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Nagios Network Analyzer
Nagios Network Analyzer
Nagios Network Analyzer
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Nagios Network Analyzer

Sold by : Nagios


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About Nagios Network Analyzer

About Nagios Network Analyzer

Nagios Network Analyzer is a NetFlow analyzing, bandwidth utilization and monitoring software that helps users perform timely security checks on their network. It provides an in-depth look at the network traffic sources and allows users to gather essential data related to the network’s health. The software features an advanced interface with excellent speed and performance. It also offers a wide range of efficient wizards that enables the users to add various sources and put up timely alerts as per their requirement. Users can easily create a new network analyzer environment that suits the identity of their network. 

How does Nagios Network Analyzer help users to monitor their network?

Nagios Network Analyzer detects any threats on the user’s network in real-time. It offers intuitive visuals, provides valuable information about the available data and alerts users about all suspicious activities that may affect the network. The software features a comprehensive dashboard, advanced visualization facility along with custom monitoring tools. The advanced reporting feature of the software makes IT staff fully aware of their network-related issues.

Pricing of Nagios Network Analyzer

The exclusive network monitoring software is available at a price of Rs. 1,39,650. If you want to avail the service provided by the software, send us a callback request. Our executive will assist you with an activation key. 

Compatible Platforms of Nagios Network Analyzer        

Nagios Network Analyzer is compatible with -

  1. Microsoft Windows
  2. Linux
  3. Unix
  4. Ubuntu 14.04 to 18.04
  5. MacOS
  6. Debian 8.x and 9.x

What are the benefits of using Nagios Network Analyzer?

  1. Extensive Network Analysis: The software offers an in-depth look at network sources and assists one in detecting all possible network threats. It helps users in gathering data and information for complete network analysis. 
  2. Bandwidth Utilization Calculator: Nagios Network Analyzer offers a customizable bandwidth utilization calculator, enabling users to create detailed reports on bandwidth utilization as per the source, IP or other combinations as per their requirements. 
  3. Adaptability: The software helps users create a network identity. It assists them in organizing sources, applying views and queries to those sources with ease. The add-ons let users show SNMP notifications, monitor and pay attention to SNMP trap management systems. It easily adapts to existing environments and can be set up in minutes.
  4. Network Clarity: Nagios Network Analyzer offers a central view of network traffic, bandwidth data and looks into potential network hindrances. The dashboard offers a clear view of NetFlow or sFlow data sources, different server metrics and various abnormal network behaviours related to network health. Users can drill down network clarity by fetching information on individual IPs, source ports, and finding out the destination ports. 
  5. Intuitive Design: The software comes with an intuitive user-friendly design, coupled with powerful features. Users can easily integrate the software with Nagios XI, which offers a safe and secure network for them to work upon. They can even set up alerts and add sources with a few clicks. 
  6. In-Depth Insight: Nagios Network Monitor sends in real-time alerts and reports to its users. The data on it can be accessed and archived for tracking, analyzing and other essential functions. In case of any abnormal network activity or bandwidth restriction, it sends alerts and allows the administrators to resolve the problems immediately.

Sold By : Nagios

Get Nagios Network Analyzer support 29 Chatting right now

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Nagios Network Analyzer Features

The software has a customizable bandwidth calculator, that enables users to create reports based on IP or bandwidth utilized per source.
Users can seamlessly monitor network usage of specific applications with the help of views, individualized queries and detailed reports provided by Nagios Network Analyzer.
Nagios Network Analyzer features an intuitive dashboard, where users get access to checks, detailed information, an overview of sources, and network flow-related data.
The software alerts users and ensures security to avoid all kinds of suspicious activity on the network and helps it run smoothly.  
The automated alert system feature of the software alerts the user whenever there is any abnormal activity or the bandwidth usage exceeds an expected limit.
With the help of advanced visualizations, one can provide quick and thorough insights on network traffic along with the overall health of the network.
Nagios Network Analyzer offers individualized queries, reports and views to the users, enabling them to monitor the network usage by specific applications.  
The advanced user management options offered by Nagios network Analyzer helps IT teams to work together and maintain a smooth network.
Nagios Network Analyzer enables its users to integrate with Nagios XI. It also allows them to go through the Network Analyzer's Report to track down who is communicating on the server of the user’s network.

Get Nagios Network Analyzer support29 Chatting right now

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Nagios Network Analyzer Specifications


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Nagios Network Analyzer FAQs

A. With Nagios Network Analyzer, one can easily monitor all internet traffic-related information and allow users to connect to the server successfully. It can detect any unauthorized access and abnormal activity within the user’s network.
A. The network analyzer provides a collective view of all bandwidth data, network traffic and potential compromises. Users also get to view specified information on the source port, individual IPs and destination port.
A. Yes, Techjockey provides a live demo for Nagios Network Analyzer. You can simply schedule your convenient date and time and drop us a demo request.
A. ? RAM: Starting from 2GB to 8GB+ ? Processor: A Quad-Core Processor ? Hard Disk: Minimum of 40GB
A. Currently, Nagios Network Analyzer does not have a mobile app of its own.

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