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Exotel Cloud Telephony

by : Exotel Techcom

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Exotel Cloud Telephony logo
Exotel Call Recording Software
Exotel Call Recording Software
Exotel Call Recording Software

Exotel Cloud Telephony

by : Exotel Techcom

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Brand: Exotel Techcom

Type: Software

Operating System: Windows, iOS, Android

Free Trial Available: No

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Exotel Cloud Telephony Software Overview

What is Exotel Call Recording Software

Exotel Call Recording Software is an IVR solution that enables users to record all their inbound and outbound calls for various purposes. With this software, companies can improve their customer handling skills and monitor the overall performance of the sales teams. In other words, you can use this call recording solution for quality control purposes and to train your sales reps internally for enhanced productivity. Moreover, by assessing the customer-agent conversations, businesses can track and identify their buyers’ expectations and hence, can improve or bring innovations to their products and services.

What’s Unique in Exotel Call Recording Software?

  1. Gather customer feedback: You can talk to your customers and collect valuable feedback by tracking and analysing your voice conversations.
  2. Improve efficiency: Using Exotel Call Recording Software, you can minimise the call handling time and make sure that each of your agents has the right info at hand.
  3. Gain credibility and brand loyalty: With this call management software, you can improve the image of your business and brand loyalty by using tools like automated call routing, IVR and others.
  4. Marketing campaign evaluation: Businesses can rate the efficiency and success of their print as well as digital marketing campaigns by analysing each of their call recordings.

Pricing of Exotel Call Recording Software

Exotel Call Recording Software is available in 3 pricing plans -

  1. Dabbler: It comes for ₹9,999 for 6 months, allowing 3 agents.
  2. Believer: This is the most popular plan and it is available at ₹19,999 for 12 months, allowing 6 agents.
  3. Influencer: This plan costs ₹49,499 for 12 months, allowing unlimited agents.

We also offer a Custom Solution for Enterprise with more personalised quotes. You simply need to get in touch with us or request us a callback. You can talk to our customer care agent for any kind of help like activation key/license key, version upgradation and more.

Benefits of Using Exotel Call Recording Software

  1. Quality Monitoring: You can control the quality of your customer conversations by monitoring the calls regularly.
  2. Performance Monitoring: You can assess the performance of your agents and monitor their customer management skills by listening to voice conversations.
  3. Dispute Resolution: With Exotel Call Recording Software Solution, you can settle disputes and resolve conflicts faster. For example, in some cases, call recordings can help you to fight legal battles against unhappy customers by defending yourself.
  4. Dual-Channel Recording: This feature enables you to record the participants present in a call separately, which you can use later to assess the call quality. You can also transcribe your calls from speech to text and resolve customer conflicts smoothly.

Compatible Platforms of Exotel Call Recording Software

Exotel Call Recording Software is compatible with both Windows desktops and mobile devices both for Android and iOS platforms.

Exotel Cloud Telephony Features

  • Voice & Data Integration You can integrate your customised voice as well as customer data with Exotel Call Recording Software to personalise every call
  • Voicemail You can upload a professional recording or a custom message recorded by a voice-over artist. This will play automatically
  • SMS Integration You can integrate SMS and calls with your website and business app using SMS and call APIs to ensure that the customers can reach
  • Customer Management Exotel Call Recording Software enables sales reps to manage their customer better by understanding their needs and demands. By
  • Repeat calls missed With Exotel, you can identify the missed call patterns, and hence the audience behaviour. You can also set notifications for
  • Missed Call Services With Exotel Call Recording Software, you can have cost-effective and efficient missed call campaigns that help to improve
  • Call Recording You can record all your customer-agent calls to use them for internal training purposes to improve customer management
  • Reports & Analytics You can receive detailed and easy-to-understand analytical reports every day that contain information on your call and SMS
  • Call & SMS Filtering You can filter out all the unwanted calls and SMS to avoid wastage of time in answering not-so-promising leads. With Exotel, you
  • Get Real-Time Notifications With this call recording tool, you can receive notifications at the right time and never miss out on a call again. You can even
  • Daily Email Reports You can receive detailed reports every day via email, which contains your company statistics, the performance of individual

Exotel Cloud Telephony Plans & Pricing

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Exotel Cloud Telephony Specifications

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  • Windows iOS Android
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  • English

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Exotel Cloud Telephony FAQ

Q. Are the recorded calls safe and secure in Exotel Call Recording Software? arrow

A. Yes, with this call recording application, all your sensitive data such as customer information and call recordings are completely encrypted and protected. These data and information are stirred safely in secure data centres, which can be accessed only by your company admins and dashboard users.

Q. Can I search for a recording quickly on Exotel Call Recording Software? arrow

A. Yes, you can search for a particular recording quickly and play it right away. You can filter your searches based on parameters like agent name, date, call number, and others.

Q. Is it possible to integrate Exotel Call Recording Software with other third-party applications? arrow

A. Yes, you can integrate this call recorder seamlessly with other third-party software, such as any Helpdesk or CRM solution of your choice by using Exotel’s REST APIs. Some such applications include Zoho, Shopify, Vtiger, Zendesk and more.

Q. Can I get a demo for Exotel Call Recording Software? arrow

A. Yes, you can get a live demo for Exotel Call Recording Software from our technical team. Just make sure to schedule a call at your desired time while making your demo request.

Q. Is there a mobile app for Exotel Call Recording Software? arrow

A. Yes, Exotel comes in a mobile app version that is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

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