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The solution is a holistic software which encompasses the various chores of managing a hospital like OPDs, Patient registration, hospital staff, IPD management, billing, reception management, path lab management, medical store/pharmacy management, nursing and ward management, etc. The solution is custom built to meet the specific requirements of mid to large scale hospitals across the globe. The solution is robust and user friendly at the same time. This software aims to make hospitals run on 'WPP' model, i.e. 'without paper pen'.

Product Features
Medicare Hospital Management System is a technically sound application that addresses all the major functional areas of hospitals and help top management take critical decisions, monitor the performance of various departments, etc. HMS provides the benefits of streamlined operations, enhanced administration control, improved response to patient care, cost control and improved profitability. The solution helps in generating various MIS and statistical reports which provides information on common diseases prevalent in certain areas, the catchments areas of the hospital, statistics in terms of inpatients, outpatients, diagnostic services, surgeries etc. Additionally, the solution helps undertake analysis on the cost analysis of each department/ward as an individual cost-centre. Below are certain significant features of the solution:
  • OPD - helps maintain records of outdoor patients with various activities like Registration of patients, Billing of outdoor patient, prescription, collection report, etc.
  • IPD Management - for in patients, the solution helps in generating treatment sheet, Filling Treatment Sheet on computers with the respective user id, billing and discharge of patient, etc.
  • Reception management - Assists in maintaining all the records systematically and provides management information to manage unit efficiently. Helps in patient registration, billing & room accounting, create and maintain medical history sheet, doctor visit, operation details, discharge bill preparation, discharge report, room/bed status, patients case history, gate pass, operation theatre detail, etc.
  • Electronic Medical Record (EMR) - EMR is one of the most important modules in a Hospital Management system, as this enables the resultant of the entire package to be functionally displayed to the Administrator. The solution gets integrated with the machine to transfer the details and records to build the MIS. This also helps gain patient history-personal, family, social, referrals, electronic medical records like vitals, blood group, allergies, medications, diagnosis, procedures, lab/radiology/pathological tests and results storage, patient education through images, etc.
  • Pathology management - This allows for efficient running of your pathology. Helps determine size of test remarks, category, inference, alter values, test reports, pathology stocks, collection, referrals, billing, etc.
  • X-Ray/USG/CT Scan Management - Helps in managing X-Ray/USG/CT Scan effectively and efficiently.
  • Medical Store Management - Helps manage the pharmacy in the hospital with details of product, company, prices batch no, expiry date, daily sales register, cash book, etc.
  • Nursing and Ward Management - Once the patient becomes an IN Patient the nursing and ward management has most important roles to play. The solution helps Nursing Staff in scheduling & allotment (regular & emergency), ward/room/bed maintenance plan, discharge summary, birth and death registration, etc.
  • Blood Bank Management - Provides information on the collection and storage of blood, results of blood tests, cross-matching identifications, and transfusion reactions. It also enables the maintenance of donor mailing lists and donation ledgers.
  • Account Management Module - helps manage voucher entry and printing, analysis of debtors, ageing analysis of creditors, outstanding receivables and payables.
About The Company
NT Soft Technologies is an information technology company, providing customized software and internet solutions. NT Soft Technologies is a team of dedicated and highly skilled software professionals focused on providing world class IT solutions. They offer a variety of services in the area of Software and Web development. Their superbly planned technology offerings ascertain adaptability to client needs and bring out a unique solution for every business. Together with their persuasive team of software and application professionals they are gradually positioning ourselves at the horizon of the global IT community.

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