Top Banquet Management Software for all Event Management Needs

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Organizing a successful event is no small feat. First of all, you need to convince your target audience why your banquet or resort is the right fit for their event. It is then followed by making floor plans, doing decorations, managing menu options, allocating staff duties, checking room availability and accommodating guests. Additionally, a lot goes into organizing that one eventful day perfectly!

A banquet management software can help you in managing these tasks and organizing an impeccable event. Here are some of the popular ones to rely upon.

List of Most Searched Banquet Management Software


Pxier is a robust, web-based banquet software. Its intuitive and user-friendly design makes it the favourite amongst SMBs who can operate it with minimal training.

Key Features:

  • Manage multiple banquets, merged halls, meeting rooms & split rooms
  • Allow caterers to access F&B details for each event
  • Manage appointments using Appointment Scheduler
  • Social media integration

Bottom Line: The software proffers multiple integration options such as social media, payment, QuickBooks. Also, you can make a schedule for future payments and set the installment amount against dates systematically.

Pricing: Rs. 2465 per month. View details.


EventPro is a concoction of venue booking, event management, and catering management solution. It is a single comprehensive banquet software that fits all size and at the same time can be used for a single purpose.

Key Features:

  • Shared booking calendar lets you manage the space in an advanced and simple way
  • Create exact floor plans for the event
  • Easy invoicing and quick payment
  • Visitors can check complete event details on event webpage
  • Real time data analysis tools that let you make an informed decision

Bottom Line: The extensive software module is its USP. You name it and EventPro has it-catering management, beverage management, resource management, staffing management, package management, sales management, attendee management, exhibitor management, and more.

Pricing: Get the price on request. View details.


Saying, ‘tripleseat is a banquet management software’ will be an understatement as it extends many useful feature irrespective of the venue- banquet, hotel, restaurants, or any other.

Key Features:

  • Helps in creating insightful reports of your banquet business
  • Communicate changes in the event with everyone in no time
  • Convert leads to event bookings in a few clicks
  • Manage banquet bookings online quickly
  • Send proposal to the customer in a minute

Bottom Line: You no longer have to tell customers to consider the documents signed (when they are actually not) just because it was sent online, thanks to the e-Signature feature of the software.

Pricing: Get the price on request. View details.

ReServe Interactive

Designed to manage all details related to hospitality operations in a quick, easy and accurate manner.

Key Features:

  • Manage tables and entertainment assets with floor management tools
  • Handle the task of room allocation during event and room inventory
  • Precisely manage walk-ins and advanced reservations
  • Manage membership sales using its CRM tools

Bottom Line: This banquet software helps you in managing events throughout their lifecycle at different stages in a proper manner. Event Lifecycle Technology is the feature that has been uniquely designed for this. Not only it will automate processes but also manage everything from customer contact to event execution and follow-up systematically.

Pricing: Get the price on request. View details.


A comprehensive banquet software which is exclusively used to book a venue in advance and escape the long waiting booking list.

Key Features:

  • Venue availability is highlighted on the reservation chart clearly
  • Easy billing including splitting bills, session based billing and consolidated bills
  • Management of advances, refunds and paid-puts
  • Detailed report generation

Bottom Line: WINHMS comes with an integrated ERP system that makes the job related to billing and accounting smoother.

Pricing: Get the price on request. View details.


Caterease is a catering and event planning software that helps banquet halls, hotels, etc. in organizing amazing events by helping them manage it professionally.

Key Features:

  • Track banquet room availability and details of site location
  • Check employee availability and schedule staff duties
  • Automatic alerts, reminders, and notifications
  • Send proposals to clients in a minute
  • Drag and drop menu selection

Bottom Line: The software gives you more options than the usual under its ‘track revenue’ feature. Besides generating quick detailed reports, you can conduct forecast, and do yearly sales comparison.

Pricing: Rs.4556 per month. View details.

MMI Software

This banquet software has been specially designed to cater to banquet halls and ODCs (Outdoor Catering). It will help you with plenty of things- inventory control, accounting, menu management to name a few.

Key Features:

  • Easy guest check-in and check-out
  • Banquet vacancy status on the basis of date wise and banquet wise
  • Payroll management
  • Flag accounts that owe payment
  • Assigning housekeeping staff for rooms

Bottom Line: The software keeps you updated w.r.t the status of the room, whether it is dirty, clean or under repair.

Pricing: Get the price on request. View details.


ResortSuite has been built to help you manage different verticals of a banquet, hotel and resort with its more than ten applications, such as spa, sales, catering, food & beverage, club, concierge, etc.

Key Features:

  • Information is pulled out of bookings done to generate documents (contracts, proposals) automatically
  • Single booking screen for everything from small to large events scheduled over days
  • Know a guest’s order history including allergy, dining preferences
  • Check hotel room availability in real time

Bottom Line: The need to buy a POS software and inventory management solution is completely eliminated, as ResortSuite comes with built-in inventory and POS.

Pricing: Get the price on request. View details.

Mangari Banquet Booking Software

It is a complete banquet event booking software that fits all size of banquets. It can easily manage booking details & status, catering menu, customer contracts, invoices, etc.

Key Features:

  • Track events on the calendar on daily, weekly and monthly basis
  • Event status are color coded for easy identification
  • Detailed catering and food menu options
  • Reports can be created on multiple basis such as bills, work order, management to review the performance of halls.
  • Avoid double booking of halls completely.

Bottom Line: A banquet software that supports two languages i.e. English and French. There will not be need of writing the contract again as you can easily convert contracts written in either language.

Pricing: Get the price on request. View details.

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