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What is Alation? Alation is a data science platform with which users can conduct data-related searches. They can also transform the data in a digitalized manner and analyze it from time to time. By using the self-service analytics feature offered by the software, you can explore all business data and generate detailed insights. The intuitive Behavioral Analysis Engine embedded within the software offers meaningful insights and recommendations that are relevant to the queries made by multiple data consumers. It also detects the exact source of individual data elements and offers detailed reports on how changes within a particular element will bring in alterations in the lives of people associated with it. Moreover, with Alation, enterprises can create, publish, certify and monitor data sources across their entire organization. How does Alation help enhance the productivity of data analysts? Onboard Employees Faster - With Alation enterprise can onboard new analysts and make them contribute to their business in an instant. The consumer-grade and intuitive interface offered by the software facilitates easy understanding, finding, and data collaboration in a seamless manner. Boost Productivity - Alation data catalog & data governance tool creates a unique combination of human curation and machine learning, making it faster for data consumers to understand important data. Rapid Query and analysis of data - The inbuilt SQL editor offered by the software helps you in making successful data related queries irrespective of the current location. Automated suggestions offered by Alation guide data consumers to the most important data, suggesting them on how to use it in a compliant manner. Pricing of Alation Data Analysis Software The pricing of Alation is available on request. You can send in a callback request to connect with our experts and they will offer you all the necessary support. Benefits of Alation Statistical Analysis Software Scale Compliance in a quick process - The software tags, discover and classify sensitive data assets within a particular scale. Its data catalog tracks changes within the data environment, offers details related to its usage patterns and sends in alerts informing about new stipulations and policies within your workflows. Reduced risks and costs of inaccurate data - Alation offers a detailed view of potential risks based on its user’s enterprise data and related assets. Thus helping you in stratifying the risks and preventing the use of inaccurate data assets that can also result in wrong decision making and revenue loss. Rapid Cloud Adoption - The software offers a consolidated view of multi-cloud and hybrid data within a single platform, helping enterprises in monitoring their data assets across multiple locations. Further, apart from easing out data consumer-related disruptions it also minimizes all risks related to cloud migration. Alation is a data science platform with which users can conduct data-related searches. They can also transform the data... Read More About Alation
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Last Updated on : 24 Jun, 2021