CBO Infotech Pharma ERP (6 in 1)

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The software is a suite of various modules which are relevant for managing various departments of a pharma company like manufacturing, Supply chain management, Finance, HR-Payroll, Mobile & Web reporting. The software strives to ensure that pharmaceutical companies are adequately equipped manage each and every aspect of their business from beginning till the end. The product is specifically designed to run online as well as offline to ensure total control regardless of the situation.
Product Features
The solution is one of the first pharmacy software that includes all six of the major modules in a single and easy to use software. The software lets pharmaceutical businesses control and manage all major aspects of business such as manufacturing, distribution, finance, online net reporting, mobile & tablet along with online-HR payroll. Below are certain specific features of the solution:
  • Manufacturing – The software helps manage the manufacturing process of their products and help to ensure the highest standards of efficiency, quality as well as traceability. This helps in:
    • Formula/BOM
    • Costing/Quotation
    • Production register
    • Production planning for RM/PM
    • MRP for RM/PM
    • Stock report creation, stock maintenance
    • Party wise costing/quotation sheet creation
    • Production register maintenance
    • Multi batch manufacturing process
    • Rejection module
    • Item/process wise test entry
    • Process wise yield %
    • Overheads management
  • Finance - This module tracks all collections, payment, etc. and build the balance sheet, trial balance and profit-loss automatically with:
    • Faster & flexible voucher entries
    • Outstanding reports with due date & many filters of HQ/filled staff
    • Auto mail and message of receipts/outstanding
    • Auto account confirmation letter
    • All India states VAT reports
    • Integration with Tally
    • Trial balance/P&L/Balance sheet
    • Generation of forms like C forms, F forms, etc.
    • Multi bank cheque book handling/printing
  • HR-Payroll – The solution takes into account management of payroll and other HR related activities, reporting like online salary slip, online salary Processing, PF, ESI, loan and enables:
    • Easy and flexible employee master with CTC
    • Month wise salary process
    • Manual and auto CTC handling
    • Leave and attendance management
    • Employee wise loan/advance handling
    • PF/ESIC managementg. TDS & Income Tax management
    • Offer/appointment letter
    • Arrears/gratuity/bonus handling
    • Integration with Tally
  • Supply chain/distribution – The software’s functionality delivers lot traceability, recall management, dangerous and restricted goods tracking and control and pricing management with:
    • PO & Purchase handling
    • Sales order and invoice handling
    • Offers/bonus/claims management
    • Special rate handling
    • Easy stock return handling
    • Inventory management
    • Production planning
    • Warehouse handling
    • Multi store handling
    • MIS reports for sales and stock data
    • Integration with Tally
  • Mobile & web reporting – The software tracks all the reporting like doctors call report, MR report, sales report, sample/ gift report, chemist reports etc along with:
    • Easy and fast reporting
    • Auto expense generation
    • Online and offline reporting on mobile
    • Online approval of doctor’s chemist’s & TP
    • Real time tracking on mobile
    • No fake DCR submission
    • Non submitted DCR information by SMS to H.O/Managersh. Manager’s ready reckoners
    • Single click makes user information live - PAN India
    • Tracking of primary, secondary and target achieved
    • Enable better customer satisfaction
    • Campaign calls management
About The Company
CBO Infotech is one of the leading providers of Pharmacy Software solutions in the country. The customized process driven Pharmacy software solution by the company has helped a plethora of pharmaceutical companies manage their businesses more effectively. The company understands that each and every company is unique and every pharmaceutical company will have certain rules and requirements that need to be fulfilled. As such, the company can help businesses have software that is fine tuned to their specific needs and requirements. The product will help clients fulfil their needs which will help them increase their efficiency which in turn will enhance their return on investment.

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