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Pharmacy Management System developed by Coderobotics is a useful solution for managing pharma operations and processes on the go. The software is desktop based and quite simple to deploy. Consisting of various specially designed modules for smooth functioning, integrated to manage employees, doctors, member cards etc., the software helps in enhanced performance and better management. This is the most effective solution at the minimum cost.

Product Features
Pharmacy Management System is a complete solution for the management of various operations in pharmacy management. Available as on premise desktop solution, this software enables the pharmacy businesses to track all vital processes managing doctors, employees, cards, POS and many more. This is simple and easy to use software with user friendly interface. Core features of Pharmacy Management System include:
  • Administrator: This module stores the information about users, suppliers and categories. Users can define the bank setup, vat setup, unit’s setup, stock setup, racking, and expense types here. Data backups and restore facility is also enabled in this module.
  • Employee Master: All vital details pertaining to employee such as contact and personal details, attendance, salary and daily expenses are recorded in this module. Additionally, this module also lets the stock returned to be maintained here.
  • Doctor Master: Associated doctors and their respective details including commission charges and commission paid can be stored for quick access in this module.
  • Cards Master: Card Master maintains organized records of the dealers, various cards, point setting and cards issued.
  • POS: All POS processes can be managed through this module including Smart POS, credit collection and return exchanges.
  • Reports: A number of useful reports including sales, expenses stock, Trial Balance, member cards, VAT, credit due and salaries can be generated from this module.
About The Company
Coderobotics Studio is a well-known software product development company with a vision of simplifying business application development and offers next-generation enterprise solutions for small to medium sized businesses. The company aims to provide a plug & play solutions for any business requirements via a single platform. Coderobotics helps almost every vertical with state-of-the-art software solutions to enhance the productivity and performance at reduced costs and efforts.

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