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Brand: Callminer

Type: Software

Operating System: Ubuntu, Windows

Free Trial Available: No

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Eureka Software Overview

What is Eureka?

Eureka is a SaaS-based speech analysis software. It also helps with customer analysis and uses Artificial Intelligence and machine learning technology to capture, transcribe and reveal insights from customer interactions. Users get access to an automated scoring process with sensitive data analysis regarding the agents’ performance, customer experience, the effectiveness of their sales pattern and risk mitigation performance. Most importantly, the qualitative data offered by the software acts as a resource bank for understanding important bottom-line issues within their organization. The speech analysis software offers a wide variety of agent management tools, enabling users to automatically score, provide relevant feedback and give proper training to their agents as per their business needs.

How does CallMiner Eureka speech analytics software help improve the efficiency of contact centers?

Eureka voice analysis software offers a wide variety of text to voice analysis tools. This enables its users to convert text and audio-based data into actionable insights. 

  1. Enhanced Customer Experience: Company admins can get detailed insights about preference of individual customers, the agent’s attitude towards solving their grievances (if any) and the relevance of the discussed topic. They can also conduct journey mapping and make churn predictions. 
  2. Efficiency Improver: The speech analysis software offers a wide variety of tools like silence reduction, call deflection, IVR tool optimization, first call resolution and AHT reduction, improving the efficiency of their call center. 
  3. Monitor Agents Performance: Eureka offers role-based dashboards for the agents equipped with an automated scoring system, targeted coaching module, feedback and agent retention policies.
  4. Increased Revenue Collection: The speech analysis software offers detailed sales flow analysis and objection analysis. This is accompanied by sales lead scoring and upsell offer rates. 
  5. Compliance: CallMiner Eureka speech analytics software offers a wide variety of speech analytics tools that can identify fraud and risky languages. Further, it also offers script compliance, PCI conformity and sensitive data redact.

Pricing of Eureka Speech Analytics Software

The pricing of Eureka is available as per customer demand. You can request for a callback, our software experts will get back to you with a negotiable quote. They will also offer you adequate support regarding all your queries.  

Compatible Platforms for Eureka Voice Analysis Software

Eureka voice analysis software is compatible with Ubuntu and Windows operated devices. 

Benefits of Eureka Speech Analysis Software

  1. Velocity: Eureka is equipped with Turnkey Integrations, offers packaged content and accurate curated categorization. The self-serve customization feature offered by the software enables faster response time. It also showcases solution packages for rapid results. 
  2. Action: By using Eureka speech analysis software, users get access to an automated agent scoring system, playbooks, crowdsourced innovation and automated ROI as well. 
  3. Agility: The artificial intelligence and open API within Eureka enable flexible integration, agile solutions, predictive modeling and topic discovery along with flexible product additions. 
  4. Omnichannel: Eureka voice analysis software offers expansive interaction visibility by combining speech analytics with text-based communication. It also facilitates omnichannel analysis by combining data in XML or CSV formats from surveys, emails, chats and social media with speech analytics. 
  5. Intuitive Dashboards: The speech analysis software offers role-based dashboards that are equipped with automated performance scoring technology, enabling the managers to monitor agents under them. The agents get to view their performance and areas of improvement with annotated calls- based guidance.    

Eureka Features

  • checkbox Speaker Identification The intuitive speech to text feature of the software is capable of detecting customer and agent sentiments. It can also
  • checkbox Formant Verification By using Eureka speech analytics software, users can identify the tone and sentiment of dialog exchanged between their agent and
  • checkbox Gender Identification The speech analysis software can distinguish between customers’ voice by using biometric voice recognition technology.
  • checkbox Likelihood Ratio Calculation Users can deliver targeted transcriptions and audios based on data-driven confidence by calculating their likelihood ratio in
  • checkbox Analytics & Reporting The software offers scored performance, sentiment tagged transcriptions, and multi-channel customer journey based reports. This
  • checkbox Alert The software sends in real time alerts from securely redacted transcribed data during live calls. The alerts are available
  • checkbox API Integration Eureka offers detailed insights about customer-based interactions that can be integrated with existing systems and corporate

Eureka Plans & Pricing

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Eureka Specifications

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  • Ubuntu, Windows
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  • English

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Eureka FAQ

Q. How is the speaker separation feature of Eureka helpful for its users? arrow

A. The speech analytics software uses biometric analysis technology to identify and separate data associated with each speaker. Thus helping its users to score their agent’s performance and identify the one responsible for topic generation.

Q. How many types of Language Packs are offered by Eureka? arrow

A. Eureka offers interaction analytics based support for a wide variety of languages from all around the globe. It offers dialog-based language support for French, Spanish, English, Italian, German and Mandarin.

Q. Can I get a demo for Eureka? arrow

A. Yes, you can send in a demo request for Eureka. Product experts from Techjockey will get back to you as per your mentioned date and time.

Q. How is the automated categorization engine of Eureka helpful for its users? arrow

A. The automated categorization engine offered by the software combines identified phrases and keywords with silence, word tempo, topic mapping and agitation to offer detailed insights along with predictive value for its users business.

Q. Does Eureka have a mobile application of its own? arrow

A. Eureka does not have a mobile app as of now.

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