Why Hospitals Need to Invest in Hospital Management System

In this day and age, healthcare technology is being ingrained in the day to day running of hospitals. Hospital administration, in an effort to provide better patient care and minimise operational complexity, are changing the status quo and making a rapid shift from manual processes.

Wait! Is your hospital administration still managing processes manually? Then your staff must be drowning in paperwork and operational complexity.

If a better way is available and within reach, why not make use of it?

Simplify the process, cut down the bloat. A typical day in a hospital is full of hustle and bustle. New patients need to be registered, appointments have to be scheduled, medications must be prescribed, phew! Think we’re done, yet? Before you move on, don’t forget to process paperwork, fulfil billing obligations, fill out appointment requests and release patient records!

Imagine what would happen if a slip-up occurs. Patients might pop in wrong medication, get an MRI done but it gets mixed up with another patient’s or the patient may undergo surgery for a completely different procedure.

The horror!

Did you know that, as much as 86% of mistakes that occur in the healthcare sector are of administrative nature?

By deploying technology, you can bring more speed, efficiency and accuracy in hospital operations. However, the deployment has been slow and uneven across hospitals.

We’re going to discuss a few signs that you should look for before you finally take the plunge to upgrade to a hospital management system and leave the heap of paper behind.

Need of Hospital Management System

  • Error, Error…Paper Detected!

Processing paperwork can be an arduous task especially when the work has to be redone due to clerical errors. Deciphering patient handwriting can be quite tricky and its quite easy to err while filling up patient enquiry forms. Also, patient discharge forms have to be prepared and released on request. However, the cost of making an error in a hospital is the difference between a patient making a full recovery or losing his life. Medical errors contribute towards 200,000 patient deaths each year. Food for thought, huh?

Pro Tip: Create, store and share medical prescriptions online with hospital management software.

Challenges with paper prescriptions can be resolved with the help of a hospital management system. This software offers a pharmacy module where drug prescriptions can be generated online. Also, the solution’s inpatient management module helps manage admitted patients along with preparation of discharge/release forms easily, thereby, greatly reducing the amount of time taken to manually discharge a patient.

  • Improved Diagnosis & Report Generation

When a patient first enters a hospital, the first step is diagnosis – what exactly is the patient suffering from. Doctors often ask patients to undergo several tests to diagnose the disease as well as discover if you’re suffering from any additional ailment.

Pro Tip: Hospital management software helps make quick & informed diagnosis based on detailed patient history and reports.

In order to perform this task, a great number of reports have to be generated. Nowadays, most hospital management software offers pre-set templates for reports so that doctors or physicians can easily make sense of them. With the advent of automation in healthcare, hospitals can generate better analysed reports and diagnose diseases on improved basis.

  • Disorganisation Rules the Roost!

Due to the huge amount of paper handled by hospitals, hospitals usually maintain a database. However, these databases are often bloated and disorganized. Extracting information in a timely manner often becomes a grueling task.

Pro Tip: From patient appointment to diagnosis, prescription records and post-discharge follow-ups, hospital management software assists at every stage.

Did you know at least 30% of patient charts go missing frequently? Also, there are no follow-ups on incident reporting, records are not released on time and don’t even start on where patient referrals finally end up! Deploying a hospital management system can take care of your pesky data management issues while making it more simple and scalable at the same time.

Let’s Wrap This Up!

Healthcare automation is spreading at an exponential rate as more and more hospitals are improving their services and focusing on increased care of patients. Hospital automation systems help lower administrative profligacy and provide better service to patients. With time, hospital management software is likely to completely revolutionize the healthcare field.

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Mohammad Areeb is a born and bred Delhiite. He studied commerce and English literature at Jamia Millia Islamia. He loves to let his imagination fly and enjoys watching football in his free time. He has worked as a Content Developer for the past 3 years and is currently employed with SISL Infotech. A huge movies buff; he draws inspiration from his myriad interests and hobbies.

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