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What is CAIMS? CAIMS is an online cloud accounting software used by businesses for digitizing their day to day bookkeeping activities as well as creating automated data backups. Not just all the workflows get streamlined but also recollecting work history to verify important details is easy with this cloud accounting software. Tasks such as doing financial audits are easy with CAIMS. Built-in into the software are professional templates that let you share easily financial summaries with your business partners and clients. The following are the different kinds of financial statements and documents that can be produced using CAIMS accounting software: Profit & loss statement Balance sheets Cash flow statements Fund flow document Trial balance Sales invoices, etc. What are the features offered by CAIMS Accounting Solutions? Here is a quick overview of all the features offered by CAIMS Accounting Software: Analytical business reporting Ratio analysis with cash flow and funds Advanced report and invoice printing Export reports into PDF, word, and excel Automated invoice mailing Inventory management function Advanced data security What is the price of CAIMS Cloud Accounting Software? The price of CAIMS Accounting Management Software is available on request. Our salesperson will connect with you at your preferred time to provide further information. Why should companies use CAIMS Accounting Software India? CAIMS accounting solutions help businesses operate well digitally at a lightning pace. The software enables the users to transfer all their information and working to cloud with ease. Different departments can work together and share information directly through the inbuilt online portal. This accounting software also helps multiple users work on a system simultaneously. All the reports are generated in a graphical format for easy understanding. CAIMS is an online cloud accounting software used by businesses for digitizing their day to day bookkeeping activities... Read More About CAIMS
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Last Updated on : 19 Jun, 2021