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Century Gate Integra ERP- Production

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Integra ERP- Production is a reputed ERP solution for small and medium sized manufacturing enterprises. The ingenious software solution provides excelling automation of all production operations as a mobile app and on premise solution. Form purchase of raw material to  dispatching of finished goods, each process can be well managed with the user-friendly and interactive software solution. Empowered with purchase management, inventory management, production management, sales management, accounts management, tax management, PDC management, service management, asset management, payroll management, project management and sales management modules, Integra ERP- Production brings an ultimate automation solution for effective production management.

Product Features
Integra ERP- Production is a cutting edge software solution for manufacturers and production houses that enable each production phase and process with enhanced performance and productivity. Available as on premise and mobile app deployment, the software augments efficient production operations. Supporting the online integration and communication with the suppliers and stakeholder, this state-of-the-art software offers an interactive dashboard to keep track of various production activities. Integration and synchronization of all aspects of the manufacturing process minimizes manufacturing cost and maximizes resource utilization.The magnificent features of Integra ERP- Production constitute:
  • Online Integration: Online integration of all production phases enables smooth and flawless production operations with enhanced productivity.
  • Supplier Management: Supplier details, transactions, purchases from suppliers, supplier feedback, and supply performance can be effectively managed using the Supplier Management modules.
  • Vendor Rating: Vendor ratings, evaluation and ranking can be managed with the interactive features of vendor rating in the Integra ERP- Production software. The software allows manufacturing units to keep track of the financial continuity, delivery performance, capabilities and services of the vendors.
  • Purchase Order Processing: Raising and processing of purchase orders is one of the powerful features of ERP- Production from Integra
  • Inventory Management: All inventory processing, i.e. from purchases to order fulfillment can be efficiently executed with Inventory Management module incorporated within the solution
  • Stock Level Management: Stock level monitoring and management is one of the crucial task that needs effective supervision for smooth functioning of production operations. The software enables powerful supervision and control on stock level management.
  • Godown Management: Godown transfers, floor management, lot/batch movements, and other related operations of godown management is effortless task with the production automation solution.
  • Tax Management: Tax structuring, calculations, return filing in accordance with  direct and indirect tax laws have been automated to ease the tax management operations within the ERP software.
  • Accounts Management: Accounting transactions including debit, credit, trial balance, balance sheet, assets management, depreciation, accounts receivable and payable are available in the solution.
  • Payment Approvals: The software also facilitates competent payment management including approvals with in-depth details incorporated in the solution steadily.
  • Packing and Assembling: To keep an updated record of the finished goods in packing and assembling, the software offers an interactive Packing and Assembling interface.
  • Staff Deployment: Deploying staff optimally is not a tedious task now. The Self Deployment automated operations allows manufacturing units to deploy staff perfectly and enables deployment details to be captured for effective supervision and control.
About the company
Century Gate software Solutions Pvt. Ltd., also  known as INTEGRA endeavors to develop and deliver customized enterprise software solutions. Engaged in providing highly innovative software solutions, Integra is a leading name in Resource Planning software. With over 1500 customers and more than 5000 users globally, the enterprise caters to the customer’s business needs efficiently. Integra mainly focuses on providing the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and office automation solutions. Facilitating the internal and external management information across the client organizations, Integra extends its software solutions for each and every ERP aspect. 

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