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About Knowlarity SuperReceptionist

What is Knowlarity SuperReceptionist? 

Knowlarity SuperReceptionist is one of the most popular best IVR software used by call centers for the optimization of their daily work. The software offers innovative features to tackle daily challenges faced while operating a call service center. It focuses on total accessibility. This IVRS software is designed to comprehend and perform in dynamic environments. Such as multilingual support, over 10 different IVR levels, sticky agent. It is designed to automatically detect and allot sales/service personnel to the caller in real-time. The sticky agent enables callers to contact with the same sales personnel for continuous calling. It helps in reducing the service hours. 

Knowlarity SuperReceptionist allows users to work across multiple platforms. It enables them to transfer their work seamlessly. The software also helps in identifying the workflow efficiency through a “business health indicator.” It assesses the workflow of the entire organization/team and provides a thorough analysis of pain points. 

Knowlarity SuperReceptionist: In action

Knowlarity SuperReceptionist provides industry-specific facilities for: 

  1. Educational institutes 
  2. Health care companies 
  3. Mass Media 
  4. Real estate 
  5. Food and beverages 
  6. Financial Services

But it is not limited only to the above-mentioned industries. This IVR software offers customizable features that can be used by other businesses too, on customer demand. It has a plug n’ play functioning that takes only a few minutes to set up and start working. Users are allowed to track their progress and monitor the workforce individually and collectively in real-time. It also supports various call features like group calling, voicemail, etc. to improve the quality of service provided to the customer. 

Features of Knowlarity SuperReceptionist: 

Here is a list of Knowlarity SuperReceptionist features for a quick overview: 

  1. Professional greeting recorder
  2. 100+ languages supported 
  3. Over 10 levels of IVR 
  4. Sticky agent 
  5. Secure and simple interface 
  6. Cross device and cross-platform 
  7. Multi-agent interface 
  8. Quick logins and payments 
  9. Call Recordings 
  10. SMS notifications 
  11. Customizable reporting 

What is the price of the Knowlarity SuperReceptionist? 

The price for Knowlarity SuperReceptionist starts from Rs. 1430/- per month. It is available in three different plans, these are: 

  1. Basic Plan – Rs. 1430/- per month 
  2. Advanced Plan – Rs. 2145/- per month
  3. Premium Plan – Rs. 3570/- per month 

Please request a call for further doubts regarding the software, our sales team will take up all your queries and help you at the earliest. 

Sold By : Knowlarity

Get Knowlarity SuperReceptionist support 27 Chatting right now

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Knowlarity SuperReceptionist Features

Knowlarity SuperReceptionist is a best in class IVRS software that allows multiple variation of calling for customers like group calling, voicemail, sticky agent, etc. 
 Companies can record voice notes and use it for IVR facility with Knowlarity SuperReceptionist. 
It is a dialling feature that automatically connects next call up on the completion of the current one.
This feature allows call centers to connect with their potential customers. It is mostly used for taking follow up calls and sales purposes. 
Knowlarity SuperReceptionist allows users to conduct toll free calls through shortcode phone numbers generated by the system. 

Get Knowlarity SuperReceptionist support27 Chatting right now

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Knowlarity SuperReceptionist Specifications

Knowlarity SuperReceptionist Reviews

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Krishna Vardhan Reddy Seshampally

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Made work light



Jan 20 2019

Vikas kumar

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very helpful and no pressure.



Oct 12 2017

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Knowlarity SuperReceptionist FAQs

A. Yes, users can integrate Knowlarity SuperReceptionist with their current APIs to share data and track flows more efficiently.
A. Knowlarity SuperReceptionist is a web-based software that an be accessed through web browsers.
A. This IVRS software saves all the data on cloud system.
A. Yes, Knowlarity superreceptionist does provide data security as well as data recovery options. It is meant to provide optimum data security to all its users.
A. Yes, managers can assign the calling information from lead generation software and schedule call for the entire workforce.
A. Knowlarity SuperReceptionist offers both data security as well as recovery options for seamless and streamlined workflows.

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