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Restaurant Software from GoFrugal is a cutting edge solution specially designed for restaurant businesses. Restaurant software has been specially designed for overall restaurant E2E operations including point of sale, billing, accounting, inventory, food cost reports, mobile order taking, security, recipe management, and much more. The cloud-based software allows the restaurants to manage all operations universally without any extra effort and cost. Restaurants can track the orders placed, KOTs, order status and generate billing for the orders readily from a single platform. With reduced order processing and increased table turnaround time, the solution also helps in acquiring more loyal customers.

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GoFrugal solutions have been providing technology adoption into Retail and Supply chain businesses since 2004, in the form of complete business automation solutions. Headquartered in Chennai, India, the technological footprint has grown to benefit 25,000+ retail businesses. 

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₹ 15000.00

  • Guest Seating & Service: The innovative solution provides a quick glance dashboard to help restaurant managers quickly know the table summary for occupied and available tables. The users can also identify which 'Captain' and 'Steward' is serving which table and the number of guests. Restaurants can monitor dine in
  • take away and delivery effortlessly. Merging of KOTs and convert a KOT to bill are made simpler. The software also gives absolute clarity on combo and special offer details in billing. Recipe & Menu management: Restaurants can create recipe banks by mapping relevant ingredients
  • which are in different UOM's (unit of measurements). Accurate food costing with our Food Costing Reports (FCR) along with variance can be evaluated. Recipe costs can be arrived based on the utilization and wastage at the end-of the day and dynamic recipe can be made possible with features like adding substitutes
  • modifiers
  • classifiers
  • style and design. Inventory and Production: The production process helps in arriving at the exact costing of preparing a dish including the cost of ingredients
  • electricity
  • labor cost
  • packing cost and more. Day-end easy auditing of inventory can be simplified with physical inventory methodologies
  • which enables accurate measure of pilferage. Production planning helps to calculate how much inventory of ingredients is required for preparing the food
  • accurate reports of what ingredients were issued
  • actual production
  • wastage
  • and costing can be readily generated. Tip & Check Handling: These features help generating bills and account for tips with ease and converting KOTs to bills instantly. Bills of different tables can be merged with waiter names or bills of guests can be split in a single table. Customer Offers And Loyalty: Restaurants can create combo packs based on customer preferences and release coupon codes/ vouchers. Offers can be customized for different categories of customers like corporates
  • regulars
  • students etc. The solution integrated with SMS facility allows to send greetings to customers
  • announce discounts on their birthdays
  • offers and keep in regular touch. Food Costing & Wastage Reports: Ingredients utilization vs physical stock can be verified to make appropriate decisions. A graphical dashboard of top 'N' recipe sales
  • customers and suppliers for quick and easy understanding of business is provided within the solution. Wastage and pilferage reports to monitor everyday loss can also be generated with these features. POS Integrations: POS integrations or Restaurant software with business boosters such as ecommerce
  • accounting
  • loyalty program and payments make this easily deployable software more sought. Cloud For QSR: Being a cloud POS
  • this most user-friendly software allows the restaurant management possible from anywhere anytime and from any device thereby contributing to always encash the business opportunities. Restaurant Chain Business Management: It is a comprehensive solution for restaurant chains gets a live telecast of the business operations and performance with centralized management software helping in consolidating the data from the many kitchens or outlets. Delivery & Order Management: Restaurants can manage and track door delivery process by properly assigning drivers or delivery boys quickly. The solution empowers with full proof order taking process by capturing order specific details such as delivery date/time
  • special requirements and advance receipt details etc. errorlessly. Integrated Accounting: Budgeting
  • cash flow analysis
  • ledger management and all vital accounting processes can be well executed and managed with the accounting integration in the software. It is quite simple and easy to print account statements and cheques from books such as ledger
  • journals etc. with Easy Print design tool provided by the solution. Age wise outstanding report for customers and suppliers can be generated to help you to have better visibility.
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