Best Property Management Software For Real Estate Industry

If you are thinking that property management software is only for big real estate firms, then you are mistaken. Few years back managing property wasn’t as difficult as it is today. The reason behind it was that most small real estate business owners owned just one or two properties and managing them was easy. However, today things have changed radically as  property managers manage not just 1 or 2 but a lot of different properties located at different locations. This makes it hard for them to manage the  properties efficiently. They have a lot on their plate – late-paying tenants to finding new tenants for vacant properties, vacating properties and collecting rents. And, managing each of these aspects isn’t as easy as it seems.

The good news is that you can now manage everything without stressing just by deploying a good property management software. It is not only for industry biggies but is also helpful for smaller firms.

List of Best Property Management Software:

  • Buildium
  • Pendo
  • Zeta Property Management Software
  • Focus PMS Software
  • Tenant Cloud
  • Cozy
  • Accusol Real Estate Management Solution
  • eNvent Property Management Software
  • PropMatrix Real Estate ERP Software

To help you choose the software that best suits your needs, I have enumerated the best property management software below –

  1. Buildium

    One of the most comprehensive property management software, Buildium helps property managers increase their revenue by connecting with property owners in their area. Some of its key features are – Expense Management, Asset & Property Tracker, Lease and Maintenance Management, Multi Property Support, Contact Management, Residential Properties, Tenant Credit Reports etc.

  2. Pendo

    Pendo is an application that lets you manage your rental properties online. This application offers a simpler and comprehensive place to manage your rental properties no matter whether you are managing a single property or hundreds of them. Some of its features include asset & property tracker, lease and maintenance management, portfolio management, rent tracking, tenant portal, tenant database and payment processing, to name a few.

  3. Zeta Property Management Software

    An all-inclusive, user-friendly and innovative real estate & construction management software, Zeta PMS is an ideal software for real estate businesses. It comes with features such as tenant ledger, lease and maintenance management, transaction reports, tenancy contract register, history of occupation etc.

  4. Focus PMS Software

    An ideal software for real estate business, Focus PMS software is a robust solution that facilitates quick and efficient services to customers. It has features like property listing, payment reminders, tenancy contracts, rent payment entry, tenant contact management and advance booking of units to be vacated in future, to name a few.

  5. Tenant Cloud

    Tenant cloud is a free cloud-based software that has been designed for managing rental properties efficiently. It comes with features like landlord database, portfolio management, tax management, lease management, tenant database, payment processing, property inspections etc.

  6. Cozy

    Cozy cloud-based property management system, which has been designed to helps landlords and property managers. It is a web based software that comes with features like Residential Properties, Tenant Portal, Lease Management, Rent Tracking, Portfolio Management, Lease Information, Tenant Credit Reports, Credit Check, Expense Management, and Landlord Database, to name a few.

  7. Accusol Real Estate Management Solution

    Real Estate Management software from Accusol is a popular solution that comes integrated with Property Management features and CRM. Accusol Property Management Software comes with features like Property Posting, Project Management, Document Management, Data Security and Authorisation Control, Contact Management, Deal Management, Enquiry Management etc.

  8. eNvent Property Management Software

    eNvent Property Management Software is a web-based property management system that caters to both small and big real estate businesses. It helps manage every aspect of the business including customer management, enquiry management, account management, sale management, and human resource management and reporting.

  9. PropMatrix Real Estate ERP Software

    A comprehensive ERP software for real estate, this software comes with property management feature. If you have a website, this software can be integrated to it. The key features of this software are data management, reports & analytics, rent management, enquiry management, contact management and document management.

Here you go! Now, you no longer have to stress on how to manage multiple properties. You can manage everything related to your properties with just a single click. Automate the process and choose a software from the list that will best suit your needs.

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