Most Downloaded Apps in 2020 for Business & Personal Use

| August 5, 2020
Most downloaded apps


As businesses mark their presence online aggressively, there is an increased demand for the most downloaded apps by business owners to enhance their functioning.

Most downloaded apps

Recent changes in the working pattern has caused us to huddle to the digital world and scrounge for different services online. In such a scenario, apps across categories have seen their numbers hit the roof and many of them have emerged as the most downloaded android apps and most downloaded iPhone apps.

This has been particularly fruitful for businesses who have used this trend to enhance their online customer service via mobile apps.

So here we list some of the most downloaded apps in the world for business.

App Name Downloads in June 2020 (in Millions)
Zoom  53 
WhatsApp 38
Google meet 37
Instagram 33
Facebook 21
Aarogya Setu 15 
YouTube 14
Netflix 13
Microsoft teams 12
Google pay 10
Google classroom 10

Most Downloaded Apps on Play Store for Collaboration & Team Management

  • Zoom

Best For: Zoom is an online video calling app that has been extensively used by businesses to schedule meetings with their workforce.

Most downloaded android apps

Number of Zoom App downloads: Zoom was downloaded 53 million times in June 2020, making it among the most downloaded apps on Play Store.

Most Exciting Features of Zoom App

  1. Zoom App provides the option of adding up to 100 people to a meeting
  2. It provides high quality video call along with the option of sending texts to a person
  3. Zoom works on WiFi, 4G and 3G network.

Zoom Competitors: Google Meet, Skype

Get Zoom App for: Android, iOS

  • Google Meet

Best For: Google Meet is used by small and large organisations for better communication through high quality video calling that can be joined by 250 people.

Top most downloading apps

Number of Google Meet downloads: Google Meet was downloaded more than 37 million times in June 2020, making it one of the highest downloaded apps for collaboration purpose after Zoom app.

Most Exciting Features of Google Meet App

  1. Google meet lets you share your screen during official meetings.
  2. You can invite people to join you on Google meet by sharing a link with them.
  3. All video calls are end-to-end encrypted.

Google Meet Alternatives: Microsoft teams, Zoom

Google Meet App for: iOS, Android

Most Downloaded iPhone Apps for Business Use

  • Microsoft Teams

Best For: Microsoft Teams is used extensively for a company’s workforce to connect and collaborate over chat, voice call or video call.

Most downloaded iPhone apps

Number of Microsoft Teams downloads: Microsoft Teams was downloaded more than 12 million times in June 2020 and was the most downloaded iPhone app in the instant messaging category.

Most Unique Features of Microsoft Teams App:

  1. Microsoft teams is a part of Office 365 suite which offers various other applications.
  2. You can communicate with a colleague privately or in a public group.
  3. Enhanced search option which makes it easy to look up old documents or chats.

Microsoft Teams Alternatives: Google Meet, Slack

Get Microsoft Teams Online for: Android, iOS

  • Google Pay App

Best For: Google pay is an online payment app which can be used to pay bills, buy groceries and send money to another user.

Highest downloaded app in play store

Number of GPay App downloads: Google Payments was downloaded more than 10 million times in June 2020, making it one of the most downloaded apps in the world in the payment app category.

Most Unique Feature of Google Pay App

  1. Google Pay app does not require additional KYC as it is linked to your bank account.
  2. You can even pay people not using Google Pay app by adding their UPI ID or bank details.
  3. It can be used for easy mobile and DTH recharge.

Google Pay Alternatives: PhonePe, Paytm

Google Pay App on: Android, iOS

Some of the Highest Downloaded Apps in India 2020

  • Aarogya Setu App

Best For: Aarogya Setu is a health app designed by Indian government for helping people become atmanirbhar in ensuring social distancing with COVID patients.

Apps with 1 billion downloads

Number of Arogya Setu App downloads: Aarogya Setu app has been downloaded more than 15 million times in June 2020. It one of the most downloaded apps on playstore related to healthcare.

Most Unique Features of Arogya Setu App

  1. Aarogya Setu app uses GPS and Bluetooth for tracking coronavirus infected patients.
  2. Aarogya Setu is an open source mobile application
  3. It helps users to identify whether they are COVID positive based on their symptoms and see their risk profile.

Apps Like Arogya Setu: Cova Punjab, Test Yourself Goa

Download Arogya Setu App on: Android, iOS

  • Netflix

Best For: The world’s leading OTT platform, Netflix is home to curated content from across the globe. Since the Coronavirus pandemic, it has become the choicest location for digital release of new movies.

Number of downloads: Netflix saw more than 13 million downloads in the month of June, making it one of the most downloaded Android apps in the entertainment sector.

Most Unique Features of Netflix

  1. Netflix offers subscription for one mobile device at Rs 199 per month
  2. The mobile app subscription does not allow you to mirror or cast your favourite shows on your Smart TV, as there is a separate subscription for that.
  3. Netflix recommends new content based on your watch habits and history.

Netflix Competitors: Amazon Prime, Disney+ Hotstar

Download Netflix App for: Android, iOS

  • Google Classroom

Best For: Google classroom is an online education app that facilities virtual classes for schools and colleges.

Highest downloaded app

Number of Google Classroom App downloads: Google Classroom has been downloaded more than 10 million times in June 2020. It is one of the most downloaded apps on the playstore in the education category.

Most Unique Features

  1. Google classroom facilitates uploading of assignments by teacher as well as student.
  2. Google classroom promotes paperless education.
  3. Google classroom does not use student and teacher data for advertisement purpose

Google Classroom Alternatives: Vedantu, Byju

Download Google Classroom App for: Android, iOS

Most Downloaded Apps in the World 2020

  • WhatsApp

Best For: WhatsApp is an instant messaging platform which can be used for personal and professional interactions. Due to its interactive interface and end to end encrypted voice and video calls, it emerges as the app with 1 billion downloads.

Number of WhatsApp downloads: WhatsApp was downloaded more than 38 million times in June 2020. The number establishes it as one of the highest downloaded apps in play store for that period.

Most Unique Features of WhatsApp

  1. WhatsApp status, similar to Instagram and Facebook stories.
  2. WhatsApp allows sharing of documents, photos, videos and contacts.
  3. It provides customizable themes and wallpapers.

WhatsApp Competitors: Hike, WeChat

Platforms available on: Android, iOS

  • Instagram

Best For: Facebook owned Instagram is one of the highest downloaded apps of 2020 for a reason; the photo sharing platform and editing tool lets you show off your creative side, follow your favorite personalities and chat instantly with your friends.

Most downloaded apps in the world

Number of Instagram downloads: Instagram was downloaded more than 33 million times in June 2020. This number propelled Instagram to the list of most downloaded iPhone apps and most downloaded Android apps.

Most Unique Features of Instagram:

  1. Instagram has the latest feature of Reels, through which users can upload 15 seconds videos with a background track.
  2. Instagram provides the option of keeping your account private.
  3. Instagram’s algorithm shows posts of those accounts first with which you have interacted the most.

Instagram Competitors: Snapchat

Platforms available on: Android and iOS

  • Facebook

Best for: The social media giant still ranks among the most downloaded app on playstore. A lot can be attributed to the option of Facebook stories and availability of Facebook lite which uses less data and works well on slow connections.

Number of Facebook downloads: Facebook saw an addition of 21 million more users in June 2020, making it one of the most downloaded apps in the world.

Most Unique Features of Facebook

  1. Facebook Avatar, a caricature of your real-life personality.
  2. Facebook provides the option of going live and watching other people’s live videos
  3. Facebook lets you see relatable events taking place near you and mark your interest in them.

Competitors: NA

Platforms available on: iOS, Android

Apps with 1 Billion Downloads in 2020 & More

  • YouTube

YouTube, a leading video sharing app is among the most downloaded apps on playstore with over 5 billion downloads. The Google owned platform comes preinstalled on Android phones but has to be installed for iOS devices.

Most Downloaded App on Play Store

Number of downloads: YouTube, as per June 2020, emerged as one of the highest downloaded iPhone apps with more than 14 million downloads. Overall, the app was downloaded more than 19 million times.

Most Unique Features

  1. YouTube now offers the option of uploading stories.
  2. You can livestream content such games and videos and earn revenue from it  
  3. YouTube lets you see analytics associated with your channel and each video such as demographics and watch time.

YouTube Competitors: Dailymotion, Fullscreen

Download YouTube app on: iOS, Android

Summing it up

These were the most downloaded apps of 2020. Among these, there are some apps with 1 billion downloads overall such as Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp. The list comprises apps which were user favorites and ranked among the highest downloaded apps in playstore. So if you have not downloaded any of these, do it just now and enjoy the best of the digital world these most downloaded apps in the world have to offer.


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