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About Linen Tech

Linen Tech is a comprehensive large and  medium range  industrial/commercial laundry service management software. after coming into existence our company must always be focused on one core goal and this is to raise the productivity and effectiveness of industrial laundry tools.



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About Linen Tech

Linen Tech is a comprehensive large and medium scale industrial and commercial laundry operations management software. The software completely simplifies management operations of laundries serving hotel, restaurant, and healthcare industries. Linen Tech software is really a one stop shop for a laundry’s client management, billing and financials, production control, inventory management, productivity tracking, record keeping and much more.
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With Linen Tech you can keep a track of every item you have processed for and shipped to your customers. Using our beautiful touch screen interface you can generate cart tickets, delivery manifests and invoices in seconds. The same user interface can also be used to track incoming soil (items & weight) received from your customers. Linen Tech can be integrated with any weight scale in order to input Linen weight directly to the system. This is a handy feature especially if you are billing your customers by weight.
Linen Tech has a unique billing and invoicing system designed specifically for industrial & commercial laundries. You can completely automate accounting, billing and invoicing system for your laundry through Linen Tech Financials. Linen Tech allows you to maintain a completely separate set of prices for all your customers. You can bill your clients by linen weight, by item quantity or a combination of both. With Linen Tech Financials you can post payments against invoices, review your overdue invoice reports, manage your cash flow statements, track expenses, view your daily weekly or monthly profit and loss and a whole lot more.
If you are in the Linen Rentals or Linen Hire business Linen Tech is the perfect software solution for you. With Linen Tech you can save your customer orders (one time or recurring), fill and deliver orders as per customer requirements, create delivery manifests, invoices etc. With Linen Tech you can also view the order processing & delivery status, create delivery routes, view delivery schedule, and create production plans and so much more. The Orders management module allows your staff to fill customer orders and create delivery manifests for each order processed. Through Linen Tech you can invoice the customers individually for every shipment or collectively for multiple shipments.
Your revenue stream and cost management are two key data metrics that directly determine your profitability. In Linen Tech our system is constantly analyzing them and presenting you with reports that help you make key stretigic management decisions. Finally complete insight ! Linen Tech gives you real-time information into every important aspect that measures the performance of your laundry. Our system is designed with emphasis on costs and profitability associated with your processes, products and customers.
Minimize your linen losses by using Linen Tech's inventory manager. Maintain a complete track of all your incoming and outgoing linen. Linen Tech's customized reporting module lets you monitor current inventory level for each one of your products along with the product checkout history. With Linen Tech inventory you can organize, your products by categories and locations.
In order to ensure complete transparency you can allow your customers access to their reports through Linen Tech's customer portal. The customer portal can be integrated with your laundry's website. The laundry admin can completely control the reports and data laundry customers can have access to. Customer portal also allows your customers to place new orders (one time or recurring), modify existing orders and also view the processing and shipment status of existing orders.
Production employees are literally the backbone of any commercial laundry and their management can be somewhat challenging. With Linen Tech you can now new create employee schedules, enter employee hours, view daily/weekly or monthly wages for every employee, analyze your labor cost per pound processed and so much more. The system also analyzes your labor cost per pound over a period of time and gives you an alert if that cost is going up. Linen Tech also keeps a check on your production labor productivity and providing you daily data on your poundage processed per labor hour.
The core focus of Linen Tech is to improve the overall efficiency and productivity of your laundry. With Linen Tech’s extensive customized reporting, managers can make calculated decisions when it comes to cost and time saving and improving the overall operations of the laundry. Reports can be exported in .csv, .pdf and various other formats. We also understand that every laundry is unique in the way they handle their operations. Therefore they all need various different matrices to measure their overall performance. Other than various standard reports available through Linen Tech, we can provide you with custom reports that are unique to your laundry.

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  • Linen Tracking & Shipping Management
  • Billing; Invoicing & Other Financials
  • Orders Management & Linen Rentals
  • Cost and Profitability Analysis
  • Inventory Management
  • Laundry Customer Portal
  • Employee Management and Labor productivity
  • Custom Reporting for all Departments


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Below are some frequently asked questions for Linen Tech

Q. Do we need to install the software on our local machine?

No. Linen Tech is a completely web based software. You can access it from anywhere as long as you have internet access.

Q. Can the software be integrated with a weight scale?

Yes, you can easily integrate the software with any external weight scale as long as it is connected to your system via USB or Serial Port

Q. Does the software have different user access levels.

Yes the software has different access levels for management, production employees and drivers.

Q. Does Linen Tech have a Mobile Application?

Yes, Linen Tech does have a mobile application that gives you access to all your key laundry reports and data.


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Nishant Kumar

Great experience

24th March, 2018

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  • In a labor intensive business, it gives us the ability to scale. More efficient communications with our customers that is beneficial to them and us
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