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GoToMeeting LogMein

GoToMeeting LogMein

From Video Conferencing Software

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What is GoToMeeting LogMeIn? GoToMeeting is a web-hosting solution offered by LogMeIn. The software allows users to host online meetings, make video conferences, share individual computer screens and even record meetings and store them in the cloud. With the software, users can start hosting online meetings with a single click. It provides affordable and out-of-the-box solutions to its users, enabling them to create meeting spaces within a few minutes. The Video conference software offers scalable features, thus allowing administrators to transform their online events into a more engaging experience with ease. How is GoToMeeting LogMein beneficial for the administrators? By using GoToMeeting LogMein as an administrator, you can give your team a secure and reliable conferencing experience. Here are some of the benefits offered by this web-hosting webinar software - Automated Provisioning: As an administrator, you can connect your database with the software and start managing large numbers of meetings with ease. Admin Center: You can manage and control all your staff’s access and run reports to track the problematic areas within a specific session. Seamless Access: The software offers multiple ways for single sign-on, enabling employees to access it with their familiar company credentials. In-room kit: Using this software, users can get access to a simple but professional looking in-room kit. It is ideal for all small and medium-sized rooms. Pricing of GoToMeeting LogMein The software is available in three different plans - Professional: Rs.914.88/- per organizer/per month, allows 150 participants. Business: Rs.1219.84/- per organizer/per month, allows 250 participants. Enterprise: The price of this plan is available as per the customers’ requirements. It allows up to 3000 participants. Interested buyers can make a callback request. Our experts will provide assistance with activation key, license renewal and more. The Latest Version of GoToMeeting LogMein The latest version of the software is V2.3, which was launched on 9th April 2020. Let’s have a look at some of its unique features - The software has GoToMeeting Lightning Component embedded within it. The makers of the software have included the smart notes feature in the post-session meeting details. The latest version of the software automatically syncs details of the meeting with the subject file. Compatible Platforms of GoToMeeting LogMein The software is compatible with: Windows 7 and 10 Mac OS X 10.9 (or Mavericks), Mac OS X 10.15 (or Catalina) Linux/Ubuntu (web application only) Google Chrome OS (web application only) iOS 11 or higher till iOS 13 Android OS 5 (Lollipop) or higher till Android 10 Benefits of using GoToMeeting LogMein The software provides multiple features and services that are beneficiary for the user: Instant One-Click Meetings: Users can join, manage or host online meetings from a fixed meeting room or any remote location with just a click. The software allows them to use their Mac, PC or any other Android or iOS supported mobile device. Quality based reports: The software allows users to get an in-depth view of their performance, based on the reports it provides. Advanced security policies: It offers advanced security options like SAML and SSO login, enabling users to conduct web conferences and meetings with ease. Cloud Recording: This software helps users record their entire meeting on the cloud. Commuter Mode: By using this software, users can attend meetings and get access to a reliable and distraction-free experience. GoToMeeting is a web-hosting solution offered by LogMeIn. The software allows users to host online meetings, make video... Read More About GoToMeeting LogMein
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What is GoToWebinar? GoToWebinar provides an online platform to its users, enabling them to deliver online video conferences and webinars to several attendees at a time. The video conferencing software offers multiple features and tools, using which users can extend their business to the target audience. The software sends automatic invitations and follow-up emails to the attendees on behalf of the user. According to marketing leaders, GoToWebinar offers effective lead generating tactics that have a success rate of 73 percent. The software is trusted by 50K users around the globe. How can you bring in more attendees with the help of GoToWebinar? The GoToWebinar is one of the best webinar software, which allows users to record and reuse their events so that they can attract more attendees to their webinars. With this webinar management software, you can even record and share your webinar on any online platform. You can pre-record webinars and telecast them as live events. It allows users to integrate with various CRM and marketing automation software in order to manage everything within a single platform. Pricing of GoToWebinar The software is available in four different plans. These are: Starter: Rs. 6812.06/- per month, allows 100 participants. Pro: Rs. 15,231.46/- per month, allows 500 participants. Plus: Rs. 32,853.66/- per month, allows 1000 participants. Enterprise Plan: Price available as per customer requirements. It allows up to 5000 participants. Interested buyers can request us for a callback. We also provide support regarding activation key and license renewal. Latest Version of GoToWebinar The latest version of the webinar software was launched on 27th February 2020. Some of its features are - It allows users to accept payments on webinars. Users can display their logo on various materials used in the webinar and provide certificates to the attendees. With the latest version, users can add fields and questions in the form as per their requirements. Users can create awareness on the business video platforms for various professionals. The latest version of the software also allows users to pre-record their webinars and present them as per their needs. Compatible Platforms of GoToWebinar The software is compatible with - Windows 7 and higher till Windows 10 MacOS X 10.9 (Mavericks) and higher till MacOS 10.15 (Catalina) Android Devices iOS Devices What are the benefits of using GoToWebinar? The software offers various features that are beneficial for its users: Audience Preview: By using the software, users get a preview of the content that is visible to their audience. Channel Page: Users can publish webinars in their own online hub along with providing customized links of their own. Custom Controls: The software allows users to break out, expand and move controls as per their need. Dual Screen Support: Users get access to dual monitors. One helps to manage their content for presentation and another is for managing attendees. GDPR Compliant: The software is compliant with EU rules and ensures complete protection of the user’s data. Download Option: GoToWebinar allows users to share downloadable files with their attendees during any live event. GoToWebinar provides an online platform to its users, enabling them to deliver online video conferences and webinars to... Read More About GoToWebinar
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LogMeIn Rescue
How Rescue customers drive better business outcomes with Remote Support
What is LogMeIn Rescue? LogMeIn Rescue is a remote support software that allows users to connect to any device PC, mac, or mobile securely on any network at any time. The remote access software is specifically built for large-scale enterprises to provide remote technical support. It provides connectivity with any remote device within 20 seconds or less. This remote access software allows admins to have complete control over the target device and provide the required technical support. LogMeIn Rescue assists the users by generating instant summaries of different workflow aspects such as services, processes, and applications and enlists the issues they face. The software also allows admins to handle multiple sessions at the same time to save time and run multiple support processes simultaneously. What is LogMeIn Rescue Technician Console? LogMeIn Rescue Technician console allows technicians to provide remote support with advanced features. Such as, they can choose whether to operate the software through a supported browser or as a desktop application. Here are some of the key functions of Technician console: Provisions of direct connection to the customers through PIN code or email. Whiteboard included with remote control and desktop view Detailed notes and session history information Chatbot with automated replies, URL links, and file transfer Comprehensive system diagnostics along with reconnect and reboot Rescue lens What are the features offered by LogMeIn Rescue? Here is a quick rundown of the major features offered by LogMeIn Rescue: Remote control Remote diagnostics Unattended access Technician console Multiple session handling Technician collaboration Rebooting and reconnect In-built chatbot What is the price of LogMeIn Rescue? LogMeIn Rescue pricing depends upon your remote access needs. Please request a call back for more details. LogMeIn Rescue is a remote support software that allows users to connect to any device PC, mac, or mobile securely on... Read More About LogMeIn Rescue
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From Remote Desktop Software

Work more efficiently with GoToMyPC Remote Desktop Software
What is GoToMyPC? GoToMyPC collaboration software ensures the easy access to desktop devices from remote locations using a stable internet connection. The remote desktop software makes it convenient to securely get files, applications and files from any location. GoToMyPC remote collaboration tool is preferred by businesses to facilitate work from home employees with higher productivity and data security. As you manage to get access to data and files on the go, the entire system enabling such processes is made fool proof using host-level access codes, dual passwords, multi-factor authentication and AES encryption. The remote access software ensures that you stay connected with remote employees, team members and customers through a dashboard, which is easy to navigate. It ensures the remote access from any device, be it an iPad, iPhone, Kindle or Android device. How does GoToMyPC work? Step 1: Install GoToMyPC Step 2: Login to GoToMyPC account Step3: Press Connect to access the remote desktop Step 4: Access files and applications on the remote device Benefits of GoToMyPC Remote Access Software Easily navigable dashboard for secured remote access Suitable for all types of businesses and enterprises High speed and exceptional performance on both PC and mobile Automated and easy set up process Supportive customer care services GoToMyPC Mobile App Features Smooth performance and quick connection for both android/iOS devices Access available to PC or Mac through Kindle Fire Complete keyboard access for Bluetooth, autocorrect and special keys Precision mouse control for complete mouse functionality Zoom level up to three hundred percent available How Does GoToMyPC Helps with Office Tasks Option to create shortcuts to a computing device for avoiding these browser login pages Send invitations to people for temporarily connecting for demo and tech support Tracking the type, duration and timing of connections Sending documents to remote devices for printing Free service and software upgrades Different Services Offered by GoToMyPC Simplified process for sending invites to client's/staff for accessing your computer Easy integration of this collaboration software's API tools with the available infrastructure Host screen blanking, SSL session security & lockouts for greater security Dual control and sharing for quick collaboration Scalable option for adding or removing computers as required. GoToMyPC Pricing GoToMyPC pricing details available with Techjockey on request. GoToMyPC collaboration software ensures the easy access to desktop devices from remote locations using a stable intern... Read More About GoToMyPC
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What is GoToAssist? GoToAssist is a remote support software meant for establishing frictionless remote connections with customers. The remote management software offers simple plugins for viewing the customer's screen either using a desktop application or a web browser. With GoToAssist, you can address issues on the system of both your employees and customers. It also helps with remote diagnostics, multi-monitor navigation and file transfer. GoToAssist is also helpful in connecting with unattended computers. The simple process requires running an installer to start the remote set up on a customer's device for troubleshooting issues or conducting live sessions. Next, you can check for the available computers and use the one-click option for connecting anytime. Key Modules of GoToAssist remote Desktop Software Agent console for starting support sessions using the desktop or browser app. Remote diagnostics to do software and hardware configurations for session reporting. Multi-monitor navigation for switching between multiple computers with ease. Multi-session support for simultaneously hosting up to fifteen sessions per technician. Active directory connector to manage license provisioning and users with GoToAssist account. How to Start a Session with GoToAssist Step 1- Launch GoToAssist from your mobile device, desktop or web browser Step 2- Provide customers with the link so that they too can join you Step 3- Use the inbuilt diagnostic tools for screen sharing Benefits of GoToAssist Remote Support Software Complete security of customer data Updated network equipment and high capacity servers for optimal performance Built-in brokers for balancing the sessions' load across several communication servers TLS (transport layer security) and AES encryption SRP authentication against all types of threats to the data HTTP outbound connections for secured screen sharing Centralized admin for customizing permissions Live user support for resolving queries Slack integration GoToAssist Pricing GoToAssist pricing details are available on request with the product experts at Techjockey. GoToAssist is a remote support software meant for establishing frictionless remote connections with customers. The rem... Read More About GoToAssist
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LogMeIn Pro

LogMeIn Pro

From Remote Desktop Software

Maintain Day-to-day Operations with the Most Reliable Remote Access Tool
What is LogMeIn Pro? LogMeIn Pro is a remote desktop software specifically meant to help employers manage their staff and team remotely. The remote access tool has been designed to ensure higher productivity. It provides a single unified platform to help teams collaborate with each other over text, chat, phone or videos. Arranging virtual meetings, delivering hybrid learning or organizing video conferences, all is easy with LogMeIn Pro. LogMeIn Pro further helps in sharing content across devices and collaborate is a hassle-free manner. You can connect to any Windows or Mac device from your desktop, iOS, Android or even the browser. It supports up to 1TB file storage with unlimited users and multi-monitor display. Security Framework of LogMeIn Pro Remote Desktop Tool An intuitive password manager Dark web monitoring Multi-factor authentication & single sign-on Secured and easy password sharing Patch Management with LogMeIn Pro Remote Desktop Software Silent multiple updates without interrupting the end users. Automated update of software on even remote desktops. LogMeIn dashboard for pushing directly system updates. Assessing such software in a system that maybe at risk. Advanced Functionalities of LogMeIn Pro Remote Access Tool Self-healing alerts Multi-monitor display Computer inventory Ad Hoc support Remote access & monitoring File transfer Remote printing Password management LogMeIn Pro Price Price details of LogMeIn Pro are available on request with us. LogMeIn Pro is a remote desktop software specifically meant to help employers manage their staff and team remotely. Th... Read More About LogMeIn Pro
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LogMeIn Central
Automate routine tasks and drive key business growth
What is LogMeIn Central? LogMeIn Central is a remote desktop software that offers a central server for connecting systems, distributed amongst remote employees. These services can be used for better employee connectivity, managing user access, providing friendly customer service and troubleshooting issues. LogMeIn Central has been helping companies manage employees and multiple work-related processes remotely. The computer monitoring software provides a single-view dashboard for user grouping, monitoring device's status, running software updates and of accessing remote computers. The remote user management system is highly secured with two factor authentication and control permissions. How LogMeIn Central Supports IT Automation & Control The remote monitoring and management tool offers robust IT automation and critical patch for quick remote endpoint access and reduced IT costs. LogMeIn Central offers in-depth reporting and proactive alerts for routine IT automation tasks. LogMein Central sends self-healing alerts to solve common system issues before they become critical. This way, you can prevent any major IT infra downtime and ensure a smooth workflow. Benefits of LogMeIn Central Remote Desktop Software Improved productivity as the remote access to employee devices lets them work from the comfort of their home without any IT-related issue. Better productivity as your employees can work from any location that gives a distraction free environment Time and money saving as office as office overhead costs are reduced significantly Option to connect to a nearby printer for printing documents even from remote computers Multi-monitor display system for viewing simultaneously the monitors of different systems Integration with anti-virus and software patching to ensure secure endpoints What Else Can You Do with LogMeIn Central Blank screen and desktop sharing Keyboard locking with clipboard syncing Whiteboard drawing Session reporting & recording Background access for file sharing User/device management LogMeIn Central is a remote desktop software that offers a central server for connecting systems, distributed amongst... Read More About LogMeIn Central
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LastPass removes obstacles, letting you get back to the things you love most.
What is LastPass? LastPass is a password management software that helps store all your passwords and your family member’s password at a single place, secured with a master password. You can store securely and protect all your digital files with LastPass cybersecurity software. The password management software stores all your passwords in an encrypted vault so that you can be free from the hassle of memorizing passwords. What Is the Password Autofill Feature of LastPass? LastPass password management software auto fills your passwords across different applications on the device using its automatic device syncing module. All your passwords are stored inside the software's password manager vault, for which you can set user access rights and role-based permissions. How Does LastPass Cybersecurity Software Work Adding and saving sites directly from email or saving during logins or importing them for automated password saving Password generator that helps create randomized passwords and user names Automated password syncs so that these can be accessed from any device Option for organizing passwords into different folders like subscriptions, wi-fi passwords, etc. Digital wallet for preparing profiles for different credit cards for online shopping Secured password sharing Password audits to remove vulnerable and old passwords. Security Mechanisms Used by LastPass Password Management Software Strong encryption algorithms Muti factor authentication Local-only encryption Fingerprint support Benefits of LastPass Password Security Solution Encrypted storage for files Priority-based support for queries Assigning emergency access right to a user Password, notes and file sharing with others Monitoring dark web for eliminating the possibility of data breaches Price of LastPass Solution LastPass pricing details are available on request with in-house product experts at Techjockey. LastPass is a password management software that helps store all your passwords and your family member’s password at... Read More About LastPass
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What is GoToRoom? You can create hassle-free meeting rooms with GoToRoom collaboration software. The video conferencing software provides turnkey solutions for hosting online meetings with up to two-fifty people in a go. The collaboration software is ideal for converting any room into a smart meeting space through its single click tab, which lets others join the meeting in no time. The video conferencing software is easy to set up and convenient to operate. Calendar syncing is easy too. Based on industry standards, GoToRoom ensures quick deployment and has an intuitive interface. The collaboration software is best for unified communication supported by crystal clear video & sound quality. It's scalable and supports all types of spaces starting from large halls to small huddle rooms and perfect for the best-in-class online meeting experience. Integrations Available in GoToRoom Google Calendar Microsoft Exchange Microsoft 365, and more How Does GoToRoom Ensures Collaborative Workspaces Precise and clear quality of video conferences Beginner friendly and can be used by anyone Schedules can be emailed & are easy to access Quick response timings and no lags Mobile downloading available too Devices Required by GoToRoom for Setting Up Online Meets Power outlet HDMI cable Monitor Ethernet cable All in One Video Conferencing Capabilities of GoToRoom Dual display support for splitting between the shared screen and in-session webcams for mirroring the content. Quick room management through automated syncing between GoToRoom & GoTo admin centre A kit comprising audio solutions and a powerful camera for the improved sound quality. You can create hassle-free meeting rooms with GoToRoom collaboration software. The video conferencing software provide... Read More About GoToRoom
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