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The 10 Best Restaurant Management Software in India

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Restaurant Management Software


Restaurateurs have to perform a balancing act: Maintaining consistent quality of services while ensuring higher revenue (that is, directly related to the number of diners). To do so, they require all the tools that can make their day-to-day process easier. Fortunately, a restaurant management software comes with all the features that can help improve and enhance every possible function within a restaurant, be it kitchen order management, online ordering, timely food delivery or inventory management.

However, not all restaurant management software serve the same purpose. Restaurant owners and managers need to understand their requirement first to choose what they think is most suitable for their restaurant. There are certain essential restaurant management software features which you just can’t ignore at the time of selecting the best restaurant software India.

  • Table management
  • Inventory control
  • Restaurant Billing
  • Cash flow management
  • Employee Scheduling
  • Order monitoring
  • Menu Engineering
  • Payroll processing
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Analytics

The success of any restaurant depends on its ambience, the quality of food and the consistency of service. It can be really challenging to create a comfortable ambience, meet the expectation of restaurant guests and also keep your staff happy and motivated at the same time.

The sooner you start using technologies like restaurant management system, the better you can do to achieve your success metrics. With essential restaurant management modules, managers and staff can pay attention to details to ensure higher profit and revenue.

Whether you are running a small cafe or a big restaurant chain, investing in technology is a necessity. A restaurant management system will help you in achieving your goals, both short-term and long-term. When you are investing so much in ensuring good food and great ambience, why not embrace the technology too!

In this article, let’s take a look at the ten best restaurant management software that are currently quite popular in the market. The extensive list of restaurant software India along with their features will help potential buyers invest in the right solution.

List of 10 Best Restaurant Management System

To make the task of restaurateur’s easier, we have compiled a list of the ten best restaurant management software available in India. With this list, you can be certain that different restaurant processes like billing, sale reporting and kitchen management are managed efficiently.

1. SlickPOS Restaurant

SlickPOS is a cloud-based restaurant management system software for restaurants, bars, cafes, food trucks, cloud kitchens, food courts, etc. With SlickPOS, a restaurant business can expand and grow its business and streamline its different operations. From POS to sales reporting and analytics, it’s the best restaurant Pos management system available.

  • Crisp and Quick Billing: To keep customers happy at your food outlet, you need to ensure fast and simple billing process with SlickPOS restaurant POS software.
  • Online Order Integration: Integration with Zomato, Swiggy and other ordering channels is easy, allowing you to manage every order from the POS.
  • Prevent Inventory Pilferage: You will get stock alerts and can track inventory wastage with this restaurant management software. With the help of consumption report, identifying inconsistency or inventory pilferage becomes easier.

2. Cozy POS

restaurant management software


Cozy POS is a restaurant management software which comes with features such as web portal access for remote outlet management, multiple outlet management and office management. Cozy POS works on Windows, Linux, Android and iOS run devices. Cozy POS is beneficial for dine-in restaurants, quick service restaurants, cafes, dessert parlours, delis, etc.

  • Stock Management: You can reduce inventory wastage in your restaurant by keeping track of every ingredient being used.
  • Flexible Menu Management: You can add or remove any item from the menu digitally and also update the price and main ingredients of all menu items.
  • In-Built Loyalty Management Module: Now you can manage contact details and food preferences of customers to offer them personalized offers.

3. Torqus Restaurant Point of Sale

Torqus Restaurant Point of Sale software is an all-inclusive restaurant management system that manages the various front-end activities of a restaurant. Not only does it assist in streamlining the billing process, but also enables the examination and analysis of different verticals by generating detailed reports. It’s a user-friendly solution that offers different modules for a restaurant to improve its functionality.

  • Reservations & Waiting App: The mobile app of Torqus restaurant software will help restaurant owners keep their customers informed.
  • Customer Profiling: This restaurant management software will help understand your customer preferences better so that you can design your menu and loyalty program accordingly.
  • Feedback App: The mobile app of Torqus restaurant management software allows customers to share their feedback, helping restaurant owners improve their performance.

4. Limetray

Limetray is a restaurant management system software which helps restaurants get online & gives them the tools they need to efficiently manage their business, build a brand and engage with customers. It’s an end-to-end solution, with dedicated modules for online ordering, table reservations, POS, order management, IVR & CRM service, among others.

  • Allows Direct Online Orders: You will receive direct food orders and table bookings via LimeTray restaurant management software.
  • Advanced Analytics: This restaurant software provides a user-friendly dashboard to manage all your outlet sales and get daily business reports.
  • Runs in Offline Mode: Even when you are offline, you can punch in orders and download business reports with LimeTray restaurant software.

5. Logic F&B

Logic F&B restaurant management system helps businesses in the food and beverage industry with daily operations, point of sale functions and kitchen processes (recipe management) for food courts, cafe, bars, ice cream parlors, quick service restaurants (QSR), etc. It lets you manage the different departments in a business such as payroll, accounts & finance, and CRM, through a single interface.

  • Helps Manage Multiple Outlets: You can manage all functions, be it payroll, CRM or finance across all departments with Logic F&B.
  • Serves Different Food Verticals: Be it food court, cafe, bar, or ice cream parlor, this food management system helps with order management across verticals.
  • Guest Identification & Tracking: Logic F&B restaurant software supports identification of guests and tracking of guest visit & order history and preferences.

6. GoFrugal Restaurant POS

GoFrugal Restaurant POS management software has been specially designed to ease and automate overall restaurant operations including point of sale, billing, bookkeeping, inventory, report generation, mobile-order capabilities, recipe management, and much more. This restaurant billing software allows restaurant staff to manage their operations seamlessly with very little effort.

  • TouchPOS: You can now manage billing in your restaurant with a click using the best POS software in India. This restaurant billing software provides immediate visual representation for table availability, due bills, occupied stewards, etc.
  • Inventory/Recipe Management: You can map ingredients of your popular dishes and ensure a consistent taste with the help of kitchen order management module.
  • Web & Tablet Cloud POS: This feature will ensure faster access to orders and bill along with detailed sales reports even on the go.
restaurant pos software management system

7. Smart Restaurant POS

Smart Restaurant POS is an easy to use and fully integrated, restaurant management system. This is one of the best POS software in India with modular, customizable and comprehensive features. It comes with modules for material management, inventory, billing and kitchen management.

  • Catering: Using this restaurant management system, you can manage catering orders for wedding, office parties and other social gatherings.
  • Online Ordering: With the SmartPOS online ordering solution, stores will automatically receive orders along with the delivery information and payment.
  • Enterprise & Mobile Reporting: From inventory status to sales forecasting, you can stay abreast of daily success metrics for your restaurant with this restaurant management software.

8. ezyPOS Kitchen Management System

ezyPOS is a restaurant management system that requires minimum hardware to operate. It is a cost-effective restaurant billing software, which is also user-friendly. It has different modules for billing, database management, order token management, employee and staff management, and a lot more.

  • ezyPOS Kitchen: An addon kitchen module that helps streamline all kitchen operations.
  • ezyPOS Lite: User-friendly POS system for managing your retail business along with F&B store.
  • ezyPOS Enterprise: An advanced POS system for staff management and stock sales tracking.  
  • ezyPOS Centralize: If you own multiple retail outlets, this module will help centralize all operations across your outlets.

9. Marg ERP Restaurant Software

Marg ERP Restaurant Software helps the best restaurants in India effectively manage kitchen order tokens (KOT), table booking management. It can also be widely used for handling inventory, accounting and finance, among others. Using this solution, restaurant staff can view 1000’s of reports & generate MIS, as well as, file GST returns effortlessly.

  • Table Creation & Transfer: It allows you to create as many tables as you want and the Transfer KOT option makes it possible to make changes in customer orders anytime.
  • Auto-Bank Reconciliation: The best restaurants in India can also avail ICICI banking option and auto-bank reconciliation facility with 140 plus other banks.
  • Expiry Management: This software for restaurant billing assists in tracking expiry date of ingredients, so that you can return items to suppliers on time.

10. HD Restaurant Management System

HD Restaurant is an advanced restaurant management software for restaurants, cafes, quick service restaurants (QSR), pubs, etc. It’s an easy to use solution that assists with POS, table management, banquet hall management, take always & deliveries, order token management and much more.

  • Multilingual support, user define data fields
  • Integration with major payment gateways
  • Graphical data representation on the dashboard
  • Secure access rights for each functionality
  • Companion e-commerce and Android apps

With any one of these best restaurant management system, a restaurant or any other food-serving establishment is sure to see a marked increase in its efficiency and productivity.


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