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Restaurant365 is a holistic solution for restaurants with multiple outlets. This intuitive solution helps the businesses to manage multiple outlets from a single platform effectively. The software is a cost effective automation product that incorporates entire administration & operations of the restaurants. Equipped with password protection, the software is scalable and most secure software. Features such as service tax management, multiple outlet management, stock and pricing management makes this product most desirable.

Product Features
Restaurant365 is Asp.Net MVC5 based Restaurant Management system to manage multiple outlets of restaurants. The system supports two roles namely super admin and admin to manage every outlet. Super Admin is allowed to create multiple outlets, menu items, manage categories, assign menus for different outlets, generate various reports for outlets and etc. Admin can manage a single restaurant outlet and is provided privileges to administer vendor, sales, offers, menus, purchase, stock, tables, billing, operators, kitchen stock and reports. The eminent features of Restaurant365 include:
  • Dashboard: An integrated dashboard allows the administrators to view billing reports, daily transactions, home deliveries, takeaways etc. on the fly.
  • Multiple Outlets: Super administrators are allowed to create and manage multiple outlets and handle the entire operations of each restaurant outlet effortlessly.
  • Vendor Master: This module helps to manage vendor registration details, set price for vendor for respective items, and manage vendor billing, billing and vendor balance reports.
  • Menu Master: Administrators can manage menu categories, menu items and pricing for items and assign menu items to the outlet among other operations through this interactive module.
  • Purchase Master: Purchase master helps managing purchase details, generating purchase reports and administer purchase returns details.
  • Stock Transfer: To efficiently manage stock transfer details, this module enabled the administrators. The module provides useful reports such as stock transfer report, stock receive report and stock return report.
  • Offer Master: Various offers and deals related tasks such as manage offer, discounted items, quantity of items and offer validity can be accomplished effortlessly with this module along with generating various relevant reports.
  • Billing Master: Administrators can effectively generate bills, collect payments, print orders, dispatch orders and generate various reports from within Billing Master module.
About The Company
Coderobotics Studio is a well-known software product development company with a vision of simplifying business application development and offers next-generation enterprise solutions for small to medium sized businesses. The company aims to provide a plug & play solution for any business requirements via a single platform. Coderobotics helps almost every vertical with state-of-the-art software solutions to enhance the productivity and performance at reduced costs and efforts.

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