Best Call Tracking Software in 2024

What is Call Tracking Software?

Call tracking software helps track and record incoming calls and attributing these to the right marketing channels. Marketing channels further undertake marketing campaigns for generating more leads. Thus, call management software solutions are critical part of campaign attribution. Read Buyer’s Guideimg

Best Call Tracking Software

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Brand: CallHippo


4.3 out of 5

(7 user reviews)

CallHippo provides a set of features for business users to increase productivity and perform core functions accurately. Depending on the size and requireme... Read More About CallHippo img

₹1,600 /Month

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Mobile Tracker Free

Mobile Tracker Free

Brand: JLV, EURL

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Mobile Tracker Free is an employee monitoring software that helps organizations manage their employees. The system enables phone monitoring that allows yo... Read More About Mobile Tracker Free img

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Deetya Soft IVR

Deetya Soft IVR

Brand: Deetya Soft

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Deetya Soft IVR software is one of the best inbound call center software that allows you to run data analytics, encourages reporting and comes with options... Read More About Deetya Soft IVR img

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Brand: CloudTalk

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CloudTalk is one of the best call center CRM software designed for sales companies. The software helps in boosting the outreach and brings improvement in... Read More About CloudTalk img

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Agile CRM

Agile CRM

Brand: Agile CRM

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Agile CRM sales force automation software is a web-based comprehensive customer relationship management solution for enterprises. Organizations can automa... Read More About Agile CRM img

₹629 /User

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CallRail software

CallRail software

Brand: CallRail

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Want to forward calls to different employees each day? It's easy with our call scheduler. Geo-Routing - Use a single phone number to automatically route c... Read More About CallRail software img

₹2,100 /Month



Brand: CallSource

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CallSource is a call recording software that is used to measure the performance of sales and marketing calls of call center companies or departments. The... Read More About CallSource img

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Brand: Mediahawk

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Mediahawk is Call tracking shows which of your PPC, email, social, print, and other marketing campaigns make your phones ring and this is also a free call... Read More About Mediahawk img

₹3,900 /Month



Brand: CallFire

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CallFire is a call center solution for small and large business sizes. Users can get local or international toll-free numbers from CallFire’s database a... Read More About CallFire img

$99 /Month

Brand: LLC

Be the first to review is an all-in-one Call Tracking Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Web-Based Call Tracking Software has a simple int... Read More About img

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Last Updated on : 23 Feb, 2024

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Best Call Tracking Software FAQ’s

Software questions,

With an inbound call tracking software it is possible to track both inbound and outbound calls. Inbound calls are calls received from leads and call history tracking software tracks, records and logs calls for marketing purposes. Outbound calls include calls that have been made from a business's VOIP soft console or business's phone to a prospect for lead qualification and nurturing. You can have specific inbound call tracking software or an outbound call tracking system depending upon the nature of the majority of your business calls.

The best available call management apps for call tracking, recording and lead scoring are: CallRail CallTrackingMetrics DialogTech RingDNA Marchex ResponseTap PhoneWagon

Take advantage of service call mananagement software 's call routing and analytics for generating more ROI for your business. At present, the best call tracking software for Android is: SpyHuman Spyzie Santa Video Call & Tracker Call Tracker for Act Essentials CRM CallsBOX

Help your business grow and earn more revenue by identifying leads through best call tracking software for PC. Clixtell ZIWO EngageBay CallAction CloudTalk Fetchit CALLN

Inbound calls help generate leads, which in turn means generating more revenue. Calls are generated with the help of a business's online and offline marketing efforts. Now with call tracking software, you can measure and optimise the success of these marketing campaigns by getting a real time preview of the source of a call. You can find out which campaigns are generating more leads and inquiries on your website. Thus, you can make campaigns more in sync with tactics to generate more leads and revenue.

These are some of the free call tracking software available currently. Use them for building effective marketing campaigns and driving more revenue by tracking details of customers and success of marketing efforts in real time. ActiveDEMAND Sudo Kixie SalesLoft ToutApp Tellwise

Call Tracking Software Reviews




“My team has been able to answer more calls with the CallHippo softphone. I've also been able to route calls to the correct agents and play music on hold for my clien...”

- Siddharth Pandit

See all CallHippo reviewsimg



“The CallHippo team is very helpful and accommodating, and they seem to be passionate about the product they're creating.”

- Sumit gupta

See all CallHippo reviewsimg

Buyer's Guide for Top Call Tracking Software

Found our list of Call Tracking Software helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

  • What is Call Tracking Software?
  • Moct Common Features of Call Tracking Software
  • Advantages / Benefits of Call Tracking Software
  • Examples of Outbound and Inbound Call Tracking Software
  • Who Uses Call Tracking Software?
  • How to Choose Call Tracking Software?
  • Phone Call Tracking Software Market Trends

What is Call Tracking Software?

Call tracking software helps track and record incoming calls and attributing these to the right marketing channels. Marketing channels further undertake marketing campaigns for generating more leads. Thus, call management software solutions are critical part of campaign attribution so that you can know which campaign generated a particular call. In case these calls get determined as qualified leads by call tracking software, you can move on to your next step that is transforming them into conversions for generating revenue. The application works well both for online/offline marketing campaigns with activities like pay per click, organic search engines and digital advertising.

Moct Common Features of Call Tracking Software

Grow your business by tracking calls as per their particular numbers for improving customer experience and retaining them. Businesses big and small use the call tracking software to identify new customers with little to no effort at all.

  • Call Recording: As a best app for call recording it is obviously highly recommended as your marketing and sales teams can review calls for identifying areas that need to be worked upon. Businesses also use such recordings for reviewing product information and understanding customer's viewpoint.

  • Keyword Tracking: Keyword tracking provides access to a contact's search history so that your business can work further on the plus points. With keyword tracking, a call history tracking software informs about the viewer who recently visited your website using a specific keyword, surfed through specific pages of your website and then contacted you.

  • Call Routing: Intelligent routing of calls is mandatory for expanding and sustaining your business. Call tracking software's routing feature is essential for dividing customer's calls based on their preferences, type of query and area of complaint.

  • Number Insertion: Dynamic insertion of numbers to your websites is possible with service call management software. Easily insert numbers so tracked into your website within minutes. This helps discover who the visitor is and how he/she found our website.

  • Automatic Rollover: Adjust call flow demands and manage higher volumes of calls by configuring automatic rollover feature provided by call tracking platforms.

  • CRM Integration: In business to improve sales you must be depending on some or the other kind of CRM software. The advantage with call tracking software is that it can be easily integrated with the existing CRMs in your system for an all round business development process.

  • Real time analytics: Real time analytics help in developing the required kind of customized calls for contacting new clients and customers. Some of the best call tracking software offers real time analytics for understanding leads’ requirements and achieving high conversion rates.

  • Historical Reporting: Historical reporting produces data, which can be used for making future calls as well as the effective onsite customer journey. With historical reporting tools, this task becomes possible as you can easily measure the return of investment (ROI) as well as track the conversion rates.

  • Multi Touch Call Attribution: Multi touch call attribution or tracking is necessary for understanding how successful both online and offline marketing campaigns have been so far. With call tracking software, you can analyze which marketing channels help provide the most business, whether it’s digital Google AdWords, direct mails, SEO searches, print advertisements, TVC, or radio.

  • Caller Profiles: Use the call management software for establishing caller profiles and approach customers based on their preferences and services available with you. Caller's location, timings of the call and device used are some of the criteria being used for establishing caller profiles.

Advantages / Benefits of Call Tracking Software

Business investments and customer satisfaction go hand in hand. As you utilize the call tracking software for its multi abilities and features, see for yourself some of the critical advantages the software offers to its end users.

  • Identify lucrative advertising channels: Reduce ad spends for boosting conversion rates. With call tracking application's analytics tools, it is possible to identify advertisements that are worth investing in. In short, you can determine lucrative advertising strategies for promoting your business and reaching new customers.

  • Determining qualified leads: Improve the quality of your sales and customer outreach tactics with call management software. As the software helps in determining which calls can qualify as leads, you can incentivize them with waived fees, coupons and time accommodation to develop a positive rapport with every customer.

  • Customer support insights: Customer support service is the backbone of any business. Service call management software provides analytics and reporting tools along with call histories for examining how the business has fared so far in the past one week or month. Accordingly, you can reach out your customers with the best possible support and train your staff for better performance.

  • Marketing campaign optimization: All your investments and campaigns would be worth it if you are regularly offered the feedback necessary for understanding the success of all your campaigns/investments. Best call track support applications have an interactive dashboard management tool that showcases the success rate for each campaign and investment. Accordingly, you can decide on your future goals and strategies.

  • Manage agent's KPI: Assessing agent's key performance indicators (KPI) is mandatory for tracking the number of calls attended and missed by the agents in your team. Calls date, time and duration are required for ensuring and improving schedule adherence in your sales and customer support teams.

  • Determine Marketing ROI: Call tracking software offers this imperative function of determining returns on investment (ROI) of any marketing campaign for your business.

Examples of Outbound and Inbound Call Tracking Software

Communicate without any hassles, drive sales, and earn more revenue/conversion with call recording and tracking software. Searchable call histories, logs, voicemail drops, click to call and analytics dashboard are core advantages of the tracking software. Some good examples of these platforms include:

1. 800response

Boost your customer acquisition efforts and optimize interactions with your customers using 800response software. Gather accurate information about customers who have called and other relevant details for prioritizing leads as well as enhancing your visibility. Take advantage of the software's feature for real-time call tracking and monitoring to improve your business profits.


  • Lead generation
  • Customer data capture
  • CallFinder
  • Robust caller data
  • Customer analytics

2. HubSpot

Prioritize calls and capture leads with HubSpot call tracking software. Make calls, record them and set up daily calling queues with one the best call management software, HubSpot. Aside from call tracking and analytics, you can make calls directly from the browser without using the phone.


  • Automatic log calls
  • Email templates and sequences
  • Document optimization
  • Live chats
  • Sales automation
  • Salesforce integration
  • Predictive lead scoring

3. CallAction

Manage all your email leads, messages, and texts with CallAction call tracking software. Encourage more inbound conversion of sales with CallAction lead generation and enriching capabilities. Scalable and automatic, you can test the software for its features with the help of fourteen days free trial version.


  • Drip campaign system
  • Sales dialer
  • Calls capture
  • Engagement automation mechanism
  • Call broadcasts
  • Lead router

4. Invoca

Classify and segment calls for lead generation as well as sales distribution with AI-driven Invoca software. Call intelligence solutions to lend the software superior functionalities for robust call analytics and intelligence.


  • Integrated data
  • Conversational analytics
  • Dynamic phone numbers
  • Single call profile
  • Optimised paid search campaigns
  • Automated digital marketing

Who Uses Call Tracking Software?

Call management systems provide adequate chats, phone, text, and online form tools for generating more leads and offering your customers more personalized support service. These applications are primarily being used by:

  • Digital marketing firms
  • Advertisement companies
  • Call centers
  • Sales and IT companies
  • Marketers
  • Individual businesses
  • Legal firms
  • Real estate
  • Automotive sector
  • Legal sector

How to Choose Call Tracking Software?

Choose a call tracking software, which offers you results to stay ahead of the competition and be updated always of the latest trends.

  • Call Tracking Intelligence: This is the core technicality to be looked into call management software. With this, you can power your contacts, generate leads and drive successful marketing campaigns.

  • Actionable Insights: Actionable insights lead towards an increase in sales, improvement of ROI and supportive inbound calls. Once a call is received, best call tracking software solutions transform these calls into valuable insights for improving customer experience and managing sales conversion.

  • Sales Engagement: Businesses need to scale their revenues and with call track applications this becomes quite possible. Performance insights, conversation intelligence, sales engagement and sales playbooks execution are all made possible by call tracking software's capabilities as a platform for engaging sales.

Phone Call Tracking Software Market Trends

Phone call tracking software is critical for maintaining caller's information to improve communication services available for customers. Contact numbers, geographic location, call timings, etc. are being tracked for managing customer information. The latest trends that surround the software field that make it so relevant for marketing and sales purposes are:

  • Performance Tracking: All the marketing campaigns need to be adequately tracked for their performance to ensure that the strategies used have been a success. These are essential for gaining insights into the current market situation and developing business strategies accordingly.

  • Four Technological Methods: Four different technological methods are being used currently for tracking calls. These are tracking for call numbers, dynamic tracking of calls, calling back function and tracking of static numbers. The calling back function is automated with the support of specific web call back and mobile applications.

  • Call Center Services: The number of call centers has been on the rise. This has arisen the possibility of solutions that are customer-oriented. Currently, call centers continue to be one of the highest users of the call tracking software for maintaining outbound and inbound call logs. Even digital marketing companies depend on the software for campaign attribution and such services.

  • Integration for Factual Data: Integrating phone call tracking software with CRM platforms has made it possible to collect factual data about target customers for improving the efficiency of marketing efforts. This, in turn, leads to improved sales as well as customer support.

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