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About Helix Core

Helix Core leverages the versioning engine that Perforce customers rely on for lightning-fast, file-level asset management. Helix Core securely manages all digital content—even large files—in a single repository, and delivers files quickly to large, distributed teams. The Helix Version Control System also includes helix for code review and collaboration and a bevvy of Apps.

Sold By : Perforce

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Helix Core Features

Helix is the only system you’ll never outgrow. Store anything and everything in one place — even huge binary files. Accommodates tens of thousands of concurrent users and tens of millions of changes per day in high-volume, automated environments.
DVCS allows developers to enjoy the full power of Helix with the freedom and speed of local repositories via command line or Helix Visual Client (P4V). Easily start from scratch or clone existing repos. Branch locally as often as you like; switch painlessly when priorities change. Rewrite history for a clear and clean work product. Push to the server only when ready. Lock files that can’t easily be merged to avoid costly rework. Narrow cloning allows users to clone only the files or slices of the repo required, saving network bandwidth & CPU cycles.
Helix Core supports native authentication to optimize how teams access IP. It provides highly granular control and it records everything: what was accessed, what was changed, when, and by whom. Authenticate with LDAP, Active Directory, and other stores. Control access right down to the file level by group, user, path, even IP address. Maintain logs for audit compliance with file signatures for chain of custody.
Smaller organizations can rely on a single server, but growing companies often face the challenges of going global. Federated architecture automatically synchronizes content from around the world. High-availability option keeps everyone working with automated fail-over. Support for multi-site and global teams.
Connect to any system for continuous integration, testing, and delivery. Automate code integration and flow with branches or streams. Integrate with a wide variety of industry-standard software including Jenkins, JIRA, and Puppet. Store all your binaries, even VMs, directly in Helix Core for reproducibility. Powerful automation hooks and well-documented APIs and SDKs.
It supports any development model — DVCS or centralized, streams or traditional branches. Standardize on one or use both approaches as your teams prefer. Traditional branching provides greater power and flexibility. Streams impose parent-child hierarchy that defines how code flows (or doesn’t). Virtual streams filter parent stream content so users get only the files they need. Automated code integration and flow with either model.

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