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Pharmsoft Wow is a boon for standalone retailers & pharmacies to engage customers efficiently with complete information about their prescription orders and process prescriptions in the least possible time. The software takes care of all the operations including sales, purchase, order processing, sales returns (credit note), purchase returns (debit note), accounts, inventory management, etc.
Product Features

Pharmasoft is a standalone software for pharmacists. The software aims at bringing in efficiency in day to day operations of managing a pharmacy store with the various in-built tools like purchase & Inventory management, sales management, accounting, prescription recording, home delivery, etc.
Below are the specific modules of the software:
  • Purchase Management
    • Auto purchase generation from suppliers pending order & challan
    • Pop-up message for short expiry items
    • Fix different sales rate on MRP / purchase rate / margin bases
    • Notification of non-supplied, short-supplied & excess-supplied items
    • Supplier wise / item wise discounts
    • Order through E-Mail / fax / CD / print media
  • Sales Management
    • Cash, credit card & credit sale
    • New sale invoice generation from customer’s previous invoice
    • Quick substitute searching on salt basis
    • Accounting management
    • Bank reconciliation & interest calculation
    • Cheque book maintenance & printing
    • Fully VAT compliant with e-returns
  • Inventory Management
    • Batch wise, company wise, category wise inventory control
    • Quick searching of expires & transfer to respective suppliers
    • Dynamic Min max
  • Reporting
    • State wise VAT reports & forms
    • Report on fast & slow moving items
    • IT-ST auditor reports
    • Gross profit on day / month / item / company / bill & supplier wise report
    • Purchase, sales & stock analysis
    • Bill not printed / no. of prints / modification track
    • MIS Reports
    • Variety of sale, purchase, inventory & management reports
    • For analysis purpose, 300 types of reports
  • Home Deliver Management
    • Delivery man planning
    • Change handling
    • Re-scheduling for non-delivered products
    • Partial returns
    • Cash / credit acknowledgment
    • Delivery changes accounting
    • Time in / time out 
  • Assets Management
    • Asset tracking
    • Depreciation calculation
    • No relying on auditors for asset’s status
    • Tracking of additions or deletions in assets
    • Tracking of repair, scrap or transfer of assets
    • Managing variety of assets
    • Many reports on asset management
    • Lower cost with better financial control
  • Other Features
    • Master creation
    • Quick searching of substitutes by item to salt & salt to item
    • Generation of coupons
    • Search options by name, split name, abbreviation, code, address, mobile etc.
    • Customer prescription management & daily reminder before the due date
    • Accurate option for segregating expired items from store & disbursement to respective suppliers
    • Live Order
    • Multi-Currency support
    • User-friendly/multi-tasking interface
About The Company

C-Square is an IT solutions development company engaged in developing software for various industries. The company has a vision to be recognized as a leading CTO (Chief Transformation Organization) providing value based, innovative & sustainable services to its clients.

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