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About ENCollect

What is ENCollect? 

ENCollect is a digital collection mobile application that provides Indian payment gateway options. It simplifies all the grind of assigning and re-assigning accounts to collectors. It gets away with heavily detailed excel sheets and emails, that made the workflows hectic and challenging to track. ENCollect makes your collection and payment managing workflows efficient as the software is a fast and easy way to churn out more collections regularly.

ENCollect simplifies your collection strategy implementation and makes your working easier by providing an in-built voice assistant that recognizes 80 different languages. It is more than Amazon Alex, which currently supports seven languages. Work your way to enhanced productivity with ENCollect digital cash collector. 

Features of ENCollect

ENCollect offers debt collecting teams with an end-to-end feature that keeps them on track and focused on specific tasks at hand. Here are features of ENCollect listed to get acquainted with the software: 

  1. Geo-Location Tracking, Tagging and Fencing: Get constant updates on field teams who are going door to door for collection of payments. If the team has to scatter to meet several clients, track them individually as well. Groups can share all the updates and data related to payments. Organizations can set geo-tag and geo-fence to set targets for teams’ more effortless mobility and better articulation for their goals. 
  2. Compliance Management: ENCollect is incorporated with all the necessities and compliances needed for managing and collecting of payments. The software was developed to ease the workflows for subcontracting collector agencies. ENCollect makes contract management and compliance management easy for debt-collecting teams. Users can establish and impose empanelment guidelines for a multitude of agencies when onboarding them. Operations and collections manager will get automatically notified if discrepancies are discovered.
  3. Bank-Grade Application Security: ENCollect understands the delicacy of maintaining payment details and customer privacy’s importance. Hence, it provides state-of-the-art bank-grade application security for all your work-related files. A whole bunch of features that include bio-metric authentication, OTP generated authentication, 3-layered security, centralized access control, and many more to protect your data from theft and hacking.
  4. E-Receipts: ENCollect app gets done with the hassle of managing receipt registers and receipt slips inventory. E-receipts allow debt-collecting trams to track payments that are collected and deposited in real-time. It does not leave any space for fraudulence. ENCollect also simplifies your customer meetings and official proceedings at the back end. This provides users with more time & resources at hand to sort their collections rather than being heckled by menial operational work such as bookkeeping. Managers get a stronger and transparent view of the operations with higher scalability at an easy and reliable price.

Price of ENCollect 

ENCollect has a varying price that depends on a multitude of factors such as a number of agencies you are working with, the size of your working, modules required, et cetera. To know more about prices, kindly request a call and our sales team will contact you as soon as possibl

Sold By : Sumeru

Get ENCollect support 28 Chatting right now

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ENCollect Features

Maintain all your customer-related details in the software with zero inconveniences. It makes things easy for you and the agencies you are working with. Get contact details such as phone number, email, et cetera with ENCollect.
Comply with all the rules and regulations placed in by the law and collect payments accordingly. It also generates forms and customizes them accordingly.
Track and record all your transactions with your customers in ENCollect. It ultimately gets away with the fraudulence.
ENCollect offers companies to work with several agencies simultaneously. It helps you to save all the agency details and avail them at your fingertips whenever needed.
Produce E-receipts for all your payments with ENCollect. The software integrates with bill printing machines to generate 3-inch bills as well.
Prioritize your client list and manage the top 10 customers at your fingertips. Configure the list when you settle payments and add new clients.

Get ENCollect support28 Chatting right now

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ENCollect FAQs

A. ENCollect is primarily used by banks and debt-collecting agencies, financial organizations for payment collection.
A. Yes, ENCollect has a demo feature that you can avail. Kindly request a call and our team will get in touch with you.
A. ENCollect is available for both Androids and iPhones. You can find the mobile app in the app stores of your respective smartphones.
A. ENCollect is a web-based service that can is accessed easily with a web browser. Hence, there are no compulsory hardware or processor required to work with ENCollect.
A. ENCollect offers a hybrid deployment of both cloud computing and on-premise system. It saves your data in your system when there is no internet connection and then automatically transfers the data to cloud.

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