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About BuildaBazaar BuildaBazaar provides e-commerce solutions that allow the user to set up an online store. It further supports the user in marketing, logistics and payment. This e-commerce software helps businesses build a brand through online visibility. It allows the users to customize their online store as per the requirement. BuildaBazaar’s SEO friendly interface and social media compatibility help users enhance their online presence and expand their business at a global level. How does BuildaBazaar help its users in customizing their web stores? Users can customize their online stores as per their brand’s needs by using BuildaBazaar. The software allows them to showcase unlimited products in their online stores. Users can design banners and add relevant images. They can also customize and color code the web page, add themes of their choice. Further, the powerful widgets provided by the ecommerce software help users enhance the attention level of their customers. Pricing of BuildaBazaar The pricing of BuildaBazaar is as follows. Silver Plan: Rs. 1000 per month Gold Plan: Rs. 2500 per month Gold Plus Plan: Rs. 5000 per month If you are interested in using the services provided by BuildaBazaar, you can send us a callback request. Our sales experts will get back to you shortly. What are the benefits of using BuildaBazaar? Online Visibility Boost: BuildaBazaar helps users set up their online store and promote it on the internet. It offers various optimization tools to enhance the search engine rates for the user’s business. Convenient Product Management: By using BuildaBazaar, users can upload and update products on their web pages. The software features powerful bulk tools, enabling the users to add and modify their products. Easy Order Management: Users can easily track orders from the online order placement to their delivery. They can manage multiple shipments from a single panel provided by the software. Cut IT costs: BuildaBazaar ensures zero IT cost as the user can easily participate in the web store building process without IT assistance. Compatible: The ecommerce software is compatible with multiple payment gateways, both in the domestic and international markets. This helps users expand their business in the global market. Users can customize their online stores as per their brand’s needs by using BuildaBazaar. The software allows them t... Read More About BuildaBazaar
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Last Updated on : 19 Jun, 2021