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Integra Retail ERP is a comprehensive software solution for retail enterprises and stores. The software is an innovative foray to grease the wheels of professionals involved in various retail operations including purchase, inventory, sales, service, payroll, project, accounts and tax management, PDC management, and customer communication. Available as interactive mobile app solution and on premise deployment, the software allows companies to enforce control and management of various retail operations. Categorized into exclusive modules for enhanced productivity, the Retail ERP offers retail solution within reasonable budget. 



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About Century Gate

Century Gate software Solutions Pvt. Ltd., also  known as INTEGRA endeavors to develop and deliver customized enterprise software solutions. Engaged in providing highly innovative software solutions, Integra is a leading name in Resource Planning software. With over 1500 customers and more than 5000 users globally, the enterprise caters to the customer’s business needs efficiently. Integra mainly focuses on providing the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and office automation solutions.
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  • Enabling delivery of goods efficiently and in a timely manner.
  • Option to handle van/route sales.
  • Option to add sales agent/affiliation and commission calculation.
  • Option to add minimum margin set up.
  • TAX,MIS & PDC.
  • Credit control and stock control management.
  • Tax management and e-filing.
  • Cheque control and PDC management.
  • Multiple selling rate and discount management.
  • Costing and landing cost calculation.
  • Provision to print logo in voucher and bill voucher Printouts.
  • Identifying saleable stock considering pending estimate and sales order.
  • Multi currency.
  • Bar-coding and its tracking.
  • Manage stock at different operation like actual stock, saleable stock,
  • Stock on transits, stock on wheel and stock on yard.
  • Budgeting and budgetary controls.
  • User wise diary/note entry and its forwarding.
  • Instant search option - parties balance, pending bills and orders details, stock, item photo and voucher details.
  • Mail Integrated and bulk mailing.
  • SMS Integrated and bulk SMS.
  • Provision to bulk letter and envelop printing.
  • User wise scheduler setting and reminding option.
  • Internal Memo/Circular.
  • Internal chatting facility among live users.
  • In built calculator.
  • Real time sales update and daily business summary in your mobile (I-Track android apps).
  • Integra ERP for Retails seamlessly covers purchase and vendor management.
  • Purchase cost additions and deduction.
  • Option for purchase discount.
  • Vendor/supplier creation, vendor analysis, grading and automatic setting preferred vendor.
  • Purchases indent easy conversion to purchase order.
  • Purchase order processing.
  • Currency conversion for international PO.
  • Automatic accounting of accounts and stock on purchase voucher entry.
  • Landing cost calculations.
  • Vendor wise credit period and amount.
  • Provision to set bill wise credit period and due date management.
  • Option to handle Purchase Return.
  • Option to show pending purchase orders.
  • Purchase modules reports includes purchase register.
  • Purchase return register.
  • Purchase ageing.
  • Purchase summary.
  • P O register.
  • P O schedule statement.
  • Vendor grading and update preferred vendor.
  • Fast/slow moving report..
  • Stock adjustment register.
  • Zone, area, location wise sales aging and overdue reports.
  • Provision Sales quotation it easy conversion to sales order and billing.
  • Provision for estimate and multiple conversions to sales bills.
  • Sales order processing and easy conversion to sales bill.
  • Sales order tracking delivery scheduling.
  • Multiple sales order conversion to single sales bill.
  • Delivery order easy conversion sales bill.
  • Auto email of sales bill format to parties.
  • Dispatching bill of materials and its tracking.
  • Item details/party details while billing and order processing.
  • Send SMS of Invoice summary.
  • Due date option for credit bill. Customized bill formats.
  • Sales Discount management.
  • Customer wise rate setup.
  • Option for cost additions and deductions on sales.
  • Option for customer with credit limits (amount and period).
  • Easy tax setup (GST enabled).
  • We can keep track of the availability of your stock.
  • Enabling complete visibility of your stock warehouse.
  • Gives an insight into moving and non-moving stocks thus enhancing the value chain.

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Integra Retail ERP


  • Inventory Management
  • Purchase Management
  • Sales Management
  • Accounting
  • Barcode
  • CRM
  • Loyalty Program
  • Payroll Management


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