different puzzles which helps in enhancement of the user’s vocabulary.

  • Khan Academy for Kids

free gaming app

Khan Academy for Kids is an interactive educational free gaming app designed for kids. The google game offers interactive puzzles to improve a child’s reading, language and writing skills.

Khan Academy for Kids also emphasizes on social-emotional development of the child via reciprocal graphics and open-ended activities.

  • Temple Run

gaming app

Temple Run is an endless running gaming app designed for immersive experience. The plot begins from player stealing the cursed idol and now he is being chased by evil demo monkeys.

The free gaming app tests players reflexes as they need to consistently turn, jump, and slide to avoid traps and continue playing.

  • Carrom Pool

Best Android games

Powered by the flash game giant Miniclip, “Carrom Pool” is a multiplayer digitalized free gaming app version of the most popular board game. The Android games allows users to play with their friends from remote locations and even with anonymous players and compete on leader board.

  • Paytm First Games

paytm first games

Paytm First Games is a free gaming app that contains a wide variety of games for players to play and earn money. It includes sports mobile games, action, and casino, among many others.

The Android game is available under google play free games section. Players can play any game of their choice and earn points in them which is later converted into Paytm money and stored into player’s account.

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Best iPhone Games Free 2020

  1. Injustice
  2. Mini Militia
  3. Ludo King
  4. Subway Surfers
  5. Fortnite
  6. Cut the Rope
  7. Crossy Road
  8. Vainglory
  9. WhatsApp Games
  10. Candy Crush
  • Injustice: Gods Among Us

fighting gaming apps

Injustice is an arcade-styled fighting gaming apps that comes with an epic roster of the DC superheroes and villains. The free gaming apps offers multiple battle modes, one of them is the classic three on three fighting where players can create a team of three characters and play along.

The play store game also offers side quests for players to unlock new characters and play along. Injustice can also be played as one of the best offline games for iPhone in the absence of internet.

  • Mini Militia – Doodle Army 2

Best iPhone games free

Mini Militia is the perfect multi-player free iPhone gaming app to pass the time during quarantine and have fun with friends. The gaming app allows players to create servers and send invites to friends and play along.

This play store game uses a military type scenario where players compete in two different teams. Powered by Miniclip, Mini Militia uses a hyper-simplistic 2D plain coloured aesthetic for rustic and self-aware appeal to drive player engagement.

  • Ludo King Game

ludo king

Ludo King Game is a multiplayer free gaming apps that one can play with their family in real-time. It is a turn-based game where players can roll the dice, one person at a time and move their pieces.

The gaming apps also offers online multiplayer system for users to connect with their friends in remote places. Plus, it has a private chat feature for interaction while playing. Ludo King Game offers a wide range of themes and customizations for players to change whenever required.

  • Subway Surfers

subway surfers

A dash and endless runner gaming app with cool graphics, Subway Surfers is one of the most popular iPhone play store games. Players are required to dodge through obstacles and collect powerups to avoid getting caught.

Subway Surfers offers special items and coins for players to collect to unlock cool new characters with unique abilities. The free gaming app has HD optimized graphics for retina resolution which makes it visually appealing.

  • Fortnite


Fortnite has come to mobile and iPhone play store games is the first platform where it is exclusively available. One of the best third person shooter battle royale gaming app of this decade, Fortnite needs no introduction.

Players can connect with consoles and PC servers to compete with them in real-time. The free gaming app uses unreal engine 4 to provide high-end graphics. Players can build their own cover or destroy their enemy’s and do the default dance on their opponents.

  • Cut the Rope

cut the rope

A casual and family-friendly and free gaming app, Cut the Rope requires players to solve an obstacle course with simple logic. The name of the gaming app forms the core game mechanic, i.e., a piece of candy is hanging by the ropes that players have to cut by swiping their finger through the screen with precise timing. Slice the rope and the candy drops, feeding Om Nom!

  • Crossy Road

Crossy Road

Crossy Road’s basic premise relies on the joke, “Why did chicken cross the road?” It is a simple play store game where players have to get the frogger to cross the road by avoiding trains, rivers, cars, trucks, etc.

It is an endless runner mobile game that moves at a very slow pace subverting the troupe of runner games. It has a Lego-styled bright-coloured design, which makes it quite engaging to play.

  • Vainglory


Vainglory is a “Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas” or MOBA free gaming app with an open world map. Players can congregate in teams and fight with other teams in real-time.

The graphics and gameplay mechanics of this play store game are similar to Dota 2 or League of Legends. And even if you are not a hardcore MOBA enthusiast, Vainglory offers a vast variety of strategic side quests to keep yourself busy during the lockdown.

  • WhatsApp Games

WhatsApp Games for iPhone and Android include a wide range of innovative games such as playing charades through emojis or giving a dare like posting a random picture of yourself or posting a quote on stories. These types of games can be played between two people or in group chats as well

  • Candy Crush Game

candy crush

Candy Crush game is a legendary colour matching free gaming app for iPhone and Android devices with over 5000 different levels. Players have to match the colours in a straight vertical or horizontal order to win points and access in-game powerups like chocolate ball or lollipop in this play store game.

The gaming app is ripe with challenges and keeps the player engaged with beautiful visual and audio design.

Summing Up

Stay safe at home! Now you can play all these games on free gaming apps and let your worries go away.

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