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What is Moovly? Moovly is a web-based video editing and creation software using which enterprises can make promo videos, tutorials for training and more. The video editing software features a drag and drop interface along with a royalty-free media library housing 1.3 million videos, images and audio clips ready for commercial use. Moovly supports a wide variety of video styles like whiteboard comprising handwriting and drawing, documentary footages, animated illustrations and more. Enterprises can also customize the videos as per the individual needs of their brand by adding in specific logos and colours. Moreover, the software offers 100,000+ audio tracks for free and users can also record their own voice, control the volumes, split the sounds or apply fade in and fade out effects of their choice. How does Moovly help large teams collaborate? Individual Groups: Enterprises can team up their creators into different groups. Each group has their own admin, who can delete, add and schedule tasks to individual members within that group. The groups have their individual media libraries containing common colours, fonts and templates. Collaboration: Creators can share their individual creations with other team members using Moovly. They can also assign usage rights like copy, view and edit to the particular members. Group Galleries: Members within a particular team can share their individual creations in the group gallery. Enterprises can decide upon the privacy options of a particular group gallery. They can either make it private, accessible to individual members within the group or make it public to external web visitors. Pricing of Moovly The pricing of Moovly is available on request. In case you are interested to know more about the software do request for a callback. Benefits of Moovly Royalty-Free Media Library: Moovy houses a royalty-free media library, featuring 1.3 billion videos, illustrations, music, motion graphics, sound loops and stock videos. You can either directly use them or can combine the particulars with their own, generating stunning professional type outlooks in real-time. DAM Asset Integration: Organisations with their own web-based Digital Asset Management server, filled with multiple media files like icons, illustrations, music, images and more can sync the entire collection within Moovly. Create Tutorials: You can record themselves in webcam view and their individual screen at the same time to make informative explainer videos. You can resize, crop, animate or combine the footages using a wide variety of video editing tools offered by Moovly. You can insert audio clips or their own voice overs within the videos. Moreover, you can also enrich the visual experience for individual viewers by adding in texts, illustrations and arrows on particular sections of the entire content. Advanced Video Editing: Creators can mix and edit videos to get the perfect result as per their choice. Moovly facilitates simple editing operations like trimming, splitting, cropping, resizing and more. It also allows you to make changes within the opacity of a particular video, build a mosaic out of many videos, transform a normal video into slow motion and more. Remove Colours: With Moovly, you can change the backgrounds of any particular video or image into transparent mode and place the front object against a separate background. Moovly is a web-based video editing and creation software using which enterprises can make promo videos, tutorials for... Read More
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Last Updated on : 17 Apr, 2021