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What is Check-Time? Check-Time is an attendance management software built for offices to track the attendance and movement of the employees. It has an easy to use interface that allows the HR and admin teams to get familiar with the software instantly. It makes their work easier by providing a centralized database. This database can store personal information of employee for instant access whenever required. Check-Time uses the biometric verification process for conducting attendance. It has low FAR and FRR rates for users to record the attendance with high levels of accuracy. Check-Time has a simple but intuitive time tracking function. The software offers real-time insights into attendance data of the organization which reduces the workload of monitoring every employee’s incoming and outgoing timings manually. Furthermore, it automatically calculates the payroll for the entire workforce by incorporating leaves, overtime, etc. Benefits of using Check-Time Attendance Management Software Here are a few benefits that organizations can reap from using Check-Time: Check-Time improves employee productivity by removing the use of manual timecards. It avoids the trouble of maintaining paper records for every employee’s attendance. The software reduces the payroll processing time by automating the entire process. This attendance management software helps with the better management of flexible work shifts of employees. Check-Time allows HR teams to monitor the attendance of employees from remote locations. The attendance monitoring software is developed to analyze and remove time theft activities, such as buddy punching. Features of Check-Time Attendance Management Software Here is a quick overview of the core features offered by Check-Time: Payroll exporting capabilities Leave and time off management Shift scheduling management Employee data management Easy to use interface Biometric verification system Effective real-time reporting What is the price of Check-Time? Check-Time price varies based on your employee strength and attendance management needs. Please request a call back for further information. Check-Time is an attendance management software built for offices to track the attendance and movement of the employee... Read More About CheckTime
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Last Updated on : 24 Jun, 2021