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hCue pharmacy software
hCue pharmacy software
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hCue pharmacy software

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About hCue pharmacy software


What hCue Pharmacy Software?

hCue pharmacy software helps pharmacists streamline their daily operations. This pharmacy software allows pharmacists to manage multiple stores in real-time. hCue pharmacy software facilitates returning and exchange feature for seamless operation. 
This pharmacy software utilizes Thunderbolt UI design for mass billing and transaction with convenience. This UI also makes navigation experience seamless. It utilizes keyboard shortcuts on the HTML5 screen. 

What are the benefits of hCue Pharmacy Software? 

hCue Pharmacy Software brings lots of benefits to organizations using it. Here are a few listed below for a better grasp of the product: 

  1. Intuitive Design
  2. Reliable Tax Management Module
  3. Assists in Profit Growth 
  4. SaaS Model for Substantial Scalability 
  5. Thorough Customization 
  6. Military Grade Security 
  7. Guarantees Great Customer Experience 
  8. Responsive and Quick Solution 
  9. Real-Time Analytics for better business decisions
  10. Offline Working 
  11. Online Working
  12. Additional Clinic Management and (or) tie-up for request received  

What is the price of hCue Pharmacy Software?

The price of hCue Pharmacy Software varies based on the size of your pharmacy and customizations required. For more information regarding the product, please request a call. Our sales team will contact you shortly. 

Sold By : hCue

Get hCue pharmacy software support 23 Chatting right now

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hCue pharmacy software Features

hCue’s GST ready SaaS Pharmacy Software helps you transform your business by reducing cost. Increasing scalability, providing flexibility in dealing with licensing, software upgrades and deployment.
First of its kind Thunderbolt UI designed for high volume medical billing & transactions. Thunderbolt UI enables you to navigate seamlessly through the keyboard on an HTML5 screen.
Your 'Data is Never Lost' industry best encryption standards to keep your data safe and secure. We are also compliant with all international data privacy compliance norms.
hCue’s Pharmacy Software is designed to work on the latest (Android 7.0) to the oldest OS (Win XP). hCue's Medical Shop Software works on all platforms giving flexibility to Pharmacy owners.
Medical Store Analytics engine gives powerful insights on analytics and has an inbuilt CRM. Pharmacy shop owners are now empowered to analyze data through personalized dashboards. Deep market insights to increase revenue and repeat success with hCue Pharmacy Software.
hCue’s smart dashboard puts the GST ready Medical Store Software in your pocket. Gives you access to critical information like Trending Sales, Current Stock and Total Purchase. The power of this information at your fingertips will make you act fast.
hCue’s GST ready Medical Store Software has been integrated with Tally Accounting. Integrations with Inventory Software, Payment Wallets like PayTM, UPI and swipe machines. Go ahead & accept payments in whatever way you want and let hCue Payments do the rest for you.
Pharmacists can market their storefront with the help of text messaging. hCue Pharmacy Software also allows pharmacy owners to create new discount offers and attract more customers. 
This software integrates with email services for better marketing and outreach to woo new customers. 

Get hCue pharmacy software support23 Chatting right now

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hCue pharmacy software Specifications

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Vivek kumar

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Nice software best for inventory and billing



Dec 10 2019

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hCue pharmacy software FAQs

A. hCue Pharmacy Software/Medical Store Software is a robust SaaS platform designed to streamline operations and processes of small to mid-sized pharmacies and Chain Pharmacies while significantly reducing costs. Unparalleled scalability and flexibility in terms of licensing, deployment, and upgrades are some of the benefits that hCue’s Medical Store Software offers. It comes with its proprietary Thunderbolt UI created to help your pharmacy cater to high volume medical billing and transactions. The same user interface accelerates all your workflows and processes by enabling you to navigate smoothly via the keyboard on an HTML5 screen. With hCue Pharmacy Software’s flexible pricing scheme, you will be able to get the best package with all the features you need for the price you can afford. Simply put, you maximize the value of money when you go for hCue Medical Shop Software to help you run and manage your pharmacy operations.
A. Cloud-based Pharmacy Software offers countless benefits that can help you save time and money. Pharmacists are now finding that cloud-based pharmacy software is not only easy to set up, but actually goes ahead and eliminates their overhead costs. The flexibility of a cloud-based medical store software allows pharmacists to add new customers, users and multiple locations quickly and efficiently- without garnering a lot of expense or downtime. Learn the other advantages of using hCue Medical Store Software. With cloud-based pharmacy software, practices benefit from economy of scale – since many providers use the same system, and redundant costs are minimized, if not eliminated.
A. hCue is the only Cloud based Pharmacy Software that works offline and online. The offline feature lets users perform every pharmacy function even if there is a disruption in internet services and this in a country like India is a big boon for retail pharmacy shop owners.Since it's web based you can access the software virtually from anywhere and it works well on all platforms (desktop,tablet,mobile etc). hCue offers fast and easy deployment and doesn’t require you to set up expensive hardware to make it work. It runs smoothly offline on both the latest platforms (Android 7.0) and old operating systems (Windows XP). With its ability to work on many devices and platforms, pharmacy owners and staff enjoy the kind of versatility they never experienced before.
A. hCue's modern & intuitive Cloud PoS Medical Shop Software will help you confidently tackle GST. You can save valuable working capital by accurately claiming input tax credit. hCue Medical Store Software's proprietary tax engine embedded will automate the tasks and accurately match the invoices. You can create GST compliant invoices in minutes using hCue's customizable invoicing module. Email the invoices, send reminders for pending invoices, monitor receivables using our intuitive Medical store software. hCue’s Pharmacy Billing Software will intelligently segregate IGST, State GST and CGST & helps you in accurate filing of your returns. With our advanced API Libraries, you can connect to a GST Suvidha provider of your choice by a click of a button. Currently we have integrated with CAMS, a HDFC Bank’s affiliate company to provide you seamless GST filing.
A. Our dedicated and highly trained support team through their comprehensive range of customer support services ensure quick response & quicker solutions for all your requirements.

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