Hit Restaurant Industry with a Bang, Start the Food Truck Business

Food trucks have become quite a rage lately, all thanks to the evolving restaurant space. With time becoming a luxury for many, people are finding mobile restaurants at every nook and cranny as a God-send. Mobile food trucks have come a long way since hot dogs and ice creams to serve a gamut of gourmet dishes like cupcakes, sandwiches, waffles and regional cuisine.

India has made quite a late entrée into the food truck business, but nevertheless It has caught on. There’s a lot of potential in the food truck business, as people’s requirements are changing. It is providing a great eating out option beyond restaurants and fast food chains for city dwellers. Many food truck festivals are being organized in India, and are becoming a roaring hit. The excitement of food trucks in India doesn’t end here! Mumbaikars are quite likely to get a food truck park soon, and enjoy a wide range of culinary delights at one place.

Need Some Inspiration for the Food Truck Business?

If you are considering to start your own mobile food business, there are a lot of options. Some of the popular food truck themes that can inspire you are:

  • Panini Sandwiches: The new generation of millennials are quite likely to line up at your food truck for quick lunch bites.
  • Barbeque: Every celebration with friends and family calls for a hang-out at a barbeque food court. A barbeque food court is already a hit, and effortlessly grabs attention of food lovers who want to hog all they want, from grilled corns to grilled lobsters.
  • Waffle: You can have different waffle options at your food truck – From Nutella waffle to mellow marshmallow waffle, banoffee blast, turtle sundae, and so on to satiate that sweet tooth.

The idea of offering regional cuisines at your food truck is also a great option, as people can never get over authentic local flavours!

So, Ready to Launch a Food Truck Business?

By serving faster, cheaper and healthier food, food trucks have found a new route to success in India. Though the risks involved in this business are relatively low, there are a few things to consider before starting the food truck business. Here’s what you need to know.

List of Things to Consider Before Starting A Truck Business

1. Choosing the Right Commercial Vehicle

When you are ready to start a food truck business, selecting the right truck or commercial vehicle is the first step. A new food truck which is 18-feet long can cost you around Rs 7-8 lakhs. Some of the popular food truck brands in the market are Tata, Mahindra & Mahindra and Ashok Leyland. However, if your budget is limited, you can go for an old commercial vehicle along with complete documentation that includes registration, road tax receipts, insurance paper and fitness papers. Make sure, the food truck that you buy is not more than 5 years old. Considering the rising pollution threat, many states have already banned outdated commercial vehicles.

2. Deciding on the Food Truck Location

The location for your food truck can play a major role in deciding the footfall. Choose a street where there are not many food outlets around. Also, look for those areas where there are establishments like offices and colleges. This will help you get people coming in large numbers at your food truck counter.

3. Licenses Required to Kickstart Your Food Truck Idea

There are no defined laws for the food truck business in India. However, you need to procure the following set of documents to abide by all statutory compliances:

  • Fire Safety Certificate
  • NOC from RTO
  • Shop and Establishment License
  • NOC from Municipal Corporation
  • Kitchen Insurance
  • FSSAI Mobile Vendor’s License

Getting these licensing and permits is important to run your food truck business without any legal hassle. You can refer to seasoned consultants, who can help you in getting all required permits and licenses.

4. Tech Support for Your Food Truck

In today’s competitive environment, technology-enabled processes are important to make your food truck business shine. A good POS software is already being used by successful restaurant players to maintain customer data and manage repeat orders efficiently. Also, taking customer feedback, managing inventory and streamlining sales channels become easier with a comprehensive POS software.

5. At the End, Sell Your Idea Smartly

To create the initial buzz around your food truck business, a strong social media presence is important. Popular social media platforms can help you in keeping your prospects informed about your food truck location and special offers. Further, digital advertisements can help you in building a robust brand connect and ensure a regular flow of customers at your food truck counter.

Additionally, you can leverage on tie-ups with event planners and ensure your participation in events and gatherings organized in your locality. Further, by offering free goodies to customers at such events, you can build strong business contacts with your customers.

Kalpana Arya

Kalpana Arya is a passionately vociferous writer who eats, drinks and sleeps words. A self-confessed tea-lover, she loves to travel and explore new vistas. Her vices include online shopping, wearing fashionable clothing at the risk of being frozen half to death and chatting about random stuff. She’s a published writer whose articles have found home at Tweak Your Biz and iamwire.

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