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]What is Store Hippo? Store Hippo is a web-based, flexible e-commerce software that helps its users in building diverse B2C and B2B business models. The software is expanded across 15+ countries and has tie-ups with more than 30 types of different industrial sectors. Store Hippo ecommerce order management system can be integrated with more than 50 types of payment gateways, making it easy and simple for users to accept payments from their clients across multiple channels. Most importantly, this best ecommerce software offers a wide variety of e-commerce order management systems and marketing solutions, starting from a powerful discount and coupon generating engine to the creation of brand-wise dynamic marketing pages and forms. The best part about Store Hippo users is that they get to communicate with their clients via SMS, Email, web and push notifications. How does the comprehensive Prod]uct Management option offered by Store Hippo benefit its user’s business? Impressive Product Manager: Users can add, edit, delete, filter, search, publish and import new products within their website with just a few clicks. They can also offer file, text and checkbox based filters on style and variant options for a particular product. Variable Option Sets: By using the option sets feature, users get to apply different style views on their product to give them a distinct characteristic. They can showcase multiple color options for a particular dress with multiple drop-down boxes. Categorization: Using the advanced categorization tool embedded within the product management feature, users can arrange their products in multi-tiered categories. They can even divide the products into various hierarchical levels as per their age group and price. Inventory Management: The e-commerce software solution ensures that the inventory stock gets updated in an automated manner after a new order gets placed, canceled or returned. They can also set up filters like “out of stock” so that customers get to know about the products that are no longer available. Product Comparison and Reviews: Users can retain their customers by showcasing different price plans for the same product as sold by different retailers. Buyer reviews play a very important role in online purchases. Users can manage their review section for a particular product to increase its selling rate. Pricing of Store Hippo Ecommerce Software Solution The pricing of Store Hippo can be customized as per your business needs. In case you want to use the software, do send us a callback request. Our product experts will get back to you, offering all the required support. Compatible Platforms for Store Hippo Store Hippo can be termed as the best ecommerce software, as it is web-based and can be accessed from any compatible web browser across multiple devices. Benefits of Store Hippo Online Shopping Software Safety: Store Hippo offers multi-layered security against all types of disasters, Cross Scripting, DDOS and SQL injection. All the payment gateways that are integrated with Store Hippo complies with stringent security solutions and are PCI-DSS compliant. It stores sensitive information like passwords with strong one-way encryption. Individual Domain Name: Users can operate their business, with their own domain name. Customers from all around the globe get to see the name of the specific brand they are dealing with rather than Store Hippo’s name on their browsers. Marketing Ready Solution: Store Hippo ensures that its users get to market their brand in an intuitive manner. It features a wide variety of pre-integrated features and an SEO ready platform that can be integrated with multiple social media sites. Dashboard: With Store Hippo’s advanced dashboard, users can create theme-specific mobile applications for their brand’s domain to ensure that their brand reaches out to a wide variety of audiences from all around the globe. Store Hippo is a web-based, flexible e-commerce software that helps its users in building diverse B2C and B2B business... Read More About Store Hippo
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Last Updated on : 23 Jun, 2021