Top 10 Retail Pharma Management Software


Retail Pharma Management Software

The retail pharmacy market in India is evolving and is one of the most lucrative businesses. Owing to this, a number of people are venturing into this business and are growing by leaps and bounds. Even though it is one of the most profitable businesses, it also has some challenges. The biggest challenge that most business owners face is managing the inventory. This is because, everyday a new medicine for a disease is invented and they need to keep adding them to their inventory. If you are into this business, you must be well-aware of the various challenges.

Automation is the only to overcome the various challenges in the retail pharma sector. This can be done by implementing a good and robust retail software for pharmacy management. However, with so many different software available in the market, choosing the right one is difficult. Therefore, to help you choose the right software for your business, I have curated this list.

List of  Top 10 Retail Pharma Management Software

1. Visual Chemist

Visual chemist is a product of Visual Infosoft Pvt. Ltd, which has been designed to cater to the varying needs of retail pharma stores. Some of its core features are - email marketing / sms marketing, inventory management, barcode scanning, point of sale (POS), e-prescribing, mis reports, barcode generation, automatic blocking of expired items and schedule-h & narcotics.

2. RetailGraph

RetailGraph is a comprehensive  retail pharmacy software that can be easily adapted to meet unique needs of different retail stores. This software can be deployed even in retail pharma stores. It comes with features like barcode integration, import/export database, multi user login & roll based access, invoice, customer management, sales promotions handling, supplier and purchase order management, inventory management and accounting, to name a few.

3. CBO Infotech Pharma ERP (6 in 1)

CBO Infotech's pharma ERP is a comprehensive software that supports all 6 modules of a pharmaceutical company. It is one software that serves both retail stores and distributors. It comes with features like pricing management, promotions and allowances, inventory replenishment, compliance order management and inventory management, to name a few.

4. LOGIC Pharma

A complete retail pharma management software solution, LOGIC Pharma is specially designed for retail pharmaceutical stores. It provides comprehensive solution for chemists and comes with features like credit card processing interface, calendar management, records management, home delivery bill and home delivery counter, prescription tracker for bulk medicine selling to consumers and multiple payment / tender acceptance.

5. Softworld Cross

 Designed especially for chemist retail shops, Cross from Softworld helps chemists to manage their inventory and accounts in the most effective way. It comes with an user-friendly interface, which makes it easy-to-use and deploy. Over 8000 retail counters across the country are using this software.

6. Marg Pharma ERP Software

 One of the most reliable software, Marg Pharma ERP Software helps manage sales and purchase of both retail and distributors. It comes with features like document storage, appointment management, records management, claims management, automatic reminders, billing & invoicing, mapping of MR to geographical units, etc.

7. CodeRobotics Pharmacy Management

 Coderobotics Pharmacy Management software is designed or better interaction between Management, Staff and Customers. It is one software that is capable of handling all requirement of managing a pharmacy efficiently. Its core modules include administrator, employee, doctor master, cards master, POS and reports.

8. Medeil

A comprehensive and easy-to-use pharmacy management software, Medeil helps manage pharmacies more efficiently. It comes with features like CRM & sales dashboards, inventory management, point of sale (POS), barcode scanning, barcode generation, prescription management, expiry and near expiry, data security & accuracy, to name a few.

9. LS Retail Pharmacy management software

 An all-inclusive software that has been designed to manage drug stores, LS Retail Pharmacy management software helps in keeping track of the stock more efficiently. Some of its key features are - Point of Sale (POS), Barcode Generation, Multi-Store Management, Prescription Management, Inventory Management, E-Prescribing, Prescription Processing and Online Refills.

10. BestRx

 One of the most affordable as well as comprehensive software, BestRx helps manage your pharmacy in a more effective manner. Its key features are - Point of Sale (POS), Barcode Generation, Compounding, Automatic Refills, Inventory Management, E-Prescribing, Prescription Processing, Rx Image Scanning and Online Refills.

Now, you can get rid of working on those spreadsheets that you used in order to maintain the inventory and you can as well discard those piles of cash registers by deploying a good software. Choose one from this list that will best meet your business requirements.


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