Canon Dreamlabo 5000
Canon Dreamlabo 5000
Canon Dreamlabo 5000
Canon Dreamlabo 5000
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Canon Dreamlabo 5000

Sold by : Canon India Pvt. Ltd.


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About Canon Dreamlabo 5000

What is Canon DreamLabo 5000?

Canon DreamLabo 5000 is an inkjet production photo printer that offers a unique alternative to conventional slider halide technology. It delivers a wide range of premium photo stock. This printer ensures quality output with high paced printing. DreamLabo 5000 also has a dual paper magazine, it automatically slides the second once the operational paper deck is finished. The printer consists of an automated double cutter that makes sure photo merchandise is finished to perfection. The double sorting system allows output to be sorted by job order or paper size. 

Canon DreamLabo 5000 is an innovative machine that offers solutions to hectic office printing workflows. The printer does both color and black n’ white printing. It has a 7-ink system with standard CMYK, photo cyan, photo magenta, and grey inks to provide a wider color palette. 

Specifications of Canon DreamLabo 5000: 

Here are the specifications of Canon DreamLabo 5000: 

  1. The superb photolab-quality print head
  2. Seven dye-based inks 
  3. 2400 x 1200 dpi high-resolution printing
  4. Automatic double-sided printing 
  5. RGB image input 
  6. 89 x 89 mm – 635 x 305 mm printing size 
  7. Over eight different paper types are supported 
  8. Dimensions – 3630 x 1600 x 1540 mm 
  9. Weight – 2640 kg
  10. Power Requirement – Single Phase 220-240V, 30A, 50Hz x 1 
  11. Power Consumption – During Printing: 5500 Wh, Off Printing: 50 Wh 
  12. Noise Level – 70 dB
  13. Required Space – 6292 x 3829 x 2090 mm 

Features of Canon DreamLabo 5000: 

Here is a quick rundown of the features of Canon DreamLabo 5000:

  1. Redefined photo market production 
  2. Quality with speed
  3. Colour and monoprints
  4. Seamless paper handling 
  5. Productivity and image enhancement 
  6. Easy Maintenance

What is the price of Canon DreamLabo 5000?

The price of Canon DreamLabo 5000 is approximately Rs. 4.5 crore/-. For more information regarding the printer please request a call. Our sales team will contact you shortly. 

Sold By : Canon India Pvt. Ltd.

Get Canon Dreamlabo 5000  support 25 Chatting right now

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Canon Dreamlabo 5000 Features

Users can take different types of print based on colour sheet size, etc. 
Canon DreamLabo 5000 ensures high quality printing with 2400 dpi resolution. 
This printer has 7-ink dye-based printer. 
Users can take prints of color image through this printer. 

Get Canon Dreamlabo 5000  support25 Chatting right now

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Canon Dreamlabo 5000 Specifications


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Canon Dreamlabo 5000 FAQs

Yes, Canon DreamLabo 5000 can be used for wireless printing.
Canon DreamLabo 5000 requires 15oC to 27oC.
The optimum humidity requirement for the printer is 30-70%.
It has a two and four rolls loadable with an optional paper deck.

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