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Focus Warehouse Management System helps the businesses to minimize the operational costs with efficient distribution. Focus WMS brings efficiency to warehousing by introducing automated processes and tighter control structures. It lets the businesses optimize inventory with accurate forecast and provides flexible automated support for processing movement of goods and management of stock. The software is a leading edge solution that enables perfect order fulfilment and on-time shipment along while eliminating costly physical inventories and reducing order processing time. With ability to manage multiple locations from within a single platform, this software enables improved management control and reporting for effective decision making.

Product Features
Focus WMS allows the businesses to make optimum use of human and warehouse resources and helps plan and track labor resources. The software has been designed to minimize shipping, put-away and picking errors. This innovative solution provides real-time information over a network and enables automatic restocking based on maximum and minimum levels. Built on Dot net platform with MS-SQL database as backend, it is a web and RFID enabled solution. Focus WMS is also capable of sending alerts based on user IP configured within the user definition in the software and enabled task sequencing and task interleaving. The exquisite features consist of:
  • Warehouse Setup: This comprehensive module provides user definable warehouse configuration to configure a warehouse with necessary settings. Business can maintain the SKU package definitions, and store information here. Easily configurable WMS allows the creation of online Warehouse usage reports as well. User Master/IP configuration for handheld pick instructions is enables within this module.
  • Inwards Process: The integrated inwards process can be handled through wireless handheld devices for faster transactions. Businesses can well manage their customer purchase orders, advance shipment notices, receive tally sheets, and manage cross dock processes. The module supports auto generation of Pallet Id and capture complete SKU attribute information such as lot details, batch details, expiry and manufacturing details etc. Cross Dock feature helps the users to speed up the complete transaction with a single entry. ASN details can be loaded into RTS and manage the receiving of shipment.
  • Move: This exclusive module has been developed to record the movement of order by location or SKU and corresponding instructions can be sent on the handheld. Confirmation of movement and locations can be tracked. Focus WMS provides the flexibility to move the SKUs from location to location along with the search options based on location, SKUs, stores etc.
  • Outward Process: Customer sales order, pick list, auto allocated pick list, pick confirmation and delivery notes etc. can be managed in this module. Pick instructions can be defined for Full pallet, piece picking, pick based on FEFO, FIFO, batch and lot numbers. The integrated outwards process can pick data from customer sales order to generate auto pick list enabling the end user to track the locations of SKU locations with ease.
  • Inventory Management: Barcodes, pallet ids, batch numbers and expiry dates can be maintained in this module efficiently. Inventory can be tracked by aisle, location, or rack at the bin level. Perpetual count, cyclic count, physical stock reconciliation and stock adjustments and transfer of ownership can be managed in this module.
  • Billing: Focus WMS comes with flexible billing options enabling customers to choose the best possible billing option. This module enables billing by store, storage type and SKU. Monthly, weekly and daily billing options and billing by per Pallet/CBM/weight /Qty are available. Integration to existing ERP system enables holistic view of receivables to the accounts department on real-time basis.
  • Reports: Easy, menu driven and comprehensive reporting module is available within the software that allows creation of various reports like Store Information, Stock Details, occupancy utilization report, short expiry report, billing reports, empty locations report etc. All the reports of WMS can be exported to Excel and PDF formats. New reports can also be designed through Crystal Report Designer.
  • Security: Proficient security has been provided to enforce user level, admin level security for complete data protections.
About The Company
Focus Softnet has a rich history of innovation, expansion and growth. Right from its first product (version), the emphasis was always on continuous R&D and team work to ensure the products developed are feature-rich and are based on state-of-the-art technologies. With business associates across the globe, partnering with respected organizations, which help leverage optimal performance and technical standards, today Focus Softnet has evolved into a true multinational organization with 25 offices across 15 countries. As an IT solutions provider with over 20 years of experience and multi-domain expertise, Focus Softnet's consulting services and skillsets are backed by a vast knowledge-base and a keen understanding of what it takes to run and grow a business. By re-engineering business processes and optimizing resources, developing and deploying user-friendly, flexible and cost-efficient industry specific solutions. This company supports the clients with complete and disciplined strategies for managing their work force globally through HR services ranging from sourcing, assessing and providing training and development needs of an organizations work force. Focus Softnet has helped over 30,000 clients across the globe increase productivity and efficiency, and run better.

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