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Conself is an interactive cloud-based simulation software designed to make the working of other software with new or existing users easy. You can use it efficiently to show your clients how everything works in your business. It smoothly helps in problem-solving and decision-making process thanks to... Read more

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CONSELF Software Overview

What is Conself?

Conself is an interactive cloud-based simulation software designed to make the working of other software with new or existing users easy. You can use it efficiently to show your clients how everything works in your business. It smoothly helps in problem-solving and decision-making process thanks to its decision analysis and supporting tools.

Conself’s electronic simulation software works with almost all simulations in place. You can work on CFD, CAE and FEA along with its dedicated guides and apps workflow. You can access Conself from anywhere and at any time with a stable internet connection. Its intuitive and advanced design technology makes it easier for anyone to work with Conself. You can improve your designs, increase efficiency, and minimize fluid and drag dynamic losses.

Solutions Offered by Conself’s Circuit Simulation Software

Conself offers two main solutions to cater the needs of client and enhance their productivity while reducing any losses or errors. With this simulation software, you can start your own Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) in just a few clicks. Apart from this, below are two of the best simulation solutions from Conself Simulation Software.

  1. Simulation on Browser - With Conself’s simulation tool on your browser, you get the opportunity and flexibility to work your design thinking with increased efficiency, and so much more. You get multiple simulation applications to work with; that are CAE, FEA and CFD. Conself offers you round the clock technical support to ensure you do not get stuck at any stage. Further, you also get to use all important codes and get the smoothest learning curve possible.
  2. Simulation on Cloud - With electronic simulation software on cloud, you get on-demand power. Meaning that you get whichever resource or assistance you want at the right time when you need it. Simulation on cloud offers you 24x7 technical support, with a wide range of software suites to choose from.

Benefits of Using Conself Simulation Software

We all know what role simulation software plays when it comes to product designs and specifications.

  1. Dedicated guided workflow and apps - Conself offers the smoothest learning possible to clients and execute all functionalities of the system known by the user.
  2. Easily Accessible - Conself is easily available everywhere and can be operated from anywhere as well. You can use it with any device that is connected to the internet.
  3. On-demand power - Conself’s simulation tool allows you to use the resources as and when you want them.
  4. Reliable and accurate - It consists of some of the best codes like Code Aster (FEA) and OpenFOAM to provide you error-free functioning.

Conself Circuit Simulation Software Pricing

To know more about the product pricing, reach us by simply clicking on the link below. Our tech consultants will get in touch with you at the earliest.

CONSELF Features

Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

You can select turbulent or laminar fluid dynamics depending upon the Reynolds number fluid flow. It comes in transient and

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

For structural mechanics, you get the options of static and dynamic simulations having both plastic and elastic material

CAD Pre-processing & Meshing

CAD neutral file formats can help in carrying out frequency and modal analysis.

Result Post Processing

Like in real life laboratory, you can view the results once your simulation is complete. You can analyse the improvement scope or

HPC on the cloud

You get everything in one browser like parallelization, unlimited computing power on demand, automated upgrades, or even embedded

CONSELF Plans & Pricing

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CONSELF Specifications

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  • Windows
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  • Web-Based
  • All Industries
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  • English

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A. The tools designed are of high technology and state of the art. The core of this application runs on two significant tools i.e., OPENFOAM (CFD) and Code Aster (FEM).
A. There is no limitation of number of users per account or working even parallelly.
A. Yes, all the sensitive data stored over cloud servers is highly secured and the servers are continuously updated to ensure maximum protection.
A. No, every modern cable ADSL connection is perfect to work on Conself simulation applications.
A. Conself is one the best simulation software providers and provides a server uptime of up to 99.99%.

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