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Megam Education

Megam Education

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What is Megam Education? Megam Education is a cloud-based ERP solution for schools, and other educational institutions. This integrated school management software offers comprehensive management procedures for online classes, library management, transportation management, finance management, and other admission related activities. With this school management portal, teachers and parents can leverage student data to gain insights into their performances and identify weak areas of their academic progress. The program enables institutes to broadcast time-critical information to parents and staff members via SMS. Teachers can facilitate students with an engaging multi-media learning experience by uploading presentations, and videos on a daily basis. Students can download daily class notes and audio-visual lectures and submit their assignments. Megam Education, helps schools generate digital portfolios of students and maintain an updated database. Information saved within the solution is absolutely safe, it is capable of detecting active ransomware and can recover important files as well. How does Megam Education ERP facilitate enhanced online schooling? KPIs: With included key performance indicators, the ERP solution enables educators and parents to review students’ academic history and groom them to enhance the areas where they are lagging behind. Reports and Dashboards: A reporting dashboard within the learning management software displays attendance, educational progress, and status of multiple assets belonging to the school authority, in a visually compelling format. Insights: With the analytical school management software, educators and parents gain visibility into students’ data and help them improve their performance curve. Pricing of Megam Education Megam Education ERP is available at a price of Rs 10/- for one student on a monthly basis. You can generate a callback request with our in-house team for detailed updates. Benefits of Megam Education ERP Communication Channel: Schools can leverage the online ERP portal to broadcast information on relevant topics, including new session commencement notices, policy updates, holidays, reports, school events, etc. Staff members can use the program to digitize consents and approvals, reducing paperwork. Remote Learning: Educational institutions can conduct online classes and special classes. School authorities can send notifications or SMSs to keep parents updated with students’ performances. Teachers can update subject wise tasks for the students to download them. Megam Education also helps with digital report card generation and attendance monitoring. Megam Education is a cloud-based ERP solution for schools, and other educational institutions. This integrated school m... Read More About Megam Education
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Last Updated on : 24 Jun, 2021