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Dell EMC NX3240-20 TB

Sold by : Dell

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About Dell EMC NX3240-20 TB

What is Dell EMC NX3240?

Dell EMC NX3240 is a storage solution offered by Dell under its flagship NX Windows NAS Series. It is embedded with the simplicity of Microsoft Windows Server with the competence of Dell EMC servers and storage systems. It is a Network-attached System that helps operate your enterprise-level data management.

Dell EMC NX3240 has a file-level computer data cache server; it connects to a system network offering clients the data access to a diverse collection of clients. NX3240 is a new generation product that utilizes the up-gradation of Windows Storage Server 2016.

Dell EMC NX3240 is a great tool to have at your expense to expand your office operations.

Benefits of Dell EMC NX3240

  1. Dell EMC NX3240 offers NAS gateway options that help enterprises leverage SAN arrays for immense augmentation.
  2. It provides Dell EMC NX3240 option as a NAS gateway.
  3. The NAS solution system supports simplified operating management for novices to get started quickly and efficiently.
  4. Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRC9) enterprise edition for the supervision of your data. It automates a lot of functions to smoothen your workflows.
  5. You are able to manage NAS capacity resources more efficiently and optimize your disk space effectively.
  6. The Dell EMC NX3240 system spends less time supervising your data as it uses Microsoft System Center and the remote desktop administration functions in windows storage server 2016 to automatically manage your data.

Features of Dell EMC NX3240 

It combines interesting and time-saving features within its system, such as:

  1. Data reduplication
  2. Thin provisioning
  3. DFS-R synchronization across limited bandwidth network connections in distributed and remote office environments.
  4. Volume Shadow Copy Service for SMB file share that enables snapshot-based backup operations. 

Price of Dell EMC NX3240

The price of Dell EMC NX3240 is Rs. 3,23,000/-. The system is available as a single time purchase item. For further price inquiries, please request a call, and provide your contact details. Our sales team will get in touch with you at the earliest possibility. 

Sold By : Dell

Get Dell EMC NX3240-20 TB support 33 Chatting right now

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Dell EMC NX3240-20 TB Features

It is a power rack mount server that utilizes latest generation multi-core Intel Xeon processors and offers up to 64GB of memory. It also supports 192TB raw capacity. 
Dell EMC NX3240 has iDRAC9 functions to automatically maintain and supervise your data. It helps save a large amount of time.
The hardware comes with a support system that gives you a detailed insight into drivers, manuals, diagnostic tools, replacement parts. It equips you with all the information to tackle any issue NX3240 faces head-on. 
Dell EMC NX3240 is a rack mounting server that allows you to save your data in a tier-based system for quicker and efficient access and supervision.
The NAS storage system offered by Dell simplifies your data storage landscape. 
Dell EMC NX3240 is a very scalable system that helps optimize the workload of any size. 
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Get Dell EMC NX3240-20 TB support33 Chatting right now

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Dell EMC NX3240-20 TB Specifications


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Dell EMC NX3240-20 TB FAQs

A. Dell EMC NX3240 has following configuration: 1. Dual-socket, 2U rack mount NAS server 2. Intel® Xeon® Bronze 3204, Silver 4208 or Silver 4214 processors 3. Up to 64GB* memory 4. SATA, NL-SAS or SAS drive options 5. Up to 16 hot-swap 3.5” drives for data; two 2.5” drives for OS 6. Up to 192TB* raw capacity 7. Leveraging the PowerEdge R740xd server precision technology
A. Yes, Dell EMC NX3240 offers a wide-range of data transfer drives that incudes SATA, along with NL-SAS, and SAS drives
A. Dell EMC NX3240 server is embedded with SMB 3.0 functions that support Hyper-V and SQL servers.
A. Dell EMC NX3240 uses both single and dual, hot plug, redundant power supply. You can pick any one you want during purchase.
A. No, the operating system is already installed in Dell EMC NX3240 for quick deployment onsite.

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Dell EMC NX3240-20 TB

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