NT Soft Medicare

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Price: 125000.00 INR

Medicare is an integrated Hospital Management software that addresses all the major functional areas of hospitals and help management take critical decisions, monitor performance of various departments, etc. The software provides benefits of streamlined operations, enhanced administration control, improved response to patient care, cost control and improved profitability. View More

NT Soft School Management System (SMS)

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Price: 75000.00 INR

A complete school management enabling efficient management of schools/colleges with modules for all user types like students, administration, teachers, etc. It has been designed keeping in mind every user's convenience and is one of the best in India with a strong base of schools making best use of the software. View More

NT Soft Hotel & Restaurant Management Software

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Price: 35000.00 INR

A simple yet powerful hotel & restaurant management software developed exclusively for small & medium sized hotels, resorts, motels and restaurants. The software helps manage all activities of various functional departments efficiently like front office, restaurant, banquet, bar, etc. View More

NT Soft Technologies is an information technology company, providing customized software and internet solutions. NT Soft Technologies is a team of dedicated and highly skilled software professionals focused on providing world class IT solutions. They offer a variety of services in the area of Software and Web development. Their superbly planned technology offerings ascertain adaptability to client needs and bring out a unique solution for every business. Together with their persuasive team of software and application professionals they are gradually positioning ourselves at the horizon of the global IT community.