10 Best Event Management Software List to Plan an Event Smartly

10 Best Event Management Software List to Plan an Event Smartly-feature image
February 7, 2024 6 Min read

An event management software helps you in organizing a successful event smoothly. It comes with a different set of features that caters to all the stages of an event, from planning to post-event tasks.

Top event management software options are specific in nature, such as concert management, which comes with respective features such as ticket booking, registration, floor planning, etc. The best event software will automate or streamline back-office processes as well.

You will no longer have to rely on spreadsheets. Choose one of the following event management solutions for reducing overheads and improving productivity.

List of 10 Best Event Management Software:

1. Eventbrite

Eventbrite is one of the most popular event management and planning software to execute small to large and, easy to complex events smoothly.

Top Features:-

* Badge printing

* Online event registration & bookings

* Social media promotion tools

* Survey and feedback

* Track RSVP and ticket sales

Bottom Line:- If you’re not charging for ticket sales at your event, then you get to use Eventbrite absolutely free. No setup charges or enrollment costs with Eventbrite. Also, you can be found easily by listing your event on the Eventbrite event directory.

Pricing:- Rs. 57 + 2% per ticket.

2. Bizzabo

Upgrade to the top event management software in India with Bizzabo. Elevate your event planning while measuring marketing effectiveness across all social platforms.

Top Features:-

* Integration possible with 750+ platforms (e.g. Salesforce, Slack, etc)

* Customize your website with editing widgets

* Robust registration process management

* Create marketing campaigns

* Actionable analytics

Bottom Line:- Bizzabo’s social community integrates with LinkedIn and makes it a perfect platform for any event where attendees need to connect with like-minded personnel. Personal messages, live polling, lead marking are some of the ways in which attendees can connect to each other before, during or after the event.

Pricing:- Get the price on request.

3. Scoro

Scoro is an end-to-end event management software that can streamline everything from venue booking to registration process, sales, report generation.

Top Features:-

* Manages customers using CRM from first contact to final invoice

* Integrates with most of the software solutions

* Helps you make informed decisions with detailed reports

* Real-time project management

* You can schedule work and meetings

Bottom Line:- Scoro provides you with multi-currency feature. You can customize rates and receive payments in different currencies.

Pricing:- Rs.1595 per month.

4. Social Tables

Plan and manage an event with Social Tables, one of the best event software in India, and have an exceptional user experience.

Top Features:-

* Generate Request for Proposals (RFPs) directly

* Effective sales management and lead generation tools

* Keep the team together irrespective of their location

* Find the best venue, manage event with planning tools

Bottom Line:- You can create professional diagrams with ‘social tables’ & ‘event service’ features. For instance, you can create an accurate sitting arrangement using the tool.

Pricing:- Get the price on request.

5. Cvent

Cvent is a leading event management software in the industry which is perfect for the professionals responsible for organizing events, conference, AGMs.

Top Features:-

* Promote event using email and social media tools

* Streamline complex work like budget, appointments

* Check event data in real time

* Travel management- hotel bookings, room blocks

* Select from a database of over 245,000 global venues

Bottom Line:- The ‘event survey’ feature lets users create surveys. They have more than 50 survey design templates and unique Q&A formats to choose from.

Pricing:- Get the price on request.


Automate your mundane tasks to be undertaken during an event with HUBILO event management software.

Top Features:-

* Branding & marketing tools

* A consolidated list of registered participants

* Integrated & secured payment options

* Event networking platform integration with the website

* Event analytics

Bottom Line:- You can customize your event website or application with a few clicks. Simply fill the event information and you will get your customized website. You can also get the event app which resembles your website, to give attendees a device-optimized experience.

Pricing:- Get the price on request.

7. Townscript

Marathon, concerts, meetup, reunions, trips, workshop- empower registration for each event with Townscript event management software in India.

Top Features:-

* Receive payment directly on website-no redirection to other pages

* Check attendees detail and ticket sold anytime on the dashboard

* Promote the event across different social platforms

* Customized registration form

* Quick money clearance

Bottom Line:- The software comes handy for organizing a wide range of events from educational to sports, travel, technology, entertainments, etc.

Pricing:- Rs.10 per ticket.

8. Eventtia

eventtia is your solution to unlimited cups of caffeine, mundane tasks, extending deadlines, long hours of meeting that you experience while planning, organizing and managing an event.

Top features:-

* On-site check-in and attendee tracking

* Manage event guest list efficiently

* Manage email campaigns

* Manage invoices

* Print badges

* Perform surveys

Bottom Line:- The B2B matchmaking platform has the potential of generating some interesting opportunities for the attendees. Attendees get to decide with whom they want to interact on a one-on-one basis.

Pricing:- Get the price on request.

9. Grenadine

Choose Grenadine from the list of event management software for smart planning, fast execution and efficient event management.

Top features:-

* Create and manage events

* Manage event budget and finance

* Promote and digitize events

* Easy and quick registration

* Integration with multiple web services

Bottom Line:- Not only tickets or venues, but you can also manage equipment, food and beverages to be used in an event.

Pricing:- Get the price on request.

10. EventPro

EventPro is a robust event management solution with some intuitive features. It is available in both forms, offline and online. It is a one-stop solution for event, catering and venue management.

Top Features:-

* Booking wizards

* Itinerary scheduler

* Attendee management

* Powerful reporting

* Data analysis tools

Bottom Line:- Its virtual assistant feature is like a personal assistant that helps in tracking schedules, sending alerts, reminders and notifications automatically.

Pricing:- Get the price on request.


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