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5 Free and Open Source Call Centre Software Products You Must Try

Call centre agents need to evolve and better address the needs of customers continually. There is a seemingly endless number of tools and applications they use on a day-to-day basis to empower their efforts and live up to customers’ expectations. A sizeable user base at call centres is now accepting independent applications like open-source call center software to support and strengthen the way they work.

Free and open source call center solutions have emerged as one of the best ways to empower businesses and modify their functions. Such solutions are not just easy to customize but can be transformed and integrated with existing applications seamlessly.

Why Use Open Source Call Centre Software?

Open source doesn’t always mean free! It usually suggests that you can host the software on your own and run its applications independently. At the same time, you can customize the software and update it yourself. You might have guessed it by now that you also need to troubleshoot challenges and upgrade it at regular intervals.

Open source Call centre software can be sourced directly from dedicated providers with the capability of intense flexibility and customization. With little or no extra cost, the software ensures the improved quality of service across the board. However, check if there is any extra (or recurring cost) associated with the open source call centre solution you are opting for.

List of Open Source and Free Call Centre Software

1. Bitrx24

Bitrix24 is a free call centre software that provides useful features like an intranet and customizable web-based lead forms. If you opt for its cloud version, you can start calling and receiving calls within a few minutes. The free version is for 12 employees, and you need to pay as your team expands. Its other important functionalities like SIP connector, a phone number on rent, and the Bitrix24 telephony for outbound calls are available with additional costs.

Major Features

  • Free inbound phone calls
  • Automatic dialler, IVR
  • Detailed call history
  • Works worldwide
  • Free CRM within call centre
  • Desktop app (PC, MacOS)
  • Mobile app (iOS/Android)

2. VMukti 1.1

VMukti 1.1 is a comprehensive call centre solution, which is suitable for both inbound and outbound call centres. Built with an open architecture, this open source call centre software supports all common standards, such as ITU, IETF, etc. Further, you don’t need any proprietary hardware or software to use this free call centre software. The solution provides many robust functionalities like detailed statistics and answering machine detection to promote data-based decision making.

Major Features

  • Automatic Call Routing (ACD)
  • Authentication
  • Voice Logging/ Recording
  • Interactive voice response system
  • Conferencing
  • Database screen pops
  • Predictive dialling

3. GOautodial

GOautodial is a fully-featured and effective call centre software, which can handle inbound, outbound and blended calls with efficiency. It’s loaded with many useful features for administrative setup and control, report generation, call recording capabilities and more. It’s a multi-channel contact centre application with both voice & non-voice functionalities.

Major Features

  • Predictive dialler
  • Inbound IVR and ACD
  • Live chat
  • Email
  • Reports & analytics
  • Multi-language


AVOXI is a cloud-based contact centre solution, which provides many business-class phone features to ensure uninterrupted continuity of customer service. You can leverage VoIP phone service technology with AVOXI and meet specific business needs like scaling up and down your customer service requirements. You can also get a virtual phone number so that you can forward a call from one location to another. It meets the international calling needs of call centres along with hotels, tour operators and other enterprises with a global presence.

Major Features

  • Toll free services
  • Call recording
  • Call termination
  • SIP Trunks
  • DID/ DDI numbers
  • VPN solutions
  • Business telephone systems
  • VoIP phone systems
  • Conference calling

5. Elastix

You can get Elastix call centre software for free by just downloading it from the official website. It supports unlimited simultaneous calls along with call logging and forwarding on busy or no answer. It also promotes auto pickup on busy along with extensive Codec support. Call reporting, call parking/ pickup and the support for SIP trunks/ gateways make this open source call centre solution a must-have. However, as your business grows, you can opt for Pro and Enterprise versions for more advanced features.

Major Features

  • Call Recordings Search
  • Call Recordings Management
  • Call Queuing
  • Call Recording
  • Web conferencing up to 25 participants

6. VICIdial

VICIdial is an open source call centre system with more than eight hundred registered installations till now. Also, thousands of people have downloaded the official release of VICIdial in just one year. It’s a fully-featured predictive dialler, which is capable of inbound, outbound and blended call handling. This open source software also allows service agents to log in from remote locations.

Major Features

  • ACD for inbound calls
  • Outbound agent-controlled, broadcast and predictive dialling
  • Three-Way calling within the agent application
  • Scheduled Callbacks: Agent-Only and Anyone
  • Scalable to hundreds of seats

7. OrecX

OrecX is a free & open source call centre software, which comes with a fully-featured commercial version. Using this open-source software, you can manage Cloud, VoIP & TDM call recording at a significantly lower price. It ensures convenient setup with easy maintenance, and is deployed worldwide across 200 countries. Also, you can rest assured of no-cost localization and customization so that you can optimize the processes at your call centre as per your business needs.

The Bottom Line

Open source call centre applications have opened up new opportunities for small and mid-sized companies to be driven towards higher productivity and efficiency. With free and relatively cheaper licenses for call centre systems, companies can now adopt new technologies and deliver better customer service.

Free and open source software are providing a big relief to bootstrapped and limited-budget companies out there. Now, they don’t have to depend on someone else to manage the vulnerabilities in their customer service process. Companies can create customized and flexible solutions for their specific needs. With options like those outlined above, it’s clear that open source technology has opened new frontiers for call centre staff and managers.

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