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A solution is a holistic software which encompasses the various chores of managing a hospital like OPDs, Patient registration, hospital staff, IPD management, billing, reception management, path lab management, medical store/pharmacy management, nursing and ward management, etc. The solution is custom built to meet the specific requirements of mid to large-scale hospitals across the globe. The solution is robust and user-friendly at the same time. This software aims to make hospitals run on 'WPP' model, i.e. 'without paper pen'.



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About NT Soft

NT Soft Technologies is an information technology company, providing customized software and internet solutions. NT Soft Technologies is a team of dedicated and highly skilled software professionals focused on providing world class IT solutions. They offer a variety of services in the area of Software and Web development. Their superbly planned technology offerings ascertain adaptability to client needs and bring out a unique solution for every business. Together with their persuasive team of software and application professionals they are gradually positioning ourselves at the horizon of the global IT community.
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In this part the outdoor patient record be recorded in which the following activities will took place. Investigation given in prescription automatically goes to Pathology. Medicine given in prescription automatically goes to Medical store. Collection report. Prescription of the patient.Cash receiptBilling of outdoor patient.Details of the patient.Registration of patients
The admit patient also has the above-mentioned feature along with this the other feature are mentioned below. Generation of Treatment Sheet.Filling Treatment Sheet on computers with the respective user id. Billing of discharge patient. Billing of admit patient.Facilities taken by patient.
EMR is one of the most important modules in a Hospital Management system, as this enables the resultant of the entire package to be functionally displayed to the Administrator. We directly integrate machines with our software to transfer the details and records to build the MIS. Our below mention list of EMR can also be modified as per the requirements of the client.
This module Offers solution for the efficient running of your pathology. We believe "YOUR PATHOLOGY REPORT CARRY THE IMPRESSION OF YOUR PROFESSION." This module covers: Master Chart, Parameter Settings : Size of Test remarks, category, inference, values can be altered. Test Reports, Pathology Stocks, Collection, Referrals, Billing and more. Patient Registration: Details of patient with tests to be performed, advance receipt etc. Patient Report Entry : Data value entry & remarks for tests performed. Patient Test Report Printing either particular test or group wise.Pending Report : Outstanding report can be printed, Doctor wise referrals : Summary and detailed report for doctor wise referral, Other Reports :Test wise detail, Organization wise report, collection boy report
This module Offers solution for the efficient running of your X-Ray / USG / CT Scan. This Module Covers.- Master Chart, Test Reports, Film Stocks, Collection, Referrals, Billing and more…
The blood bank module provides information on the collection and storage of blood, results of blood tests, cross-matching identifications, and transfusion reactions. It also enables the maintenance of donor mailing lists and donation ledgers.
This is a unique tool in the hands of top management. This module shows a screen where all current activities in terms of revenue are displayed and this screen is refreshed automatically after every 10 seconds. Simply saying, by looking at this screen, top management can find out the collection of various departments in OPD & Indoor, Outstanding of General and panel patients, No. Of admissions, Discharge of the day and so on.
Outstanding receivable & payable.Balance sheet, Cash flow & Fund flow, Trading and Profit & Loss, Daily Transaction Summary.Analysis of debtors, Ageing analysis of creditors.Voucher Entry & Printing, Cash book, Bank book, Ledger, Journal book , Trial balance Sub trial balance
Reports like purchase register, stock issue register department wise and stock summary day wise, month wise and between two dates. Store MIS : Daily summary of the Store activity, Stock Position Department Wise.This modules covers Department Wise Indent Entry, Stock Order, Stock Purchase, Stock Issue.

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  • OPD Management Module
  • IPD Management Module
  • Reception Management Module
  • Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
  • Pathology Management Module
  • X-Ray / USG / CT Scan Management Module
  • Medical Store Management Module
  • Nursing & Ward Management Module
  • Nursing & Ward Management Module
  • Blood Bank Management Module
  • Store Management Module
  • Account Management Module
  • MISReports










JP H-Care

JP H-Care

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JP Pathalogy Managment




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