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Best Cloud Telephony & IVR Software

What is IVR Software?

IVR software is a technology, which utilizes voice recognition and artificial intelligence technologies to provide instant responses to customer calls. IVR software is popularly used in banks, e-commerce, travel agencies and weather departments to answer frequent customer queries.

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By MyOperator

(4 reviews)

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Inclusive of all taxes

MyOperator is one of the best call center software for businesses of all sizes in India. This solution is trusted by th... Read More About MyOperator
Choose your business number Analyze your business’s call traffic Connect your callers to the right agent +12 More
Knowlarity SuperReceptionist
Knowlarity SuperReceptionist is one of the best call management & IVR software used by call centers for the optimiz... Read More About Knowlarity SuperReceptionist
Blended Call Center IVR Facility Progressive Dialer +2 More
Exotel Cloud Telephony
Gather customer feedback: You can talk to your customers and collect valuable feedback by tracking and analysing voice... Read More About Exotel Cloud Telephony
Voice & Data Integration Voicemail SMS Integration +8 More


By VMC Technologies


MCube is a cloud telephony solution that helps businessese connect instantly with their customers round the clock. Once... Read More About Mcube
CRM integration Lead Management Customisable Welcome Greeting +9 More

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By Servetel Communications


Servetel is a cloud-based business call management software that ensures round the clock communication between your bus... Read More About Servetel
Webhook Integration Agent Scheduling Call Recording +9 More


By Minavo Telecom Networks


VAgent is an IVR software designed to manage call center operations. It is a cloud-based interactive voice response sys... Read More About VAgent
Call Recording Call Routing IVR Facility +7 More


By Freshworks

(1 reviews)

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Inclusive of all taxes

Freshcaller is a comprehensive call center solution, offering assistance to the businesses that aim to reach out to the... Read More About Freshcaller
Inbound Call Center Number Porting Basic Call Queues +26 More


By BigV Telecom


YOCC, which stands for Your Own Calls Centre, automates the contact center operations with its smart cloud telephony se... Read More About Yocc
Strategic Management Tool Remote Monitoring Robust Call Analytics +5 More

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By LiveVox


LiveVox is a cloud-based contact centre solution software. It serves as a digital contact centre for the enterprises wh... Read More About Livevox
Call Recording Campaign Management Inbound Call Center +6 More




Customer Engagement Unified Customer Profile & Screen-Pops Universal Communication +7 More
Tollfreeforwarding is a telecommunication software that gives global businesses instant access to existing and new cust... Read More About Tollfreeforwarding
Call Forwarding IVR Facility Time/Day Schedule +4 More


By Zadarma


Virtual Number Speech Recognition API +7 More

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By CloudTalk


CloudTalk is one of the best call center CRM software designed for sales companies. The software helps in boosting the... Read More About CloudTalk
Call Queuing Call Recording Internal Call Transfer +4 More


By PhoneBurner


PhoneBurner is a complete Telemarketing Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Telemarketing... Read More About PhoneBurner
Power Dialer CRM Local ID +5 More


By CallFire

(2 reviews)

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Inclusive of all taxes

CallFire is an efficient call center solution for small and large business sizes. Users can expand their business by up... Read More About CallFire
Voice Broadcast Text Messaging Smart Call Tracking +8 More
Spark TG

Spark TG

By Spark TG

(3 reviews)


Click2Call API on your website and get in touch with your potential leads at a click of a button. The Click2Call Service... Read More About Spark TG
Blended Call Center Call Recording Call Monitoring +5 More

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By SaleSquared


An interactive voice response system (IVRS) is an automated bot that answers your phone call, asks you the questions bas... Read More About Salesquared
Call Announcement Multi-Level IVR Call Recording +11 More


By HoduSoft


HoduPBX is a complete BPM Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This BPM Software for Web-Based... Read More About HoduPBX
Multi-Tenant Prepaid & Postpaid Billing Auto Provisioning +7 More
Zeotel Virtual Receptionist

Zeotel Virtual Receptionist

By Zeotel

(3 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

Zeotel’s virtual receptionist is a cloud call center software for IVR system which routes all the customer calls to th... Read More About Zeotel Virtual Receptionist
Scalability and Performance Robust Calling Capabilities Dashboard +8 More
Cube Call centre Solution

Cube Call centre Solution

By Cube Software

(3 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

Cube Call Center Solution has been in the helpline service business in India since 1991. This call center software has... Read More About Cube Call centre Solution
True predictive dialing Comprehensive CRM Call conferencing +10 More

Last Updated on : 31 Jul, 2021

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Buyer's Guide for Top IVR Software

Found our list of IVR Software helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

What is Cloud telephony?

Cloud telephony or cloud calling is a type of cloud delivery model for communication where users can make and take calls from their desktop or mobile handsets. This unified communications as a service (UCaaS) model enables businesses to move their telephone systems (Private Branch eXchange or PBX) from office to cloud. The cloud telephony system runs with an internet connection and meets business needs through voice calling, auto-attendant, and an interactive voice response (IVR). The business voice services are run and managed by the host or a third-party operator.

What Is an IVR System?

Interactive voice response (IVR) is an automated phone system for interaction with users via voice and DTMF (dual-tone multi-frequency) tones input. Callers get access to the information through a voice response system containing pre-recorded messages without speaking to a live agent. The touch-tone keypad or speech recognition enables the selection of menu items for routing calls to topic specialists.

What are the different types of IVR software?

  • Single-Level IVR: It allows adding only one layer of IVR to your organizational call flow.
  • Multi-Level IVR: This software helps with a diverse IVR design that includes 0-9 prompts and you can also add multiple layers of IVR.
  • Hosted IVR: With hosted IVR, businesses can manage IVR applications on the go with an uninterrupted internet connection and deliver round-the-clock customer service.
  • Agent-Assisted IVR: Here, agents use pre-recorded phrases to interact with customers and ensure that IVR menu options are simple.

Features of IVR Software

  1. Visual IVR Designer: A drag and drop GUI (graphical user interface) to design IVR call flows through which the callers pass (branching menus for sales, support, billing, and other options).
  2. Multilingual Support: The prompts are played in multiple languages. The system can recognize the language of spoken responses.
  3. Customer satisfaction surveys: Voice or touch-tone responses from callers about their satisfaction are fed into reporting tools to better understand key performance indicators.
  4. Outbound IVR/ notification system: Notifications like appointment reminders, account alerts, and surveys can be delivered to customers via fax, email, and other similar means. Voice notifications are used for self-service options, among others.
  5. Text to speech (TTS)/ common data speaker: TTS reads information like account balance and payment history from the database for customers. Common data speakers allow only highly structured data like dates and numbers to be converted to speech.
  6. Computer Telephony Integration (CTI): Data from the IVR system is displayed on an agent’s screen to help the agent assist the caller in real-time.
  7. Data retrieval from Web server: IVR systems support customer data retrieval from a web server to verify response input and assist agents.
  8. Visual IVR: Customers can navigate through the visual representation of IVR menu on a website or app running on PC, laptop, or smartphone.
  9. ACD integration: IVR data helps prioritize calls within queues and distribute calls to agents based on their skills. Options like estimated wait times and hold music also available on call.
  10. Automated speech recognition (ASR): Many IVR operators work with ASR vendors to allow callers to speak responses, verify their identity via voiceprint authentication, and more.

How do cloud telephony solutions work?

  • The call from a customer is forwarded to the PRI or Primary Rate Interface (telecommunications connection) lines on a cloud telephony server.
  • The server plays the configured IVR.
  • The server will call agents or extensions based on the caller’s selection in the IVR or pre-set call distribution logic on the cloud server.
  • When the caller and agent connect, the conversation gets recorded and telephony API interacts with CRM if needed.
  • After the call, an SMS notification is sent automatically.

What is the Key Purpose of Call Management System (IVR)?

Call Management System (IVR) enables the resolution of common or frequent queries of callers without the intervention of live agents. IVR tools are used by small offices, multiple branches, contact centers, and call centers.

Automated menus for self-service allow callers to complete tasks without the assistance of agents. Callers navigate the branching menu structure by selecting options for their support issues and going to submenus where instructions for solving the issue are given. With automated call distribution (ACD) system, IVR helps route callers to the support agent based on their skills, performance metrics, and more so that the queries can be resolved quickly.

Benefits of Using IVR Software

  1. Simplifies Processes: IVR system can automate the collection of information and routing the caller to the right group of agents. This decreases the number of transfers between human workers and leads to quicker resolution of issues, improving customer satisfaction.
  2. Decreases Cost: Callers can resolve certain issues through self-service options, thereby reducing the number of calls that are handled and in turn the number of employees required. This decreases expenses of an organization.
  3. Multi-Channel Solution: It has been observed that many customers, especially young callers, prefer IVR to interact with a support agent.
  4. Assists in Lead Generation: IVR solutions help cater to every interested buyer or prospect through automated voice response and understand their requirement.
  5. Helps Manage Large Call Volumes: Advanced IVR with multi-level functionality makes it possible to attend to multiple customers simultaneously and address their queries through automated responses.
  6. Enhanced Brand Experience: IVR systems make it possible to address your customer queries instantly with personalized interactions. AI-based IVR solutions predict the requirements of the callers and suggest solutions to their queries through targeted responses.
  7. Create Personalized Experience for Callers: AI-based integrated voice response systems help predict the needs of callers. Also, the IVR systems analyses past interactions with callers to offer the most suitable replies.

What are Cloud Telephony Services?

Cloud Telephony includes a wide range of services like multi-level IVR systems, call recording and monitoring, real-time call analytics, CRM integration, and so on. Some of the top cloud telephony service providers are:

  1. Knowlarity: Knowlarity IVR solutions helps with call routing, call recording, customizable menu, multi-language support, etc.
  2. RingCentral: Has customizable features. Offers services like calls, SMS, conferencing, and more.
  3. Exotel: Gives customer support via phone, email, social media platforms like Twitter, and more. Includes call recordings, call conferences, and other features to assess agent performance.
  4. Cisco: Offers unique customizable IVR services, speech integration and reporting options for real-time self-service requirements.
  5. Microtel: Provides voice, bulk text SMS, interactive voice response (IVR) system services for everyone.
  6. Mitel: Secure and flexible cloud-based phone services for businesses of all sizes.
  7. Genesys: Omnichannel solution offering payment/ appointment reminders, account activations, fraud alerts, and so on.
  8. Vonage: Offers voice, video, messaging, and data capabilities. Includes call recording, visual voicemail, auto-attendant, CRM integration, among others.
  9. Alliance Infotech: Has IVR based menu, quality monitoring, real-time reports and charts, and other useful options.
  10. Myoperator: Provides IVR, automatic call distribution, call tracking & recording, reports and other such options for businesses.
  11. ITG: Offers automatic call distribution, built-in call recording, automatic email response, predictive dialing, and more.
  12. Ozonetel: Web-based IVR solution and multi-level IVR systems. Offers text to speech conversion, skill based routing, call monitoring, reports, and so on.

IVR Software Price List In India

IVR Software Cost
Best IVR Software Price Ratings
MyOperator ₹1770 /Month 4.2
Freshcaller ₹1651 /month 4.5
CallFire ₹8177 /Month 4.4
Zeotel Virtual Receptionist ₹589 /Month 4.5
Cube Call centre Solution ₹177000 /Quantity 4.7

FAQ iconIVR Software FAQs

Some of the most-used open source IVR testing tools are:

· Voxibot

· Ekiga

· VBVoice

· TeamSpeak

· Zoiper

You can get cloud based IVR system for small businesses at reasonably low prices. Please connect with our product experts to get customized IVR system quotes.

With button and voice prompts, customers can avoid the wait time and get answers to all their queries through recorded voices. For example, customers can check the status of their order, track their order or raise a refund request with integrated voice response systems.

With IVR systems, all banking needs of customers can be answered automatically on the phone through pre-recorded answers and voice prompts

IVR system helps with automated payment with the use of a smartphone securely without even involving a person. This is a great source for businesses to create value for customers and increase their revenue.

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