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What is GetResponse? GetResponse is a web-based marketing automation solution for enterprises. It offers engaging email templates that enable organizations to convert site traffic into customers, through automated marketing workflows. Brands can optimize their online presence with GetResponse and leverage landing pages to capture valuable visitor data. The software offers a wide variety of lead generation tools that can be used to find new customers and convert anonymous contact into loyal patrons. Organizations can custom design email layouts with drag and drop design tools and send out email blasts and sequences to promote their products, services, or incentive offers. The software can be integrated with multiple external channels and turns out to be a great help for entrepreneurs, online marketers, large companies and marketing managers. Further, enterprises can extend their online presence by hosting webinars. Also, they can live-stream their events on YouTube and Facebook as well. How does the integrated Webinar module of GetResponse help organizations enhance their traffic organically? Flexible: Organizations can customize the URL and enable registrations for site visitors. They can also personalize their subscription settings and payment options. In-Built Marketing Tools: Enterprises can promote their events and forward the traffic to an SEO optimized landing page, where they can register and submit contact details. Integration: With single-click Facebook Pixel integration capabilities, the software helps business houses retarget website visitors with relevant promotional messages as per their needs. Nurturing campaigns: GetResponse features professionally designed invitation templates that are pre-filled with their webinar details. Marketing teams can trigger follow up emails and manage automated nurturing campaigns. Demonstration: Organizational members can share their screen to demonstrate processes or display their products. Call-To-Action: Business houses can promote their products, services, special offers, etc., during the webinars with dedicated call-to-action buttons. GetResponse Pricing GetResponse pricing is available on request. To know more about the product, send us a callback request. Our team will reach out to you soon. Benefits of GetResponse Opt-In Funnel: With the standard opt-in funnels on the landing pages, business houses can capture user data and generate new leads. Lead Exchange: Brands can share their online content in lieu of email addresses and grow contact lists faster. Auto Responders: Organizations can configure the program to send automated messages to their subscribers based on a specific event or time. Optimize Time and Resources: Business houses can utilize the pre-designed workflows for particular campaigns to save time and labor. Convert New Leads: Marketing team members can utilize the system to send automated emails to new subscribers and nurture them with specific offers that seem to be relevant. Automatic Tracking: Enterprises can automatically track cart abandoners and recommend vital products. Personal Touch: With extracted customer data, business houses can personalize their marketing campaign and strike a connection with loyal patrons. GetResponse is a web-based marketing automation solution for enterprises. It offers engaging email templates that enabl... Read More About GetResponse
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Last Updated on : 19 Jun, 2021