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Saturn CAReGO
CAReGO is a futuristic solution to benefit logistics management and tracking. This complete Road Transportation and Workflow Management solution helps to increase control, manage operations and to maximize visibility. CAReGO is an online solution that supports offline operations also and manages entire workflow of transportation. Most suitable for parcels services companies, the solution has online tracking capabilities for clients with accounts, invoice details, goods to be received and sent. GPS tracking can be integrated to the system and bar-coding, RFID etc. are also supported. Built with Cost saving technology, and ultimate customer support, this innovative solution addresses all automation needs of the road transportation and logistics businesses. Product Features The transportation domain being a widely distributed one, CAReGO offers lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). CAReGO has many unique features like bit processing and sync rapid technology for data transfer. These technologies ensure smooth and speedy workflow without leased lines or broadband connectivity. Even with dial up connections, CAReGO assures real time data availability in all branches. The CAReGO just requires an EDP resource and does not need experienced server or database administrators. CAReGO require low configuration hardware systems and do not require any third party software or utilities thus saving initial investments. The futuristic haulage workflow management solution developed with keeping an eye on entire workflow had been divided into five major modules for the ease of operations. Enduring CAReGO features include: Application: Application module provides the solutions for the branch installations and corporate installation. This module supports Trip management based on pre-defined routes and provides the complete vehicle details for managing the vehicles. Door pickup requests from the customers are supported in this module and branches can create their route based door delivery sheet after unloading of a trip. Central Admin Module: Central Admin module is the administrative module that provides various options to control the Application Module. The changes made through the central admin module will be reflected in branches only after two-synchronization process, i.e. the synchronization from the Central Admin Module and the synchronization request from the branch module. Waybills can be generated with different payment heads, as consigner paid, consignee payable, partial paid balance to pay etc. and the partial payment facility is activated automatically from the cash receipt in this module. CAReGO provides a complete operational accounting system integrated with this module. CAReGO is also capable to backup the data to the local disk through its desktop application. An invoice (Waybill or Goods Consignment Note) usually consist different price heads like freight charges, surcharge, handling charges, stationary charges etc. All of these can be controlled from a central office, which will be distributed into all branch databases when they get sync with the Server. On-Line Admin: The online admin module controls branch creation and editing, application user creation and their permission management etc. Online Admin module is a part of Central admin module with same capabilities and goals. This module works online; needs internet connectivity. The purpose of this module is that some of the administrative part cannot be placed on an offline application due to technology cross-validation rules. Application sync module: This part connects and synchronizes the branch applications with the central server and database whenever is initiated. The synchronization being the core of the solution, it serves as a communication tool between branches and head office, as a backup office for database, helps to restore the data whenever is required at a branch. CAReGO introduced an unmatched merge customer facility. When two or more customers are merged, their bookings, receipts and accounts will also be merged to show all the details under one head. This module allows extending and accounting credit facility to the loyal customers. Multiple companies can be managed from a single interface effortlessly. Multi-Phase Automation: This module provides the advantage of allowing phased automation of branches and later adds new branches with previous data backup. The branches will be created even if they do not have computers, and track the consignments when it reaches other branches. This is tracked through inward/outward of non-computerized branches. Logistics and Supply chain management being the most crucial operations to every business, CAReGO has an intelligent tracking feature to track the consignment on the fly. About The Company Saturn is a software development company focusing on travel, transportation vertical with product solutions. Leveraging the expertise in product development, Saturn offer software services that include the entire spectrum of software lifecycle from business analysis, business process re–engineering, system design, on boarding strategies, coding & development, testing & quality assurance and implementation. Saturn has thorough expertise in web application development, enterprise mobility solutions and cloud management. Saturn delivers dependable solutions to large business organizations, small & medium companies and to government. CAReGO is a futuristic solution to benefit logistics management and tracking. This complete Road Transportation and Work... Read More About Saturn CAReGO
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Last Updated on : 16 May, 2021