Auto Dialer Software to Boost Call Connect Rate for (Realtors & Call Centres)

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Autodialers are increasingly becoming an indispensable tool for small business for marketing and CRM services. Enterprises that deal with a large number of outbound calls on a daily basis will benefit significantly from using a telephone dialer. In this article, we tell you everything about automatic dialers and how they can be useful for your business.

What are Autodialers?

An automatic call dialer calls up multiple phone numbers at the same time and then forwards connected calls to an agent or plays integrated voice responses. With Auto dialer systems, you don’t need to dial up different numbers manually, thus saving you time to focus on the quality of your message.

Phone dialer software usually works with the help of a desktop, telephone line and modem. These days cloud-based versions of auto dialer software for call centres are also available.

Benefits of Auto Dial Software for Small Businesses

In the current time, auto calling software is being used not only in the telemarketing industry but also in health care, education and for small businesses. Automatic phone dialer system provides the following benefits:

  1. Outbound dialer software automatically logs the phone number and duration of call, thus removing the need for manually entering data.
  2. Automated dialer software increases the number of customers reached for telemarketing solution.
  3. By making use of an auto dialer for call centre, call connecting ratio gets improved as the software automatically filters out busy and non-serviceable contacts.
  4. Auto phone dialer system improves productivity of your salesforce by reducing idle time and increasing the talk time.

Core Features of Autodialers Software

  • Preview Dialing

Auto dialers show information of the person to whom the call is being made, before it gets connected.

  • Predictive Dialing

Telephone dialer software makes use of an advanced algorithm to predict when an agent would take their next call, depending on their call history and the mean handle time.

  • Location Generator

Automatic call dialer systems generate an area code based on the location of the customer being called to increase the chances of pickup.

  • Voice Differentiation

With this feature, auto dialer software can differentiate between the voice of a human and an answering machine.

Top 10 Auto Dialer Software for Managing Outbound Calls

If you run a business that is currently in need for auto dialer systems, then look no further. Here is the list of 10 best phone dialer software for all your outbound calling requirements.

  1. RingCentral
  2. Voicent
  3. CallHub
  4. PhoneBurner
  5. Exotel
  6. CallFire
  7. Five9
  8. ChaseData
  9. Velocify
  10. KOOKOO CloudAgent
  • RingCentral Automatic Call Dialer

Automatic dialer

RingCentral auto calling software is a cloud-based solution meant for streamlining outgoing calls. RingCentral offers a customized dashboard which shows performance levels of different agents and makes it easy to manage outgoing and incoming calls.

Best for: Call centres, Sales department


  • Interactive voice response

With the use of IVR, this outbound dialer software allows callers to input their request through their keypad and then route the call as per the option chosen.

  • Administration interface

You can create telemarketing campaigns and sort voicemails by using the administration interface offered by this system.

  • Inbuilt API

Using inbuilt APIs of RingCentral, you can integrate your system with third party apps.

  • Progressive dialing

RingCentral makes sure that each of your customers is connected to a live agent.

  • Safely calling customers

The software is time zone conscious and keep agents aware of callers who don’t wish to be contacted again.

RingCentral Auto Dialer Pricing: This automated dialer software offers a free trial version. The price of the complete version starts from ₹8886.62 per user per month. This version offers features such as progressive dialer and call scripting.

What You Will Like about RingCentral Auto Dialer Software-

  1. The software lets you record clear calls and stores them according to the date of creation.
  2. It supports remote connectivity.

What You May Not Like about RingCentral Autodialers-

  1. Calls get dropped while transferring.

  • Voicent Phone Dialer System

Voicent is a cloud-based auto phone dialer system that comes with intelligent mechanisms to communicate with your customers, track their responses and undertake efficient marketing campaigns. It also provides CRM tools to engage with customers in a better way.

Best for: Government departments and non-profit organizations


  • Predictive dialing

Through its predictive dialing feature, Voicent detects busy lines and numbers no longer in use.

  • Improving agent efficiency

Voicent online auto dialer does not forwards call to an agent until the call is picked by a live human.

  • Multiple device compatibility

This software works seamlessly across your different devices.

  • Agent dashboard

With this dashboard, agents can pick up, forward and end calls. They can also add notes, view CRM info of the caller and send emails.

  • Enhanced triggers

Voicent’s triggering system alerts you whenever you convert a potential lead into a customer.

Voicent Auto Dialer Pricing: This telephone dialer offers a free trial for 30 days. The paid version starts from ₹1418.87 per user per month. It offers features such as account manager, more than 2 outbound and inbound voice lines, etc.

What you will like about Voicent Auto Call Software-

  1. The automatic dialer makes use of dynamic call scripts
  2. It offers features such as whisper coaching to agents

What you may not like about Voicent Auto Call Software-

  1. The cost associated with international calls can be quite high.

  • CallHub Automatic Dialer

Automatic call dialer

CallHub automatic call dialer software is active in more than 200 countries and offers services such as real time syncing of your data and personalizing the interface as per your business needs.

Best for: Call centers, election campaigns


  • Increased employee productivity

CallHub automates repetitive tasks so that each sales agent spends more time talking to customers

  • Access to call history

Agents have access to a caller’s past call history and depending on that, can engage with them effectively.

  • Personalized scripts

This auto dialer system provides a personalized script for each caller to provide them unique customer experience.

  • Tracking important metrics

With CallHub, you can keep a track on performance of campaigns, see agent performance and how many calls were converted positively.

  • Quick agent recruitment

New agents can join your salesforce quickly by filling a form or using a unique link.

CallHub Auto Dialer Pricing: If the agent uses a browser to initiate a call, then the price of this auto dialer software for call centre is ₹9.78 per minute.

If the call is made using a phone, then the price is ₹16.13 per minute.

What you will like about CallHub Dialer Software-

  1. Calls can be made remotely through your web browser
  2. Survey responses are automatically synced, making it easy to take a follow up.

What you may not like about CallHub Dialer Software-

  1. Unexpected bugs can end entire campaigns, even those in final stages of completion.

  • PhoneBurner Autodialers

Auto dialer systems

PhoneBurner telephone dialer system allows agents to call up prospective customers by making use of predictive and power dialing. Functioning of this software can be managed from a central portal which also shows call conversion rate and agents’ performance.

Best for: Sales teams


  • Caller’s history

PhoneBurner shows past conversations of a caller before the agent calls them up again.

  • Email tracking

This software lets you know when prospective customers have opened your mail and seen its contents, so you can follow up accordingly.

  • Self building call lists

Enter your specific criteria such as region, age, etc. and the software will create a call list with appropriate leads.

  • Automated workflows

Automate workflows and repetitive tasks with PhoneBurner, so your agents have more time to focus on conversations

  • Third party app integration

This software offers integration with CRM apps such as Acumatica CRM and more.

PhoneBurner Auto Dialer Pricing: PhoneBurner automatic dialer offers a trial version. The price of its premium version starts from ₹11171.50 per user per month. It offers features such as smart lead distribution and custom dispositions.

What you will like about PhoneBurner Auto Dialer-

  1. You can use PhoneBurner through any phone or VOIP service
  2. You can easily add or remove agents.

What you may not like about Phone Burner Auto Dialer-

  1. PhoneBurner lacks the option of whisper coaching to train agents.

  • Exotel Auto Calling Software

Exotel automatic call dialer software makes use of modern calling technologies such as IVR, call recording and routing, etc. to make outbound calls faster and effective. Exotel is a cloud-based software and there is no need to set up any additional equipment for its functioning.

Best for: Sales and support teams


  • Easy to use interface

Exotel’s drag and drop interface makes it easy to schedule all your calls and campaigns.

  • Virtual number

You can use virtual number in this auto dialer system for monitoring performance and routing customer calls to the right agent.

  • Automated calling system

This phone dialer software provides automated calls to broadcast messages, send reminders and much more.

  • Connect with anyone anywhere

With Exotel autodialers, you can initiate a call on different devices.

  • Single source of customer information

The software offers CRM and helpdesk integration with voice calls to provide a single source of information for customers.

Auto Dialer Software for Call Centre Pricing: Exotel offers a free trial in which ₹1000 worth call time is loaded into your Exotel account. You can upgrade to the Dabbler version starting from ₹9999 with features such as unlimited channels and multi level IVR.

What you will like about Exotel Autodialers

  1. Exotel provides high level of data security
  2. In addition to calls, agents can converse with customers over SMS too.

What you may not like about Exotel Autodialers

  1. Exotel is not available outside India, so it can be tough to manage international clients.

  • CallFire Automatic Phone Dialer

CallFire is a cloud based auto calling software that can contact up to 4 callers per agent. It automatically detects busy calls, voice mails and out of service numbers and passes them over, thus improving efficiency of calling agents.

Best for: Realtors, call centres, sales teams


  • Automatic reminders

This software lets you send automatic alerts to customers over the call and text.

  • Personalized messages

With CallFire, you can send in personalized messages to all your prospective customers at the same time.

  • Responding to a query via text

Your agents can respond to a customer query even if they are away from their system via text.

  • Custom notifications

You can customize notifications regarding your conversion rate and other parameters

  • Build your own app

You can create your own automatic phone dialer app by using CallFire’s APIs

Auto Dialer Software for Realtors Pricing: The price of CallFire outbound dialer software starts from ₹7422.67 per month. Users get free recording of inbound calls and text-to-speech support.

What you will like about CallFire dialer software-

  1. CallFire provides a ‘Do Not Call’ list
  2. You can obtain detailed analysis of phone and SMS campaigns.

What you may not like about CallFire dialer software-

  1. When several agents patch in at the same time, the calls start lagging.

  • Five9 Outbound Dialer Software

Phone dialer software

Five9 is a cloud based automated dialer software solution for managing all inbound and outbound calls. This auto phone dialer lets your agents engage with prospective customers over call, text, email, etc. Five9 integrates IVR solution with speech recognition technologies to respond to frequently asked queries.

Best for: Digital enterprises


  • Complete customization

Interface of Five9 can be customized as per your business needs.

  • Omnichannel routing

Depending on the response generated by the user, the call is routed to the appropriate agent.

  • Integration with CRM apps

Five9 supports complete integration with CRM solutions such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Zendesk, etc.

  • Real time reports

You can get reports detailing the performance of your agents and campaign, dashboards to view conversion rate, etc.

  • Engagement with customers across different mediums

Agents can engage with customers on different channels such as call, text, email, social media, etc.

Auto Dialer for Call Centre Pricing: Five9 online auto dialer pricing is available on request.

What you will like about Five9-

  1. The software provides predictive, progressive and power dialing
  2. You have the option of recording calls and referring to them later.

What you may not like about Five9

  1. Five9 online auto dialer has lacks ability to eliminate spam calls.

  • ChaseData Auto Phone Dialer

Auto dialer software for call centre

ChaseData autodialers solution is the perfect tool for converting leads into customers. This telephone dialer system makes use of progressive and predictive dialing for improved agent productivity. Calls made using ChaseData remain on the server for 3 months and the admin can access these calls anytime.

Best for: Call center teams of small and large enterprises.


  • Security compliance

ChaseData complies with all industry standards for security to ensure safety of data at all time.

  • Agentless dialing

You can add pre-recorded messages that talks about your business and the purpose of the call.

  • Improving efficiency

This automatic dialer system improves your agent’s efficiency by reducing their idle time and hold time.

  • Omnichannel connect with customers

Agents can engage with customers over different mediums such as call, text, social media, email.

  • Automatic call distribution

Inbound calls are patched to the appropriate agent on the basis of the language chosen by customer, skillset of agents, etc.

Auto dialer for Call Centre Pricing: ChaseData automatic call dialer software price starts from ₹6672.91 per user per month. It offers a free demo and includes features such as multi location support and live call transfer

What you will like about ChaseData Outbound Dialer software-

  1. The software provides the option of inserting click to call button on your company and social media pages
  2. You can make use of preset templates to send bulk emails to customers.

What you may not like about ChaseData Outbound Dialer software

  1. Users might not get notified about pending updates.

  • Velocify Online Auto Dialer

Velocify auto dialer system is used by organisations to automate the process of engaging with their customers and for successfully converting leads to customers. Velocify phone dialer system is known for providing detailed reports for managers to judge the success of campaigns and performance of agents.

Best for: Realtors and insurance organizations


  • Customized workflows

With Velocify, you can create customized workflows for better rate of lead conversion

  • Automated conversations

You can send automated texts and email to customers so as to engage them in an efficient manner

  • Mobile app

Agents can interact with customers even when they are away from their system through Velocify mobile app

  • Personalized dashboard

Velocify provides the option of personalizing dashboard as per your business brand

  • Recording calls

This auto calling software allows recording of inbound calls

Autodialer Software for Realtors Pricing: Velocify automatic phone dialer price starts from 2999.06 per user per month with features such as prescriptive prioritization and power dialing.

What you will like about Velocify auto dialer system-

  1. The software has one of the best routing, calls are answered by the most capable agents at any time
  2. The feature of showing caller id is useful for agents

What you may not like about Velocify auto dialer system-

  1. If the system goes down due to some reason, it takes substantial amounts of time to get up and running.

  • KOOKOO CloudAgent

Auto calling software

KOOKOO CloudAgent outbound dialer software is useful for handling inbound and outbound calls in a call centre. This automated dialer software is browser based which means there is no cost involved for its installation

Best for: Call centres


  • Third party app integration

This auto phone dialer solution provides integration with CRM apps such as Zendesk and Salesforce as well as ticketing solutions.

  • Analytical dashboard

An intuitive dashboard that monitors an agent performance and tracks success of a campaign.

  • Multi channel communication

Agents can engage with customers through calls, texts, social media etc.

  • Efficient support

KOOKOO CloudAgent provides 24×7 support in case of a grievance.

  • Call recordings

You can record calls for future reference or for training purpose.

Auto Dialer for Salesforce Pricing: The price of this online auto dialer system starts from ₹3373.94 per user per month and offers dialer APIs and better call controls.

What you will like about KOOKOO Call Agent-

  1. The software provides sufficient training material for new users
  2. It provides admin the option to customize interface as per their own choice.

What you may not like about KOOKOO Call Agent-

  1. The software requires regular cache cleaning else you might get stuck while logging in.

Best Autodialers Software: The Final Word

Now that you have read about the 10 best autodialers software, it is time to choose the best one for you. The most suitable telephone dialer system should come with power, predictive and progressive dialing features.

It should support IVR and enhance agent productivity by cutting on idle time. Lastly, an automatic dialer system must be cost efficient, so that it can be employed by small and medium enterprises as well.

Published On: August 25, 2020

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