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Arka Inventory
What is Arka Inventory? Arka Inventory is a complete material resource planning software built on the cloud platform. This purchase management system serves small and medium sized businesses in the manufacturing industries, hotels and hospitality industry, and more. Arka inventory control management system has a simple interface and is easy to use. Arka provides end-to-end solutions for Windows, Android and iOS operating systems and is compatible with PCs, laptops, and smartphones. Arka cloud inventory management system helps with creating records of all items, tracking the movement of materials, managing purchases, sales, stock transfers, among others. This stock management software also assists in planning expenses and production better, resulting in an increased net profit. What does Arka stock tracking software do? Arka inventory software lets you plan your purchases and production in an efficient manner by enabling the following: It lets customers track and manage item information directly You get accurate inventory level status in real time Eases the process of maintaining records digitally Everyone in an organization or team can connect with each other from any device. You can plan your purchase and production based on data. How does Arka inventory control management system help with material requirements planning ? With Arka Inventory software, you can track and manage the inventory status in different manufacturing locations from a centralized platform. A master record of every item is updated with every purchase, sales, item movement, and more. This production management software for small business provides full visibility into the unit costing and margin for every product. It is quite a useful stock management software that helps at every stage of material resource planning to optimize production and reduce costs. Why Arka asset inventory management software is a must for your business? With Arka Inventory, you get complete control of your business and all the operations including procurement, production, warehousing, fulfilment, and finance. All the processes get streamlined, preventing the bottleneck in workflow. In addition, you can connect with everyone on your team, which further increases productivity and efficiency. All the data is combined and available at a central location to save time and help you gain deeper insights. With better material resource planning, there is an overall cost reduction and increase in profitability. Core Features of Arka asset management software Production management: You can make production orders for both make to stock or make to order with this raw material inventory management software. Complete information for every item is available through batch and serial tracking. This ERP inventory management system sends requests for materials, track the status of production process, and find the total cost of production. Purchase management: Arka purchase order management software allows you to send purchase orders directly from the application. You can make several purchase orders at a time and be up to date with their status in real time. The managers of your godowns or warehouses can keep a record of all the goods that they receive. The work of accountants becomes easier as Arka creates accounting entries and syncs it to the accounting application that you use automatically. Sales and fulfilment: It gives you a centralized platform to keep a record of customer orders. You can easily convert sales orders to production orders. It can integrate with Shopify stores and store the received orders directly. It tracks status of fulfilled orders and creates invoices automatically. Inventory Control: You get complete transparency in status of inventories at various locations. This warehouse management system makes it easy to track stock transfers for stock movement to different departments or places. Other features include barcode compatibility and inventory cycle count. Approval process: It streamlines the process of sending approvals for material demand and supply, purchase orders, and more. It is possible to send email notifications to remind individuals of pending approvals. Once approval is done, no further editing is possible and details with time stamp get stored in the records. Tailored reports: There are over fifty in-built reports for different purposes. With simple drag and drop functionality, it is possible to create personalized reports and dashboards. Finance and accounting: With Arka inventory cost management software, all the relevant information gets synced to the accounting system like Quick Books online (QBO) automatically. All entries are automatically created based on increase or decrease in inventory items. Typical Users of Arka Inventory Management & MRP Software Hotels & Hospitality: Purchase managers, owners, and store managers Manufacturing Industry: Owners, purchase managers SMBs: Owners, purchase managers Arka Inventory & Production Management Solution Pricing The price of Arka software is available on request. For further details regarding Arka cost, please contact our sales team. Arka Inventory is a complete material resource planning software built on the cloud platform. This purchase manageme... Read More About Arka Inventory
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Last Updated on : 19 Jun, 2021