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Cisco Umbrella
Cisco Umbrella
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Cisco Umbrella

Sold by : Cisco Systems


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About Cisco Umbrella

What is Cisco Umbrella?

Cisco Umbrella is a web-based network security solution that offers intuitive protection both off and on the network. It features an advanced dashboard facilitating efficient management. The software enforces strict security at the IP and DNS layers, blocking out requests from malicious sites. Moreover, it retains a complete list of all DNS logs and differentiates the activities based on their threat types and actions taken against the particulars. Cisco Umbrella exposes out shadow IT by detecting the active cloud applications across its user’s networks. Further, the software has 30+ data centers located in different parts of the world that are equipped with automated failover technology and fully stacked cloud security as well.

How does Cisco Umbrella secure web gateway?

  1. The software offers selective or complete SSL decryption to safeguard its user’s enterprise from data breaches and hidden attacks.
  2. With Cisco Umbrella, you can block out certain file types from being downloaded, eg: .exe files.
  3. By using Cisco AMP or other third-party integrations, you can run detailed scans for malware across all the downloaded and uploaded files with ease.
  4. The software facilitates filtration of specific URLs based on their category. Thus, it blocks out destinations that are capable of violating compliance regulations or policies.

Pricing of Cisco Umbrella

The pricing of Cisco Umbrella is available on request. Do send in a callback request and our customer care executive will get back to you as soon as possible 

Benefits of Cisco Umbrella

  1. Advanced Intelligence: The software depends on machine learning programs and statistical tools to expose modern internet attacks. It is also powered by Cisco Talos, the largest threat-detecting team in the whole world. That is capable of blocking active threats before it can reach out and cause any harm to its user’s networks.
  2. Hassle-free Integration: By using Cisco Umbrella, you can speed up the overall response rate against individual incidents. You can also easily deploy and share security details within their security workflows and system, based on the intuitive API integrations offered by the software.

Sold By : Cisco Systems

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Cisco Umbrella Features

The IP layer protection checks the available list of malicious IP addresses against network traffic in real-time and blocks out the malicious connections by injecting a route to the open DNS.
The software is capable of detecting 60K malicious destinations on a regular basis. It uses 30 machine-based, learning algorithms to spot out upcoming attacks.
Cisco Umbrella is equipped with a web-based full proxy and is capable of inspecting the web traffic on its user’s network, offering greater control, transparency and protection.
The app discovery report featured by the software offers a detailed graphical overview of the bandwidth usage at regular intervals.
Cisco Umbrella features an automated, self-healing and agile system infrastructure. Its Anycast Deployment is capable of detecting insider threats without hampering redundancy protection.
The software detects compromised systems, improves the visibility of overall security and stops threats over any protocol before they can reach its user’s endpoints.
Cisco Umbrella enforces acceptable user policies and blocks advanced threats by using PAC files, IPsec tunnels and proxy chainings to forward traffic to its web-based proxy.
The software can easily detect all the cloud-based applications being used and their risk levels. Users can control them or block the same to monitor cloud adoption.
The advanced firewall system of Cisco Umbrella, monitors activity logs and blocks out unwanted traffic from the system using port, IP and protocol rules.
The quality integration gets easily deployed across its user’s networks and also offers real-time protection against internet-based threats.

Get Cisco Umbrella support15 Chatting right now

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Cisco Umbrella Specifications


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Cisco Umbrella FAQs

A. Cisco Umbrella stores all activity logs related to its user’s network for an unlimited time period, facilitating easy recall for detailed investigation.
A. Yes, It is possible to predict the origin of a future attack by mapping out or pinpointing the attacker’s infrastructure using the wide variety of security features offered by Cisco Umbrella.
A. Yes, you can send in an online demo request for Cisco Umbrella. Our product experts will get back to you in real-time.
A. The software offers Management API, Enforcement API, Reporting API, Investigate API and more.
A. No, the software does not have a mobile app as of now.

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