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The Ten Best Restaurant Management Software in India

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Restaurant Management SoftwareRestaurateurs have to perform a balancing act: Maintaining consistent quality of services while ensuring that quantity (aka number of diners) is not easy. To do so, they require all the tools that they can get. Fortunately, a restaurant management software comes with all the features that can help improve and enhance a restaurant’s business.

To make the task of restaurateur’s easier, we have compiled a list of the ten best restaurant management software available in India. With this list, you can be certain that different restaurant processes like billing, sale reporting and kitchen management are managed efficiently.

1. SlickPOS

SlickPOS is a cloud-based restaurant management software for restaurants, bars, cafes, food trucks, cloud kitchens, food courts, etc. With SlickPOS, a restaurant business can expand and grow its business and streamline its different operations. From POS to sales reporting and analytics, it’s the best restaurant management solution available.

2. Cozy POS

restaurant management softwareCozy POS is a restaurant management software which comes with features such as web portal access for remote outlet management, multiple outlet management and office management. Cozy POS works on Windows, Linux, Android and iOS run devices. Cozy POS is beneficial for dine-in restaurants, quick service restaurants, cafes, dessert parlours, delis, etc.

3. Torqus Restaurant Point of Sale

Torqus Restaurant Point of Sale software is an all-inclusive restaurant management software that manages the various front-end activities of a restaurant. Not only does it assist in streamlining the billing process, but also enables the examination and analysis of different verticals by generating detailed reports. It’s a user-friendly solution that offers different modules for a restaurant to improve its functionality.

4. Limetray

Limetray is a restaurant management software which helps restaurants get online & gives them the tools they need to efficiently manage their business, build a brand and engage with customers. It’s an end-to-end solution, with dedicated modules for online ordering, table reservations, POS, order management, IVR & CRM service, among others.

5. Logic F&B

Logic F&B restaurant management software helps businesses in the food and beverage industry with daily operations, point of sale functions and kitchen processes (recipe management) for food courts, cafe, bars, ice cream parlours, quick service restaurants (QSR), etc. It lets you manage the different departments in a business such as payroll, accounts & finance, and CRM, through a single interface.

6. GoFrugal Restaurant POS

GoFrugal Restaurant POS management software has been specially designed to ease and automate overall restaurant operations including point of sale, billing, bookkeeping, inventory, report generation, mobile-order capabilities, recipe management, and much more. This cloud-based software allows restaurant staff to manage their operations seamlessly with very little effort.

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7. Smart Restaurant POS

Smart Restaurant POS is an easy to use and fully integrated, restaurant management solution. This POS software is modular, customizable and comprehensive. It comes with modules for material management, inventory, billing and kitchen management.

8. ezyPOS Kitchen

ezyPOS is a restaurant management software that requires minimum hardware to operate. It is a cost-effective solution, which is also user friendly. It has different modules for billing, database management, order token management, employee and staff management, and a lot more.

9. Marg ERP Restaurant Software

Marg ERP Restaurant Software helps restaurants in effectively managing kitchen order tokens (KOT), table booking management. It can also be widely used for handling inventory, accounting and

finance, among others. Using this solution, restaurant staff can view 1000’s of reports & generate MIS, as well as, file GST returns effortlessly.

10. HD Restaurant

HDRestaurant is an advanced restaurant management software for restaurants, cafes, quick service restaurants (QSR), pubs, etc. It’s an easy to use solution that assists with POS, table management, banquet hall management, take always & deliveries, order token management and much more.

With any one of these best restaurant management solution, a restaurant or any other food-serving establishment is sure to see a marked increase in its efficiency and productivity.


The Ten Best Restaurant Management Software in India

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