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About Meshink Laundry Management System

What is Meshink Laundry Management System?

Meshink Laundry Management System is one stop solution for launderers to improve all the services they provide. Laundry owners can mange the following work through this software: 

  1. Clothes tagging
  2. Garment entries
  3. Washing
  4. Packaging 
  5. Delivery charges 
  6. Payment handling

The software aims to get away with heavy stationary-styled workflow management system and replace it with a digitized arrangement. The software is scalable to fit into the laundry operation of any size. This laundry management software can be used by both large laundry and dry-cleaning chains and small laundry cleaning setups. It is easy to operate and deploy and quite helpful for the staff with limited tech expertise. 

Meshink Laundry Management System improves coordination among the workforce and ensures uninterrupted workflow resulting in the faster completion of daily tasks. The software allows employees to create a virtual itinerary and plan their work. Plus, the software helps receive feedback for the services provided to the customers via webforms, mobile apps, etc.

How does Meshink Laundry Management System improve my business? 

Meshink Laundry Management System provides business-focused features that ensure an end to end control over tasks in the laundry. The software assists in operating the business like a well-oiled machine. This laundry management software keeps all the information at the staff’s fingertips and readily accessible. Meshink Laundry Management System tracks every consignment movement right from the receival, tagging, cleaning, ironing, post-cleaning packaging, etc. Further, the software allows laundry services to run a home pickup and ensure accurate billing.x9iuy6yt

Features of Meshink Laundry Management System

Here is a quick rundown of the features offered by Meshink Laundry Management System: 

  1. Enhanced efficiency and productivity
  2. Billing and invoicing
  3. Delivery management 
  4. Vendor handling
  5. Analytics and reports generation
  6. Customer engagement
  7. Email and bulk SMS notification

What is the price of Meshink Laundry Management System?

The price of Meshink Laundry Management System starts from Rs. 10,600/- per year.

Sold By : Indian Mesh

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Meshink Laundry Management System Features

The software enables users to manage all the tasks related to a laundry business for seamless operation. 
This laundry service management software allows users to manage their expenses and generate bills accordingly. 
Laundry owners can operate the delivery services for orders and take requests for pickups as well. In addition to that, they can track the movement of their collection teams as well.   
Meshink Laundry Management System generates a delivery challan for every delivery request or pickup order placed. 
Launderers can access real-time technical support in case they encounter any issues in real-time.
Admins can create self-service portals for all the employees with designation-based data access. It allows them to do their daily tasks such as update orders, deliveries, etc.
The software generates comprehensive well detailed analytical reports to keep track of sales, finances, employee performances, customers, etc.
Meshink Laundry Management System helps with vendor management in terms of payments, services, etc.
This laundry management software allows business owners to boost their engagement with customers. It also allows launderers to run online marketing campaigns to generate leads.
Launderers get access to a fully integrated communication module that provides the updates regarding work status, work completion, delivery, etc.
The software offers direct access through mobile phone application in real-time.
This laundry management software offers features to manage your business expenses efficiently and monitor them.
This module helps track the cash inflow and outflow to create comprehensive financial documents. These documents provide detailed information about the financial performance of your business.
Launderers can check their sales performance and manage different types outreach programs for boosting sales.
The software analyses every workflow in-depth to optimize the laundry operations on various fronts.
Laundry owners can schedule tasks for the workforce and notify them through the integrated email and SMS features.
This laundry management software helps manage both online and offline payment of bills.
Employees can tag different clothes with specific barcode to ensure that their status can be easily tracked.
The software allows users to create an online enquiry platform to take up all the queries from customers digitally and provide answers instantly.
Meshink Laundry Management System has the provision to create data backup of all the laundry business information and use it for restoration on any platform at any time. 
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Meshink Laundry Management System Specifications


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Meshink Laundry Management System FAQs

Meshink Laundry Management System is a web application that can be accessed through internet browsers.
This laundry management system is available for both Android and iPhone platforms.
Meshink Laundry Management System saves all the data on cloud-based storage.
Meshink Laundry Management System is available for an online demo before purchase at Techjockey.
Users can utilize API integration process to integrate as many third-party applications as they want for their laundry operations.

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