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ApartmentADDA is a foremost software provider that solves problem of urban neighborhoods with modern Apartment Living. With new ap... Read More

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prosicon “Excellent Product. Previously My accountant used to spend days in raising invoice, collecting payment, reconciling etc. As a treasurer I used to spend hours on weekends to ensure nothing is amiss. After implementing ADDA, My accountant's work got completely automated. With the time saved - he is able to focus better on other society activities. Managing Expenses on ADDA became much more easier. We are able to budget, see the variance and pull reports wherever required.” Asish - Mar 6, 2023

prosicon “Streamlining communication: ADDA app provides a single platform for all community-related communication. We can create various discussion forums, send broadcast messages, and notify members about important updates. This helps us to avoid confusion and ensure that everyone is on the same page. Organizing tasks: The app has a feature for creating and assigning tasks. This helps us to manage various community-related activities, such as maintenance and repair work, event planning, and security management. We can easily assign tasks to specific members or vendors and track the progress of each task. Improving efficiency: With ADDA app, we can automate many of the routine tasks involved in managing a community, such as bill payments, vendor management, and complaint registration. This helps us to save time and resources and focus on more important tasks. Overall, ADDA community management app has made our work easier and more efficient by providing a centralized platform for communication, task management, and automation.” Kamran Mulla - Feb 16, 2023


consicon “Regularly new features get added.” Asish - Mar 6, 2023

consicon “Integration with third-party tools: While the app offers a range of features, some users have suggested that it could be improved by integrating with third-party tools such as Google Calendar or Slack. This could increase the app's functionality and improve user experience. Overall, while the ADDA community management app has received positive feedback from users, there is always room for improvement. Regular updates and improvements to the app could enhance the user experience and help to better meet the needs of community members.” Kamran Mulla - Feb 16, 2023

ADDA Overview

ApartmentADDA is a foremost software provider that solves problem of urban neighborhoods with modern Apartment Living. With new apartment space coming up daily the entire area around can be well-organized, regulated by state laws, financially administrated with the assistance of residential society management software. The software also looks after the management of local industries in the area and let them run businesses profitably. Apartment Adda has offices in Bangalore and Mumbai, and sales presence across India. Its strives on raising the standard of not only the Housing Society, but India as a whole.


What type of company is ADDA? alt

ADDA is an IT solutions provider that caters to the process automation needs of millions of businesses in India with Apartment Management Software.

What does ADDA do? alt

ADDA provides customized and scalable Apartment Management Software, which is transforming business processes across industries. Its team of experts makes IT solutions implementation and usage quite simple.

What is ADDA’s main product? alt

ADDA primarily deals in Apartment Management Software and caters to personalized business needs with diverse modules.

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